10 Bizarre Things Americans Believe According to Studies
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10 Bizarre Things Americans Believe According to Studies

As famed American philosopher H.J. Simpson
once so eloquently put it, “facts can be used to prove anything that’s even remotely
true.” Well, join us today as we discuss 10 studies
showing that a not insignificant percentage of the American population believe in everything
from lizard people running to world, to HTML being an STD… 10. 7% of Americans think chocolate milk comes
brown cows In mid-2017 the American blogosphere erupted
with jeers and mockery following a study released by the Innovation Center of US Dairy showing
that some 7% of adult Americans believes chocolate milk came from brown cows. As others have pointed out, this amounts to
around 16 million American citizens (roughly double the population of New York City) being
unaware that chocolate milk is just regular milk with chocolate in it. Something you think they’d gather from…
well, the name. As the Washington Post points out, though,
the really shocking thing about this statistic is that it isn’t higher. Studies have long shown that Americans are
remarkably dense when it comes to basic agricultural knowledge, with studies variously showing
that upwards of 20% of American respondents don’t know that hamburgers are made from
beef or what foods common farm animals eat. The answer to the latter, of course, being
other farm animals. 9. Thousands of Americans believe they’re being
systematically harassed and stalked by groups of people, for no reason Gang stalking is the term used to describe
a very specific form of paranoia that affects an unknown, but not insignificant number of
Americans. In short, those who believe they’re being
gang stalked believe that they’re at the center of a systematic, targeted harassment
campaign involving hundreds, if not thousands of individuals. A fear needlessly stoked by internet echo
chambers, victims of this bizarre conspiracy quite literally believe that everyone is out
to get them to the point experts studying it have found individuals who believe their
dog has been replaced by an exact double that is trained to nip at their balls. According to the New York Times, the support
network of individuals claiming to be victims of this supposed phenomenon is “conservatively
estimated to exceed 10,000 members,” with the true number likely being way higher due
to gang stalkees naturally shying away from the internet and people in lab coats with
clipboards. Described as a “mishmash” of conspiracy
theories, reports of the phenomenon understandably spiked following 9/11 and those who believe
they’re being stalked have blamed everyone from the Jews to aliens. When in reality we all know it’s most likely
Jewish aliens. 8. A quarter of Americans believe God has a role
to play in who wins the Super Bowl According to questionnaires doled out shortly
before the Super Bowl one year, a sizeable percentage of quizzed Americans pray before
the big game to ask whichever deity they believe in to sway the result in their favor. This, in and of itself, is pretty normal,
right? We mean, people probably pray to God asking
for mundane stuff all the time, why wouldn’t they pray asking for their favorite team’s
kicker to have a good day. However, here’s the weird part… You see, an impressive amount of quizzed individuals
who admitted to praying for their team to win believe that prayer actively sways the
result of the game. Which is amazing, if you think about it, because
surely these people know the other side is also praying in roughly equal numbers to the
same God for their team to win. In other words, another way to look at the
results of this study isn’t that around a quarter of Americans believe prayer actively
impacts the results of the Super Bowl, but that a quarter of Americans believe that,
for some reason, God just so happens to support their team. 7. 12 million Americans believe lizard people
secretly run the US Oh boy, oh boy. This is going to be a fun one, so let’s
just get right to it. According to multiple studies conducted by
a range of establishments, it’s been suggested that anywhere upwards of 12 million Americans
(about 4% of the population) believe that interstellar lizard-men secretly run the world. Ignoring the fact that’s it not really that
big of a secret if 12 million people are supposedly “in” on it, and millions more are aware
of the theory via pop-culture osmosis, let’s unpack this. According to research conducted by the Pew
Research Center, depending on your definition, anywhere between 4 and 8 million Americans
are Jewish, meaning proponents of the Lizard-people-running-the-world theory outnumber the total believers of one
of the biggest religions on planet Earth by a factor of several million in the United
States. Believers in the Lizard also handily outnumber
the total number of American Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, and Buddhists combined if percentages
provided by Pew are accurate. This means more Americans believe that our
world is run by Lizards than believe in established religions that have existed for millennia. At this point followers of the Holy Lizard
should just start their own religion. At least that way they’d let the Lizards
know they’re onto them and weaken their overall lizardy-grasp on humanity be ensuring
they don’t get any of their taxes. 6. A bunch of Americans HTML is an STD According to a poll of America’s less tech
savvy residents aged 18 and over, some 11% reported that they thought HTML was the name
of a terrifying and hilarious-sounding sexually transmitted disease. But we’re not done; the study also found
that a decent amount (of the people quizzed) were almost hilariously computer illiterate,
reporting, among other things, that MP3 was the name of one of the robots in Star Wars. The poll also found that 18% of Americans
thought Blu-Ray was a kind of weird sea-creature and a further 12% assumed the acronym USB
referred to a country in some long-forgotten grey part of Eastern Europe. Not all is lost, though, because more than
61% did report that they felt having a good knowledge of technology and computer jargon
