#17 Universal studios_Jurassic world/ [Eng sub] My little Christmas tree/ 이제 곧 크리스마스!
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#17 Universal studios_Jurassic world/ [Eng sub] My little Christmas tree/ 이제 곧 크리스마스!

My favorite holiday Christmas is coming. I took a Christmas tree out from the garage after Thanksgiving. It’s time to decorate it. Tada~ It’s messy around, but I feel very happy. Twinkle Twinkle~ I’m done decorating, and I think I feel happy from now to Christmas. I got this one the day after Christmas a few years ago from San Juan Capistrano church. I got this mickey mouse ornament from a neighbor before they left who was headed to Korea. I miss her family so much. The cute honey bee was made of a toilet paper core by my second son. My husband made it for me 2 or 3 years ago. I made some ribbon shape with a satin ribbon tape. This ornament is the first one I bought when the year I just came to the US. This bat also came from the second one. My husband made a stormtrooper for me because I am a big fan of Star Wars. Actually, I have a Darth Vader, but it only has a head. There was room inside of the tree, so I put a stuffed penguin there. My children made a mini Christmas tree with an ice cream bar at a Korean language school. There is a cute puppy as well. A snowflake made by my first son. This one looks simple but pretty good it also came from the Korean language school. I have no idea when I bought this owl precisely, but I think I bought it at Christmas sale a few years ago. A huge snowflake. I have a few more decorations from my children, and if there is a pretty Christmas card then I use a frame from the Ikea for Christmas decoration. I put some presents on the site. We went to the universal studios, and the weather was cold after it rained which has been a few days. I can feel Christmas everywhere. Yay~ Oh, it’s a new hat. I believe there was nothing before, but my children said it was already there before. We went to a gift shop after riding transformers. It looks cool! Wow, it is $5,200. Do you want it? me, too. This one great, too. It looks very detailed, but it is over $2,000 as well. When you feel tired you should come by kung-fu panda theater that has chairs that are pretty comfortable to relax in. Of course, you have to wait, and make a line until you reach in the theater, sorry~. The movie is great. My husband and I felt dizzy in the Despicable Me theater, but the children looked ok. Wow!! I have never seen the Jurassic world ride waiting line so short. I feel like I am running with dinosaurs in the movie whenever I listen to this music. 🙂 Oh no~ A lot of water splashing, and I remember the splash was not like this much last summer. We were all covered with water. “Does it throw some water, too?” Nope! Not that one. We surprised when we heard water sound because we are already wet, and the weather is cold. This one! It attacks with some water through his nose. ‘We are not falling down yet.” I was going to get ready for the drop. When you make eye contact with the big-headed dinosaur, then you need to prepare for the impact. We feel cold, but it was so much fun. There is a lot of snow on the top of the mountains, and it is coming to begin enjoying snow slides. I am so excited already. I will ride the Jurassic world ride two times and wear a raincoat next time.

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  • Myong Kim

    남편과 아이들이 만든 오나먼트 정말 멋져요. 크리스마스츄리도 예쁘구요~!!!
    행복이 넘치는 크리스마스 ~~~~

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