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2nd Amendment Activism Illinois

hello everybody and welcome back today
will be a fairly short video and unfortunately it’s going to consist of a
lot of reading since I do not know these bills by number or by a word we’ve got
quite a few of them that are coming up here in the Illinois legislature if you
support the Second Amendment at all you need to call and write your
representatives and let them know that you did not support these bills we’ll
start out here with our first one is HB 1465 which increases the age to buy a
firearm of any kind that’s rifles or handguns to 21 it is currently 18 for
rifles 21 for handguns HB 1467 bans the sale purchase transfer or possession
of bump stops and turn cranks there’s no grandfather in this they are banning all
of them they will not grandfather them in and you will become most likely a
felon for possessing one of these HB 1468 increases the waiting period on
rifles to 72 hours it’s currently 72 hours for pistols and 24 hours for
rifles this will make it 72 hours across the board and this goes you can walk
into a gun store with a rifle or a pistol trade it in and you still have to
wait 72 hours that’s the way it is for handguns now you walk in with a handgun
walk up walk out empty-handed and you have to come back three days later to
get your new firearm SB 2314 grants municipalities a thirty to regulate
possession and ownership of assault rifles takes it away from the state we
got at least got state preemption of gun laws when the concealed carry bill went
through this is transferring it back to municipality so you will wind up with a
patchwork of laws across the state where you may be legal in one County
one town and then you move over to the next town or County and you’ve committed
a felony SB 3297 bans the transfer of an assault weapon 50 caliber firearm and
large capacity magazines of more than 10 rounds large capacity magazines of more
than 10 rounds so your standard magazines will be illegal anything over
10 rounds is going to be illegal I don’t have a pistol that takes under 10 rounds
well I do but they’re little pocket pistols they Springfield XDS that takes
less than ten round that’s the only thing I’ve got that takes less than 10 rounds
everything else is over that everything else is at least 12 most of them are 15
and for rifles they’re 30 round magazines those are standard capacity
those aren’t high-capacity SP 3298 requires local law enforcement agency to
approve concealed carry licenses that’s in addition to the Illinois State Police
so you have to go to your Sheriff or your police chief and they have to
approve your concealed carry license as well as the state they used to do stuff
like this back in the 1920s there abouts they’re called Jim Crow laws they do
this to restrict your rights and then we also have SB 1657 & HB 1273 these are adding dealer license
regulations to illinois gun dealers so your Federal Firearms License
not good enough for Illinois they want you to get their license as well all these small mom-and-pop gun stores
they’re trying to push them out of business
once they push them out of business don’t move to the next bigger ones then
they’ll push them out of business then move to the next bigger ones until
eventually the only place you can get a firearm… well they’re not gonna leave you
any place to get a firearm that’s their intent I urge you I beg you to contact
your representatives contact them at the state level at the federal level at the
local level I’m begging you to get off your ass and make your voice heard if
you do not we will lose the opposition is well-funded well-organized and they
want to take everything away from us we have us we’re not well-funded
what we have is numbers there are 90 million of us we represent the largest
group in this country with a common goal and that is liberty and freedom get off your ass realize they’re coming
for us and make your voice heard again I’m begging you thank you for watching
hit the like hit the share hit the subscribe until next time stay armed
stay vigilant stay safe


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