• Rick Zimmerman

    DNA counts for SOMETHING…whether your talking about Christ, who is still "the man Jesus Christ" and has a genealogy, or unbelieving Israel who are still beloved for the sake of the Fathers; DNA still counts. The natural branches that are broken away from the good tree for unbelief remain natural branches even after they are broken away, and can be MORE READILY graft BACK in. The unnatural branches remain unnatural even when graft into the good tree. In all of this, the tree remains the same, so do the covenants and promises. The "scaffolding around the building" analogy is completely wrong. Israel still exists, both in unbelief and belief. Those in unbelief are OF Israel, but they are NOT Israel. When they believe, they are graft BACK in from where they were originally removed, and become true Israel. Also gentiles are graft in AMONG them. The gentiles in the church need to get this right. Progressive Dispensationalism has come the closest. To totaly eliminate Israel is just plain unbiblical, and to totally separate them from their own covenants and promises when they accept their Messiah is equally ridiculous. Just some points to ponder,.

  • MrTwinsrule

    No mention of (the mystery) or the church ( Christ body). Folks replacement theology and reformation theology is wrong. We are not ( the Isreal of God) . Paul said he laid the foundation of this dispensation! We are not a evolution or a replacement of The Apple of God's eye. We are a mystery . The fall of ISRAEL was why we were created ! These men are guilty of suppression of TRUTH. They miss quote Paul in Galatians. The modern bible translations twist this one scripture to reform thier theology….gal ch 6 vs 16. Kjv… " peace be on them , and mercy , AND upon the ISRAEL of God." Note modern bible corrector versions remove the word ( and). Rightly divide the word of Truth! And you will not be deceived. . I believe the emerchant church heresy will bring back the heresey of the church ( fathers) doctrines, and yes preach again what false dogma like Origin and Calvin, and bring in this Alexandrian mentality to chrisidom. So sad

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