was an important life skill. So, yeah. 5. As many Americans believe in Bigfoot as the
Big Bang Theory In 2014, Chapman University conducted a study
to gather hard data on the ubiquity of irrational beliefs in regards to the American adult population. The results of the study, which are quite
illuminating on their own – revealing among other things that 20% of polled Americans
believe fortune tellers can predict the future – were then compared to similar studies
conducted on a similarly representative cross sample of American adults. The results, as you’ve probably guessed
by now, are kind of hilarious… in a terrifying sort of way. As the Washington Post and the title of this
entry note, about as many Americans (about 30%) believe in Bigfoot as their are Americans
confident that the universe began with a Big Bang. In a similar vein, just as many Americans
believe that ghosts and spirits can haunt specific rooms as responded positively to
the statement “childhood vaccines are safe” (about 50%), while slightly more Americans
agree with the statement “Satan Causes Most Evil in the World” (about 45%) than agree
with the theory of natural selection, which only 40% of representative American adults
admitted to believing in. 4. Almost 50% of Americans believe major news
outlets make stuff up about Donald Trump According to a 2017 poll conducted by Politico,
some 46% of respondents believed that major news organizations simply make stuff up about
Donald Trump. The results, which were understandably skewed
along party lines, found that an overwhelming majority of polled Republicans (76%) believe
the news regularly published or reported on untrue stories about the president. For comparison’s sake, only 11% of Democrats
agreed with the same statement. Most worryingly of all, 28% of those polled
reported that they’d be happy if the government had the power to revoke the broadcasting licenses
of news organizations it “believes” is spreading fake news, while a further 21% said
they were unsure if they’d be okay with this. Meaning at least a quarter of polled voters
would be happy for the government to have the power to instantly silence criticism it
doesn’t like. Luckily we don’t count as news, so it won’t
affect us. But jeez, the guy who wrote this is English
and even he thinks that’s government overreach. 3. A significant proportion of Americans believe
dinosaurs and humans coexisted Dinosaurs are awesome and it’s a shame that
they lived so long ago that the DNA locked inside their bones has long since withered
past the point of us being able to use it to clone them. As such, it’s understandable that some people
– let’s call them “heroes” – have steadfastly ignored science and facts to assert
that, actually, dinosaurs roamed the Earth a couple thousand years ago. While hard numbers are difficult to obtain,
one study asserts that some 41% of adult Americans believe that dinosaurs and humans roamed the
Earth at the same time during some period in history. In addition, thousands of children in the
US are currently attending schools that teach a fundamentalist curriculum. Along with teaching these kids that the Earth
is only 10,000 years old, some go further and assert that Adam and Eve chilled in the
Garden of Eden alongside cool-ass dinosaurs. Which, as adults, we find horrifying. But as big kids, we find that kind of awesome
because nothing was more disappointing as a kid than learning that our ancestors never
drop-kicked a T-Rex. 2. Half of Americans believe Global Warming will
harm America, but not them personally In recent years, more and more Americans have
come around on the idea of Global Warming being, well, a thing, with the latest figures
suggesting some 58% of Americans believe climate change is both real and man-made. As an aside, over 97% of climate change scientists
believe the same thing. Curiously, though, although more than half
of polled Americans admit that that climate change is real and poses a tangible, credible
threat to humanity as a whole, only 40% think that it will harm them “personally.” Which is, well… it’s an impressive feat
of mental gymnastics, if you think about it. Imagine having the mental capacity to understand
the harm global shifts in weather patterns can have on a macro level, but having no idea
how said changes would ever impact your own life. We mean, these people know that they live
on Earth too, right? LIke, any changes that impact the day-to-day
running of America will inevitably impact the lives of its citizens, right? This isn’t us being sarcastic, we genuinely
need to know because we’re kind of baffled about the results of this study. 1. Barely anyone in America knows anything about
the Constitution America is a country founded on the principles
of personal freedom and responsibility to the care of your fellow man. Or at least, most people assume it is, because
multiple studies have shown that a shocking amount of Americans know almost nothing about
the documents that formed the bedrock of modern American society. We are, of course, talking about the Constitution
and the first of many subsequent amendments made to it in the Bill of Rights. Countless polls and studies have shown that
the average American citizen knows almost nothing about the Constitution or has even
the most basic understanding of how the country works. For example, one study found that a third
of respondents couldn’t name a right protected by the First Amendment, and a similar amount
couldn’t name a single branch of government. Another study conducted way back in 1991 found
that a third of Americans couldn’t recognize the Bill of Rights, with 1 in 10 having no
idea why it was drafted in the first place. Further back still, in the 1950s a reporter
walked around on the 4th of July with the Declaration of Independence strapped to a
clipboard, telling people it was a petition. Of 111 people he asked to sign it, only a
single person recognized that the petition was actually the Declaration of Independence
and agreed to sign it. Meanwhile, 20 people accused the reporter
of being a communist and at least one person asserted that the document was actually the
Russian Declaration of Independence.


