3 Years of Uncarrier with CEO John Legere | T-Mobile
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3 Years of Uncarrier with CEO John Legere | T-Mobile

Hey, everyone. This weekend, we celebrated
three years since we launched our first Un-carrier carrier move. It’s crazy. Time flies when you’re having fun. And let me tell you, I’m having fun. It was March 26, 2013, when
we announced Un-carrier 1.0, the end of annual service contracts. That was the start of some major changes
across this stupid, broken industry. Fast forward– we’ve now
launched 10 Un-carrier moves. We’ve taken the number
three spot in the industry, and we’ve added 30 million
customers and counting. And we are so not done. Wireless today is a hell of a lot
different from three years ago. Seriously, look at how much has changed. The numbers speak for themselves. 2.7 million people have broken
free from their carriers. $1.2 billion in switching
fees have been erased. The cost of wireless data has been
cut an incredible 62% per gig, and data usage is up 200%. But listen, and this is important,
we couldn’t have done a damn thing without you, our customers. So thank you. Thank you for believing in
us, and sticking with us, and making this Un-carrier
revolution your own. But there’s still much more
that needs to change if we’re going to fix this broken industry. You know, if the last three
years have taught me anything, it’s that dumb and dumber won’t
change unless we force them to change. Just look how long it took Verizon and
AT&T to end two-year service contracts. They don’t seem to care that their
customers deserve better, that they have some basic, common-sense rights. So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to stand up
for your wireless rights, whether you’re a
T-Mobile customer or not. We’ve created a wireless customer
bill of rights for everyone. And I want your help
calling out the carriers until they honor these basic,
simple freedoms for the consumers. And this is really simple stuff. I’m talking about keeping what you
pay for, predictable and haggle-free pricing, no annual service contracts,
no overages, worry-free roaming– very basic stuff. It blows my mind that the carriers
still don’t do these things. So go to T-Mobile.com/BillofRights, and
read the full “Wireless Customer Bill of Rights.” Then, here’s what I need you to do. Share the “Bill of Rights” on
social media, and tag your carrier. Demand that they adopt it to protect
your basic, common-sense rights as a wireless customer. And when you do, be sure to include
#TweetJohn to let them know I sent you. Trust me on this one, they’re
not going to like what they see. When you use #TweetJohn
on Twitter, my emoji will be there, reminding
them that T-Mobile sent you. So today, I challenge Verizon and
AT&T to adopt these wireless rights for consumers everywhere. They need to listen, hear
all of you, and respond. So share your “Bill of
Rights,” tag AT&T or Verizon, and use #TweetJohn to
let them know I sent you, and share this basic set
of principles with them. They may try to ignore
me, but they should really pay attention to their own customers. And if you want to take it a step
further, print off the “Bill of Rights” and take it to the carrier store. Listen, there’s no debate
about this stuff anymore. It’s time to hold this
arrogant industry accountable and stand up for your wireless rights. So join me in celebrating
this milestone, and thank you again for
an amazing three years. Remember, we’re listening, and
we’re just getting started.


  • Joseph Panchoo Jr

    Loved T-Mobile even before John L. came and took over this company and wireless industry. He sure does know how to satisfy his customers. I just only wish you guys would please bring 4GLTE towers and a Retail Store to the U.S. Virgin Islands. We are the only U.S. Territory other than Puerto Rico that doesn't have these. Because of that I had to go with Sprint (because I don't want to be AT&T Thieving ass) since I travel home from time to time.

  • Cards with Chris!

    I was with Cricket (AT&T technically), and I liked it a lot. But what I could not get past was the unlimited music streaming, and now I have 3x the data with T-Mobile that isn't even being used by music streaming! I love it.

  • cjpitch

    I love T-Mobile! Been with them since they were VoicetStream back in the late 90s/early 2000's. I tried AT&T for 1 year and HATED it. As long as T-Mobile stays on my side, I'm staying on theirs!

  • Djknight23

    I hope you guys bring more phones on prepaid I have an unlocked phone but they cost to much also give us 2 more Gbs of data on the $40 plan make it $45 for 5GBs of data just like boost mobile has this is just my opinion and suggestions…

  • Mo Casorla

    I love this CEO, but n unfortunately as much as I would like to have T-Mobile as my primary carrier I can't, Verizon still had better coverage with larger LTE across the country. traveling every week restrict me from switching over. I think another 2 years and they'll truly be competitive with Verizon LTE and overall coverage.

  • _September _

    Switched from Free 2GB to 6 GB loving it life is good Netflix is good all good. ♪♪♪ You take me higher that I've ever been before my feet don't touch the floor. ♪♪♪
    _thanks john 😉

  • Stellar Gravity

    Loving T-Mobile, only been with you guys since last August but I just really love the service at T-Mobile…

  • iCalifornian

    I have 6 lines with tmobile for over 9 years . However now i regretted that since tmobile slowed down my internet for good because i once went over 61GB of use few months back ! ….
    F&@k tmobile !

  • Leonel Lomas

    I have Verizon and use to have T-mobile and the only reason why I left T-mobile is because my best friend didn't get coverage out in the middle of nowhere but I don't care but people say you've gotta give it up to this guy because he did change the wireless game for sure and everytime I threatened to leave Verizon and tell them I'm going to T-mobile all of a sudden they can help me with something that they couldn't have before. John Legere won't stop and this network is only getting better.

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