21 Ideas For Stephen King’s IT at Halloween Horror Nights | Universal HHN
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21 Ideas For Stephen King’s IT at Halloween Horror Nights | Universal HHN

Before we get started, if you have any questions
about the upcoming IT movie, stick around to the end of this video to find out how you
can get answers. When we did the 19 Things You Want To See
In The Shining at Halloween Horror Nights, some of you guys were also curious about what
we could come up with for a Stephen King’s IT Themed Maze, and since there are still
unannounced attractions, we decided to come up with our own version. If they were to do a haunt based on the property,
they would most definitely base it off the upcoming IT movie coming out in September. But since that movie isn’t out yet, we’ll
be basing our ideas mostly off of the 1990 mini-series starring Tim Curry and Stephen
King’s original novel, in addition to what we know about this new movie. We decided that the best haunted house they
can create around this franchise would have to be centered around the Lucky 7’s descent
into the Derry sewers. We can imagine theme park guests lining up
in “The Barrens” with the creepy sewer entrance building looming in the distance. The design of this queue could take some inspiration
from what B&M did with the entrance to Batman the Ride, where guests wait in line from the
nice part of town, to the slums and eventually into the sewer drain pipe just before getting
on the ride. They use dark eerie paths through the pipes
in combination with sound effects to give the impression of water dripping and huge
industrial fans blowing in order to build tension before reaching the ride. They also use realistic looking signage to
make the guests feel like they are entering somewhere they aren’t supposed to be. These elements could all be used in order
to put people on edge during their approach to Derry’s sewers. Once guests are in the sewer, they can use
the hallucinations Pennywise creates for his victims to frighten guests and show off the
iconic scenes from within the sewers. The Deadlights, which are bright lights that
travel through the sewer pipes and are known to be IT’s true form, can be used as transitions
to disorient patrons in between these hallucinations. This also gives a perfect opportunity for
the bullies or Pennywise to frighten guests at the beginning or end of each transition. And using this format will also allow the
creators to include all of our favorite moments from the story that normally take place above
ground down in the sewers, just as we see at the end of the child arc, where Pennywise
uses different forms to try to trick the kids into letting their guard down. Here are a few rooms that we’ve come up
with as an example. One room can feature sheets on a laundry line,
much like the death of Laurie Ann in the miniseries. There could be fans going to make these laundry
sheets flap around in the wind, allowing glimpses of Pennywise to be seen behind some and not
behind others. This room is also a perfect environment for
jump scares with Pennywise. While walking through the room, guests could
also see an occasional child singing “the Itsy Bitsy Spider”. There can be sound effects of an oncoming
storm paired with a slower rendition of the rhyme; providing an uneasy experience for
guests. Another room could be a representation of
the storm scene. Since we are already in a sewer setting, it
makes sense that there would be metal grates around anyways, leading to different lines
of the sewer. These would provide the opportunity for a
lot of sudden jump scares, similar in nature to when Pennywise appears in the storm drain
to attack Georgie. I think it would also be cool if the grates
that Pennywise is going to be appearing in are loosely attached to give people the impression
that IT can bust right through and get them. Additionally the sound of metal clanking around
is oftentimes used for a startling effect in the scare zones that we’ve attended in
previous years. Universal loves it’s fog machines and misters,
so these can be used to create the illusion of rain without actually getting the attendees
soaked, and they’ll also help keep our visibility limited to what is directly in front us, setting
the stage for more scares. Not to mention that the Deadlights will look
reeealllllyyyy cool in the fog. Taking place at Derry Elementary, the next
two rooms would be done in a pair. One being the shower scene where the shower
heads are moving on their own. Pennywise’s voice can be used to echo around
the room or sound like it’s coming from the drain. This has to be done in a relatively open room
where the pipes move and herd guests to a small exit. Fog used to imitate steam can be used as a
transition to a hallway where the bullies are threatening Ben with a switchblade. Ben would be attempting to call for help from
the patrons, only to be ignored like various other mazes such as, Krampus and Freddy vs
Jason. The guest would then into the boiler room
and would encounter an iconic horror character, just as Richie does in the book. Originally, he sees The Wolfman but if the
maze is based off the new movie, iconic 80s characters like Freddy, Jason, Chucky, and
Zombies would be more likely. For the next area, I imagine guests continuing
down a long sewer pipe corridor. Nothing is popping out at them, creating an
uneasy calm. As they go, ruined and bookshelves appear
on both sides and we gradually transition into a library scene. Just as the sewer grates provided a spot for
Pennywise pop up and scare us before, the gaps in-between books on the shelves could
be used for a similar effect at the library. This would also be a good spot to incorporate
balloons and some of that creepy circus music. Imagine walking through this library and you
hear the faint sound of circus music from above. You look up and see a single red balloon floating
there. Then you hear Pennywise’s voice echo through
the corridor. “What’s the matter? One balloon not enough? TRY A BUNCH!” And then a bunch of balloons on strings fall
down in front of you, just before Pennywise comes charging through the sea of balloons
to come after you! As people are making their way from room to
room, the one constant they always return to will be this central area, much how The
Exorcist maze in 2016 always returned to Regan’s room. Everything we see will build up to that final
confrontation with Pennywise. For the final showdown, they can recap all
the major set pieces using projections, as seen in the mini-seires when the Loser’s
Club goes down into the sewers as kids. This idea is actually pretty practical for
a theme park, considering we’ve seen something similar in the new renovations on Pirates
of Caribbean. Finally, Pennywise can attack from behind
these mist walls and play on the suspense of not knowing which one he is going to approach
from. The use of strobe lighting and sound effects
will make this the most intense part of the walk through. I know a lot of you have questions for us
about the new IT movie, so here’s what we’re going to do. Tweet your questions @CZsWorld_Horror and
use the #ITmovie and we’ll make a video where we do our best to answer your questions. But you have to ask good questions. Yeah, if you ask us dumb questions like, “this
movie comes out on my birthday”, we won’t address them. Besides, for one, that’s not even a question. So go follow us @CZsWorld_Horror and if you
aren’t subscribed to the channel here, do that as well. I make horrors in addition to talking about
them and I’ve got new videos for you every week, so ring that death bell for notifications
and we’ll see you in the one. Assuming we both survive. And we aaaalllll float.


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