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  • DiabloEncarnate

    Simon, you really should look into the ruling by the Supreme Court in relation to the news here in the US.

    There is absolutely no motivation for our major news stations to report facts anymore.

  • liquidmidnight1

    Simon, you have truly gone off your trolly on this one. Whatever drugs you are taking , I hope to never ingest them. This is the most BS, whacked out crap that you have so far flung, in your insecurity driven "America is terrible, and American's are stupid". Firstly, "university studies" are mostly bunk. Pretty much a given, as young people are receiving indoctrination and not education.
    A study a few years ago showed that men are more attracted to attractive women.
    Woulda' thunk?
    And using the a sorry institution that is Chapman University is ridiculous, unless you are salting the mine to support your thesis (just like so many "studies" do)
    And to think that I have lived for 72 years and not known of the horror of the lizard people. Do they morph into CNN, MSNBC, and that type of news creator?
    Your smugness in the presentation is not becoming.

  • teemusid

    Gang stalking? There's no gang, it's just me. I'm coming clean because it's too tiring to keep covering up my tracks.

  • 55metalmonkey

    For some strange reason I couldn't find a survey of the number of people who fill out survey questions as a joke….. I'm going to guess it is around 10%

  • Mare Tranquillity

    When I see how America is run I could believe that it's lizards who are making the decisions. Mitch McConnell is obviously a lizard.

  • Eliz Donovan

    If and I stress if, what is stated in this video is true, Does it not worry the education department and policy makers, politicians etc that people have these beliefs? It does however, possibly explain how many people in the U.S. are so ignorant. (Ignorant = lacking knowledge or awareness). It is sad that a world power has so many of its population in this mindset. So sad and dangerous.

  • Pat Milks

    This is a result of our education systems. They only teach our children how to pass required test. They don't have time to teach the 3 rrr's

  • Eliz Donovan

    If and I stress if, what is stated in this video is true, Does it not worry the education department and policy makers, politicians etc that people have these beliefs? It does however, possibly explain how many people in the U.S. are so ignorant. (Ignorant = lacking knowledge or awareness). It is sad that a world power has so many of its population in this mindset. So sad and dangerous.

