19th Amendment: A Legacy of Voices
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19th Amendment: A Legacy of Voices

[light piano music playing] The National Park Service had its
hundredth anniversary two years ago. Now we’re having this 100th anniversary of this really significant legislation. Women are voting, and by having women
vote women are part of the process, and we vote for people who represent our
ideas and who think like us and who make sure that we are heard. Among those who paved the way was Claire Marie Hodges, the first woman employed by the NPS to have traditional protection ranger duties. But I have always been very supported. I have had the great luxury of having excellent male and
female colleagues who have supported me in my career and helped me advance
through the Park Service. Every one of us has that responsibility to make sure
that we’re leaving things better than we found them, and part of leaving it better is making sure that the employees that come behind us don’t have barriers put
in front of them. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the women who fought for the 19th amendment.

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