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    The covenant of grace is with the elect as touching its substance and their actual union with their covenant Head. However,the administration of the covenant of grace has always been "blended" and we see nothing in the new covenant administration indicating the blended nature and inclusion of the children of believers has ceased.

  • TimotheosCauvin

    One question: Is the "illegal citizen's" baptism invalid? Or to put it another way: Is baptism upon profession of faith objective, a sure sign and seal of the promises of God which, perhaps, stirs up faith later, or is the baptism of an (intentional or unitentional) false professor really a non-baptism which has to be "repeated" in the case of later conversion?    

  • ncsign

    I appreciate this video and have great affection for my Reformed Baptist Brethren. Can you clarify a few issues?

    Where in the Westminster standards does it say that unbelieving children of believers are in the covenant between Christ and the elect (what Rev. Renihan calls the covenant of grace)? (1:30 – 1:45)

    In addition, the covenant of grace is not between Christ and the elect, see LC 31.  Westminster is careful to clarify (although many Presbyterian are not) that not all children of believers are elect (see WCF 10.3).   

    Maybe you are mixing Reformed Baptist language with Presbyterianism.  I understand that RB believe covenant of grace = new covenant.  Maybe he meant "the Westminster standards teach that unbelieving children of believers are in the new covenant?"  The Westminster standards don't say this either, but this is what many Presbyterian believe and practice.

  • Patrick Malone

    This brother's analogy breaks down around 11:15 on the video. He speaks of an illegal citizen being kicked out, but the so-called Reformed Baptist does their best to put up a Trumpian Big Wall to make sure no false citizens get in in the first place.

  • Daric

    After leaving Mormonism and being saved by Christ, I felt that reformed theology accurately described what I read in the Bible. I had attended an OPC church and a Reformed Baptist church and couldn't decide between the two which to attend. This video sums up very succinctly the differences in the scope and application of the new covenant between the reformed paedobaptist and credobaptist positions. Thank you.

  • Philip Voerding

    Excellent video. 1689 Federalism makes more sense. However, I really don't think believers who understand Federalism as described in the Westminster Confession of Faith will be considered Illegal Aliens and not be included in the covenant. Otherwise, I agree with the video.

  • TheRecluse26

    Is it accurate to say that we as believers are not under the Covenant of Works? I'm not sure I agree that we're not… through Christ, we have fulfilled all of the requirements of the CoW. That's why He pleads eternally for us and clothes us in His works.

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