• Gunthar Reform

    Virginian gun sanctuaries mean nothing! Prefiled Virginia HB 67 terminates the employment of "security officers," who do not enforce state [anti-gun] laws. Governor Northam's proposed $6.8 million budget with 28 new "law officers" can be used against sanctuary counties and towns. HB 67 empowers the governor to surgically, yet forcefully arrest and remove sanctuary-county sheriffs and replace them with his cronies. The Governor could use this tactic to secure his base, then eventually expand to the rural counties until they submit.
    The state will get its way, by force if necessary. Virginians, your guns will be confiscated. Wake up and smell the truth!

  • PrognatusSeptem

    It's real real simple folks. You do not need a sanctuary. Nothing these scumbag politicians are doing or have done trumps the 2nd amendment… NOTHING.
    So, as always, if someone comes through your from door you have the RIGHT (because it is right) to lawfully open fire and blow that idiot away….No matter what costume they are wearing. Am I saying that you can lawfully shoot a cop or military if they come through your door??? YES…THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM SAYING HERE BECAUSE IT IS CONSTITUTIONALLY CORRECT. Learn the difference between legal and lawful and between Natural/Common/God's Law and UCC Legal. MANY things are legal in the former USA and that 100% unlawful. Lawful trumps legal each and every time. Usually idiot cops end up dead because they are clueless fools bent on hurting rather serving.
    F%^*K the Police !!! FOP= masonic scumbag.

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