  • Rick Emerick

    7% believing the chocolate milk is from brown cows is 7% too much. It hurts my soul knowing there are folks out there that believe that crap.

  • Matt Peacock

    not sure why you lump that fake news story in with the rest, CNN has been busted more than once passing off totall BS as serious news that put trump in a bad light. I don't speak for trump, he aint my favorite, but the major networks have, and continue to spread fake news about Trump! It's blatant!

  • Scooter Tramp

    I went out on a blind date with a woman once, and I stress once, who had the idea that she was being "Gang Stalked" to the point she demanded to see my drivers license to prove who I was. I had hoped that things would go better after that and that we would enjoy one another's company but that was not to be. I put up with her delusions for about an hour and a half before I announced that I was leaving at which point she made the threat to phone the police about me, the very same police that she had said were out to get her. I told her to go ahead and left, but not before I talked to the restaurant manager and our server to ensure that when I left she was just fine. I went to another spot where people know me and stayed there until the wee small hours. The next day, the police were on my doorstep asking questions as to my whereabouts the previous evening. When I asked why, they told me that I was accused of assault and they had to check it out. I told them what had happened and informed them about the manager, server, and being with those I knew after leaving her behind. They checked out my story and got back to me a couple of days later to tell me to forget it. When I asked why they had believed her story to begin with, they told me she had shown up at a hospital with signs of having been punched and kicked and claimed that I had done it. Apparently she had punched and battered herself to get even with me.

    The moral with all of this is simple. If you find yourself dealing with someone who is off bubble, cover your ass. These people can be very dangerous.

  • Wisco Simple

    I've never met anyone who believes any of these things and I've been to almost every state, however I've never been to California…

  • Clea Ferguson

    Hmm…while I greatly enjoy your videos, I have noticed you passive aggressively bash Americans more than most other nationalities in your channels. Why is that?

  • Frank Chan

    About your comment about how people of the USA, using Americans is so offensive to rest of people of North & South American continents, we people of the USA are mostly hypocrites saying what laws we are push to other people but practice the opposite personally.

  • sbjkd

    I lived in the US in my early 20s. I’m English but live in Australia and at the time I had an accent like Simon’s. I was in a bar one night and people lined up at my table to ask me questions. Everyone wanted to know where I was from, which I explained, then nearly everyone asked me if I could speak English before I arrived in the US (2 weeks before). They asked me this knowing that I was English but lived in Australia. Two giant black guys tried to rob me. When I spoke, they got confused. One of the asked “Sprechen sie Deutsch”, then they started arguing about where I was from. I left completely unrobbed and unhurt.

  • El Sea

    “Reptilians run the world”—I’m sorry where is David Icke from?
    “Gang stalking” video —over and over was recommended by…you tube…lol
    How many Hindus are there —-and do THEY pray for mundane things? DOH!
    I suspect some of these pollsters were jerking ur English chain…fer fun..

  • George Elie

    As a American I do not believe in lizard people or HTML is a disease but what I do believe in is trolling polsters, and by the results of your surveys, I have a strange feeling I'm not the only one.

  • J Bayawon

    10:56 this is so true… and also, many Americans still believe in the fabricated "Americanized" version of history…😂

  • Shootr

    This jerk really has a superiority complex when it comes to America. Speaking on behalf of America I'd like say a hearty F YOU! I guarantee people are stupid everywhere. Not just SOME Americans. And your brown cow is red you pin head.

