2016-08-31_California Legislation
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2016-08-31_California Legislation

This quick video will show you how to find
California legislation. As you can see, we’re on the California Legislative
Information website. I’m going to go ahead and click on “bill information”
and you’re going to see we have have a couple options here for searching. We can search by bill number and session year
if we have that. House, author, code, statute, year, chapter
number. And we can also search by keyword. So I’m going to start searching by keyword
and I’m going to type in “willful defiance” because that’s the topic I’m interested in,
specifically as it relates to suspension and expulsion in elementary school. So, nothing came back in the 15-16 year, so
I’m going to go back a year further and I’m going to search again. Ok, and so there is something here, AB-420
pupil discipline suspensions and expulsions willful defiance. So this is what I was looking for. I can get the text of the entire bill here
and I can also see the votes, the history, bill analysis, today’s law as amended. So this is telling me which sections of the
education code were amended by this law. So really, all the information that I need,
but for your assignment, you are definitely going to need the text of the legislation. So this is the most important part. So that’s if you’re doing a keyword search,
let’s go back to bill information. Now, say I read in a newspaper article or
in some kind of website what the bill number was. I can actually just type in AB 420 and say
the session year and it will bring me right back to that bill. So those are two ways to search by bill but
you can also search within the text of documents, so I can actually search…well, the text
of the bill. If I put in willful defiance here and I searched
it would also bring me to that bill with that phrase or those words in there. So if you’re not having much luck in the keyword
search in bill search you might want to try searching the text of the bills and the legislation
to find your keywords. If you have any other questions, let me know.

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