2018 Joseph Story Award: Prof. Josh Blackman [NSS 2018]
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2018 Joseph Story Award: Prof. Josh Blackman [NSS 2018]

Josh Blackman receiving the Story Award is,
in fact, a celebration not only of Josh Blackman but of the kind of impact that a young scholar
can have so early in his career. Joseph Story uh, was appointed to the Supreme
Court at uh, the young age of 32. He was the first dean and professor of law
at Harvard, and he wrote the Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States. So I think of the Story Award as being an
award identified by the Federalist Society of a, of a young legal academic who’s already,
at that young age, made a tremendous impact on legal culture and legal scholarship. The award really seeks to recognize someone
who emulates Joseph Story’s ability to really make an impact for the rule of law at such
a young age. We’re rewarding it this year to Professor
Josh Blackman who has both been extremely prolific as a scholar and been extremely good
with students. Josh Blackman is the epitome of what the Story
Award was established to reward, which are junior professors, young professors who have
really given of themselves. He’s the hardest working man uh, in legal
academia. He’s always writing. He’s publishing. He’s at conferences. He’s speaking. He’s blogging. He’s appearing in the media. His second home is the Houston uh, airport
that he flies out of, uh, because he’s constantly going to student chapters and talking all
over the country. He was such a good speaker, and really a delight
to work with. He takes the time to talk to every student
that wants to talk to him, um, and answer all their questions. And he also has a very intuitive style. He tends to explain the law in very straightforward
terms, uh, and to make it very accessible. You can actually see the moment in their eyes
where it suddenly makes sense, and it has to be one of the best feelings in the world
because there was before confusion and darkness. And then just like that, there’s light and
they see it. All reports from his students are that he
is a fabulous classroom teacher and an inspiration. And the cool thing about Professor Blackman
is that you don’t have to be a student in one of his classes to really get to know his
thoughts on the law. He has exploded across the web. His ability to use his blog, his ability to
keep multiple screens. I think Josh is up to at least three screens,
maybe more. The last time I saw it was like five, you
know, it’s probably up to seven by now. All of them feeding information to, into his
mind that he can communicate to the rest of the country, both scholars, lawyers, judges,
and law professors. He’s uh, just a pervasive force on the internet. He has this real understanding of technology
that a lot of law professors just don’t have. And I hope to be able to keep blogging and
tweeting until they pry the phone from my cold dead hands. I think another important way in which he
is having an effect on uh, the law is just by um, frankly c-courage. He has complete courage in saying what he
really believes. He’s really diving into these issues and coming
up with very thoughtful responses and willing to make arguments that other people won’t. So Josh is a real phenomenon. He’s pugnacious, he’s irascible, he’s irrepressible. I think Josh is viewed as a rising star. He’s affected a lot, a lot of students. Professor Blackman really had a profound impact
on my interest in the law, my decision to go to law school. Josh is just a tremendous scholar. Josh Blackman is extraordinary. Josh is a force of nature. He’s having a very, very big impact. He really has shaped an entire generation
of young conservative law students. He’s going to be an even greater scholar,
but as it stands he’s having a major impact, and all of us are just thrilled that he’s
getting this award, so good work Josh.

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