  • Alexander Guevara

    A lot of things in this video are funny indeed but what really is hilarious is that this bald gay Brit has put "fake news' in the thumbnail and spreads fake news himself. Donald Trump love him or hate him is correct in saying that there is much fake news about him. And he's right! A few examples: He won the election thanks to Russia. He Russian collusion delusion aka witch hunt. The conclusion of that same witch hunt e.g. the presumption of innocence doesn't seem to apply to Trump but only to Trump, for the rest if Americans it's innocent until proven guilty. The NYT reported about Trump Hotel wiretapping and then denying it and now admitting that there was something there. His Charlottesville, Baltimore comments being taken out of context and the removal of the MLK statue out of the oval office etc. But sheeple will never see when lied to. So f..k you baldie for spreading fake news you shill of a d1ck head!

  • Brack Biggs

    I have really lost a lot of faith in your ability to gather statistics. The 97% of scientist issue has been debunked several times by several people. And please tell me a major news did not report "Charlotteville lie" and do not still refer to it almost weekly.

  • joseph bennett

    A large group of Americans are targeted by a systemic group of people who harass them for no reason. We’re called minorities.

  • Jerome Cummings

    Something people outside the U.S.A need to understand: There are parts of the U.S, such as West Virginia, Alabama, inner cities etc. where the education is beyond poor and people don’t have what would be considered basic knowledge . America is massive so of course there are going to be dumb people. But hey, we are so stupid that we became a dominant super power.

  • Jessica James

    How did this belief that vaccinating your child causes them to develop Autism come about? And does that mean parents of Autistic children worry that getting their kids vaccinated will make their Autism worse?

  • Aaron Cooper

    In regards to #2 I think the mentality behind that is by the time climate changes effects the way we live our daily lives that half of us will not be around to see it. This is further back up by the end of the world predictions by scientist that have not come true.

  • B_Jameson_Harris

    Man people are such morons, everybody knows that the "Lizard People" are a Red Herring created by the Welsh to hide their nefarious schemes.

  • 4DogsSake

    How about a TopTenz of studies that turned out to me completely false (you can include the lizard people and chocolate cow studies).

  • Ant Hill

    Don't believe in global warming , I believe the world is actually cooling off, the evidence is in the size of the planet, look at what happened to Mars, because of the size of Mars, it cooled off and lost its atmosphere so who's to say this couldn't happen to earth too

  • Stacy Hindalong

    I truly hope that the current US administration is made entirely of lizard aliens. It seems far more likely than the results of the last election.

  • Julio Libertino

    Two things- Man made “Global warming” does not exist. They have been claiming the end is only 10 years away if we don’t do something since I was a little kid in the 70s. Mark my words, in 30 years from now, itching will have changed Seasons come and go. Some are warmer than previous years, and some are cooler.. Some years have more hurricanes, and some have less… Number two- The people do not know what their constitutional rights are because the public school system has stopped teaching them. This is expressly for the purpose of keeping the people ignorant of their rights, least they demand they be respected.

  • DrHardlyKummsz

    To be fair, if you believe in religion and imaginary men in the sky watching your every move then you might as well believe in lizard people too…

  • Natasha

    This makes me sad to be an American. I didn't realize how many stupid people live here. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️This is just an another reason why we need education reform in American.

  • N K

    This is truly sad. All of it. We scream about our freedom of religion, but can't say which amendment garanttees it? 1st. Only by being well informed can we act as full citizens in our country.

  • Chris Caahbaugh

    I live here and they got a system of dumbing down the population on many accounts along with some of the most insane media in the world….this whole society for the most part is radically missinformed and all the laws are baised off whoever(corporations) has the biggest lawyers and bribe the politicians the most(whatever so called donations to an individual's political campaign they get to keep when they retire)…college education costs some 1 20 years of extreme debt that most can't handel and only 20% of the population can afford proper healthcare.. AT 1 time we lead the world in many areas now we just getting lazy💯 and ripped off by a truely corrupted system….. its sad

  • Ryan Oneil

    About the age of dinosaurs. You can't age rock which is what a fossils is. So to get the age you date the rock layer it's in. The rock layer's age is determined by the fossils found in it. Funny, fossilized trees are upside down through several layer's of rock. Many fossils are found in mass graves. Anyone believe in a mass flood. If not, where did the ice from the ice age go? Humans all around the world witnessed the flood. The stories of dragons came from some where.

