1867 – Rebellion and Confederation
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1867 – Rebellion and Confederation

Welcome to this new episode of
On the road to 2017 with Library
and Archives Canada. Each year on July 1st, Canadians
proudly celebrate Canada Day, the birthday of our country. We can expect that Canada Day
in 2017 will be quite an event as we will celebrate
our 150th anniversary. The road that led to the
proclamation of Confederation was a long and turbulent one, which spanned much
of the nineteenth century. On behalf of Canadians,
we have the privilege of holding in our collection some
of the most valuable records highlighting the pivotal
moments that led to the drafting of the
British North America Act. About 50 of these documents and
works of art have been loaned to the Canadian Museum of History
and are currently on display in the exhibition 1867 –
Rebellion and Confederation. So come and see the show here at
the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec. It’s on display until
January 4, 2016. Visitors can view rare
drawings of patriotes from the Rebellion of 1837-38; pre-confederation
parliamentary documents; the personal diary
of Lady Agnes Macdonald, wife of Canada’s
first prime minister; the first Speech
from the Throne, and many other documents
that have shaped our history. And to learn more, take a
look at our Web resources! See you along the road to 2017! And remember, follow us
on Twitter and Facebook to view the video series as
soon as we publish them online.


  • Cballin

    i would like to see the treatment of the indigenous people shown in the records too, people deserve to know how we ended up here.

  • Kevin Pelletier

    Ya the birth of a Corporation. Death of a NATION UNDER GOD. Pissed on every grave of every SOLDIER WHO DIED BASED ON A LIE FOR MONEY. IT'S ALL BIN EXPOSED. To over throw a land you must REMOVE THE FLAG, 10 COMMANDMENTS now 10 planks of Laurent in 45 in San Francisco. The children pay for the SINS of our forefathers.

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