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    The modern evangelical Church in America has been deceived by the false doctrine of dispensationalism.  Watch the YouTube video "Genesis of Dispensational Theology" to see how this perversion of scripture began.  Also, look at the links listed on the page for the details of the problems with this unscriptural doctrine.  Step 1: Edward Irving translated the Jesuit book "Coming of Messiah in Glory and Majesty" into English in 1827.  Irving began teaching the doctrine at the Albury conferences in 1826.  Step 2:  A teenage girl named Margaret Macdonald reported a pretrib gathering of some believers to Edward Irving in 1830.  According to former members of the Irvingites, it became known as the "Secret Rapture".  Step 3:  John Nelson Darby divided scripture into that for the Jews and that for the Church in order to make the doctrine work.  He brought the teaching to America around the time of the Civil War.  Step 4: C.I. Scofield incorporated the doctrine into his widely published Reference Bible. 

  • Brian Phoenix

    Pastor Renihan stated that believers were indwelled by the Spirit prior to the historical inauguration of the NC…I've never heard a 1689er argue this before, or even a Baptist for that matter. Is this Scripturally justifiable or otherwise how is this inferred?

  • Brad Denton

    I appreciate this whole series and have watched it a few times thus far. Thanks to all the contributors; I will definitely investigate the recommended resources!

    By the way, would you be kind enough to tell me which recording of "O Great God" you used here? It's marvelous!

  • Alberto Olivares

    I would like all this material to be available in Spanish. Desearía que todo este material estuviera disponible en español.

  • charles ratcliff

    Brandon thank you for these videos. This was God's providence i finding your videos. I was looking for and explanation for effectual calling and found this site.

  • Ren

    I'm having such a hard time following their thoughts. Round 3 XD
    I mean, I agree with the differences every time I catch what they're saying, but the whole thing is quite daunting. Hopefully the playlist you made will help to fill in the gaps I'm not catching.

  • Gordon Hazell

    Those is good stuff! I'm a fairly new comer to covenant theology, though being sovereign grace for about 16 years.

  • Adam Newman

    The view that I seem to recall hearing presented as traditional Baptistic covenant theology (at a Met-Tab theology conference), said this, if I understood correctly:
    The Old Testament Israelites, under Moses, were presented with both the Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Grace. The covenant at Sinai/Horeb was an expression of the Covenant of Works, and the covenant at Moab in Deuteronomy 29-30 was an expression of the Covenant of Grace. Yet Moses had even been presenting the Covenant of Grace to Israel prior to that time at Moab recorded in Deut. 29-30. Regarding the declaration in the Covenant of Works, "if a person does them, he shall live by them" (Lev. 18:5), this was what was presented to Israel as the rule that they would end up being under if they do not come under the Covenant of Grace.

    That however, would seem to be in discrepancy with what's presented in this video. I don't know if it might be possible to have any clarification over this.

  • Adam Newman

    I'd be curious to ascertain whether or not the Particular Baptists held to a Zwinglian view of baptism and the Lord's supper (i.e. at core essence they are just symbolic demonstrations that the Lord has commanded).

  • Wilson Hines

    I want to say thank you for this. I've spent 25 years baffled by all of much of this, along with some misconceptions. The other brother mentioned "shedding dispensationalism" and I am about down with that.

  • Epistemic foundations

    Excellent, excellent series of videos. I have been passing this link on to many people.

    Brandon, what is the likelihood that some sort of forum could be arranged where the 1689 federalist position as presented here could be compared and contrasted with Sam Waldron's view and his understanding of the confession? I would love to see where these guys could hammer out those differences.

  • Homeschool and Scripture

    After watching this, I completely understand the meaning of babbling and it’s correlation to Babel…This is ridiculous.

  • Aaron

    Hey Brandon thanks for these videos on Federalism. I consider myself a follower of New Covenant Theology. That being said I have doubts about NCT and am interested in looking at theology that is more historical.

  • Aaron

    Dispensationalism has caused much confusion and has diluted other areas of theology in the evangelical church. I consider it the christianized version of Dual-Covenant Theology.

  • Frank Charles

    James 2:26 KJV
    For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

    Revelation 14:12 KJV
    Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

  • brandon

    They may have mentioned this in the video…does anyone know when 1689 Federalism was rediscovered? It seems relatively unknown.

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