  • S D

    All Americans love their freedoms, including their freedom to be an idiot. It’s just the educated ones understand the importance to protect the rights of dumb-asses too.

  • S D

    Your logic is flawed. America has approximately 329 million people; therefore, to switch from percentages to numbers falsely manipulates the mathematics upon any comparison. For example, 5% of 329 million Americans = 16.4 million, while 5% of England’s population of 56 million = 2.8 million. Both are a small percentage, but have vastly different values. We’re not all idiots.

  • alexis Juillard

    Well i don’t see what the problem is with believing in climate change but not that it will affect you. I do.
    I study science, and think i’m know a bit about climate change, àd don’t doubt for a moment it’s here and bad but it will not affect me in my lifetime. I live in Paris, and will not see food shortages or floods, and yes i will see the affect of climate change around me, i do (hotter summers, hail much more frequently, storms even wildlife unseen this high north beginning to appear) but it doesn’t really affect me in any negative way. Strictly speaking it does affect me and if that’s the definition used in the study i’m fine with it but it’s naive to think everybody will have to relocate or something because of it.

  • Amadeus von Beaverhausen

    American's are ridiculously dense when it comes to pretty much EVERYTHING. Geography, history, rudimentary science and math, you name it. Not a freaking clue.

  • Abigail Peña

    And in the end, no matter how much you hate yourself for being stupid, these videos will bring a slight ease as you now know there are a lot more people worse than you… Take that moment to feel proud… 😂😅😂😅😂

  • katsaymeow

    Simon!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a top tenz about how the American public is on its way to the future world portrayed on the movie Idiocracy.

  • R Shirley

    I think it’s possible (.000001%) but not likely that a fortune teller could predict the future. So while I don’t think they can reliably predict the future is it possible? Yes, about a 1 and 100 trillion chance they are right.

  • Sandy J Renfroe

    I am astounded. Stupidity abounds.

    That said, I do believe the dinosaurs invented space travel and moved out to the Oort Cloud. They are waiting for us, their planetary brothers and sisters, to join them. We will explore the universe together.

  • Bryan Miller

    2:18 subtitles read:

    "…have found individuals who believe their dog has been replaced by an exact double that is trained to nip at their balls."

    Guy in video definitely didn't say that.

  • MsDvant

    If that many people believe in a reptilian conspiracy, one has to respectfully hold some benefit of doubt! It may not necessarily be as fantastical as a lizard species among us, but clearly something has to exist to create this mass hysteria that is not only believed in America, but around the entire world, spanning back to our ancient civilizations!!! That many people, over this much time, cannot be all delusional. It is disrespectful to assume so.

  • Storm Meridian Dee The Broccoli Fox

    10) We Americans are stupid as hell, but you sure that 7% wasn't mostly trolls? Americans are straight up A-holes too. 9) Mental illness is much different simple belief. 8) Those who pray for things like this, believe the same for everything they pray about, not just sports. 7) Again, trolls perhaps? I remember seeing this one is a few other videos. If I remember correctly, it's not just Americans, but several countries have a small percentage of their population believing this as well. I could be wrong though. 6) Hilarious… XD 5) Sounds about right. I'm pretty sure most Americans don't even know what natural selection is. 4) Are you surprised? Look at how many voted for him in the first place. As for silencing the press, I doubt the consequences of that was thought through at all. 3) Old school movies. lol XD 2) No one ever thinks crap will happen to them. I will never understand that. 1) The US Constitution is wildly outdated and needs a major overhaul. That said, these results are pathetic and not at all surprising.

  • natewr5249

    Unfortunately the vast majority of the people that contribute to these surveys are idiots, most people of above average intelligence do not participate. Lowest common denominator…

  • Bob 357

    Simon, that's absurd. Whatever "studies" you're sighting must consist of a control group of 10-15 of the dumbest people on the planet. Quit repeating that garbage. Actually makes you look very stupid for repeating such nonsense. Though, they did elect Trump so maybe there is something to it.

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