2019 Spring Preview: Heidi Schreck’s WHAT THE CONSTITUTION MEANS TO ME
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2019 Spring Preview: Heidi Schreck’s WHAT THE CONSTITUTION MEANS TO ME

–What the Constitution Means to Me is a
play in which I recreate this contest I did as a teenage girl. The goal of the
contest was you were supposed to draw a personal connection between your own
life and the Constitution, which was impossible for me at 15. I didn’t know
enough about myself or about our country or about the Constitution, so I returned
to the document as a woman in my mid 40s to take that prompt seriously and say, What would it mean now that I have lived through three more decades to
connect my own life, my own body, to this document? –[V/O] Shrek’s mother was the one that came up with the idea for this unique money-making gig. Though she was only a teenager, she was up for the task. –I wore
the same suit I believe four years, which was this cobalt blue, 80s power suit.
I remember thinking when I walked into a room that no one would assume I was
smart, and then I would be able to come in and pull the rug out from under them. I never could have imagined this contest would lead to my Broadway debut. –[V/O] Part
personal exploration, part open-ended conversation, part speech and part debate, What the Constitution Means to Me has a highly unique theatrical structure. –Like
the document itself, I am a living, growing creature, and so I keep changing
and adding things to the show as we perform it. It’s always gonna be topical
because everything that’s happening in the news was created by the 300 years
that preceded it. I don’t want to tell people what to think. I don’t want to
tell people what to feel. I have deep, personal questions about our
Constitution and about our country and about our responsibilities as Americans.
My greatest hope would be that people would feel as excited as I do to wrestle
with those questions. –[V/O] What the Constitution Means to Me begins
performances at the Hayes Theater on March 14th.

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  • Will Rivers (Fernando)

    I Love this Through and Through!! Great Service to All Americans. Thank You.. and yes you are HOT! Good Lawd.

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