ШОК! 18+! Алкаш наркоман и бабник развалил Советский Союз #08 HD 1080p Сербин VO, Rus Ukr 2xEng Subs
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ШОК! 18+! Алкаш наркоман и бабник развалил Советский Союз #08 HD 1080p Сербин VO, Rus Ukr 2xEng Subs

All right, you, come on. -How did it go?
-Well, there was three of them. It was like getting slapped around
by a Pakistani vaudeville team. You’ve pretty much hit rock bottom when
you’ve been told you have character flaws by a man who hanged his predecessor
in a military coup. -Can we go home now?
-No. No, we have to make one more stop. [indistinct chatter] [dog barks] [crowd yells] [crowd shouts] I’ve seen enough. About 350 people
in three small villages at Kandahar. But, uh, instead of doing it all at once, the Russians would make the parents watch
as they slit the throats of the children. [speaks in Pashto] “So the Russians
gathered all the defectors and piled them like wood
in the center of the village. Then they ran over them with their tanks.” [speaks in Pashto] [woman] “I saw something shiny
on the ground. I thought it was a toy. [speaking in Pashto] When I reached down to grab it,
it exploded in my hand. I should have known.
Because last year my little brother… tried to pick up a piece of candy. It split him in half.” It takes more work to take care
of a wounded child than a dead one. So when the Russians cover fields
with toy mines, adults who might help with the war effort
have to take care of the children. [Bonnie] You can see yourself. Like a bug. [buzzes] [speaks in Pashto] [laughs] They’re beautiful. [woman speaks in Pashto] -[Bonnie] How many children do you have?
-[woman speaks in Pashto] [speaks in Pashto] She had six. So, um, what do you want to be
when you grow up? [woman sobs] {an8}Hi. I have Congressman Wilson here to see
the station chief, Harold Holt. Down the hall. Second door on the left. [Bonnie] I’ll wait outside. Look, normally,
a congressional delegation, we’d give them a courtesy briefing
on the situation, but as you can see, it’s getting pretty late, we don’t
have a whole lot of time anyway, so… -Well, make the time.
-Huh? Fuck your time, Harold.
I’m on Defense Appropriations.

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