2019 Jurassic World [Brand-New] — The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, California
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2019 Jurassic World [Brand-New] — The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, California

in the age of the dinosaurs the vast oceans were home to an explosion of life at the top of the food chain settled the Mosasaurus – – apex predator of the deep you are clear for entering in a few seconds we will be entering to a deep cave where the dinosaurs live in freedom keep an eye on the Parasaurolophus who gave us a splash around the water you may even see our new baby Stegosaurus one of the latest addition to the Jurassic World family in a moment you are entering to a predator cove – home of the Jurassic World and the most powerful creatures code: “red”!!! our system is going down classify the code we have a containment… alert ! it shows multiple containment fails multiple system fails hold all boats in a safe spot so we have one broken cage just out at the return point Blue is just out of containment as a containment to secure the cove repeat: ACU the predator cove cove “rex” our system is going to be down Ladies and gentlemen this is the clarity room please remain calm we have asked for out of containment and help is on the way in the meantime please… a security team is deployed they will get you… all be brave please remain in the boat and stay till call as the control unit is on your way we have to find Blue now threats at multiple targets we have all containment failure more systems are going down power village hold on Am I on? Is it on? listen to me do not panic if you can see me i need you you to keep your hands inside of the boat a slight movement will send the animals off if you can hear me i’ve sent the help i like it! thumbs up! good job! yea aah! welcome back as you approach to the stage room please keep your eyes on the fleeting boat


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