4/21/17: Weekly Address
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4/21/17: Weekly Address

The President: My fellow Americans. A new optimism is sweeping our country as we return return power from Washington and give it back to the American People,
where it belongs. For too long, American
workers were forgotten by their government – and I
mean totally forgotten. Their interests were
pushed aside for global projects, and their wealth
was taken from their communities and shipped
across the world, all across the seas. My Administration has
offered a new vision. The well-being of the
American citizen and worker will be placed
second to none – and boy do I mean second to none. Since Day One I have
been fighting for the hardworking people of this
country – and this week we took historic action to
continue delivering on that promise. We did so in one of the
many proud industrial towns of our nation –
Kenosha, Wisconsin – with the men and women of
Snap-On, who make American tools for workers
around the world. They were there, and they
loved what they heard, and they loved what they saw. In Wisconsin, I signed an
Executive Order to Buy American and
Hire American. I took historic action
to ensure that Federal Projects are made with
American Goods – and to keep American workers
and companies from being cheated out of contracts
by countries that break the rules and break every
regulation in the book to take advantage of
the United States. That’s not going
to happen anymore. I also took action to
reform our immigration system so that it puts the
needs of American workers first – the duty of
government is to represent the citizens of the United
States, and that is what we will do. Whether it’s removing
job-killing regulations, protecting our borders,
or unleashing American energy, we are keeping our
promises and delivering for the American Worker. During my visit, I talked
about how America is a nation that honors work. We honor grit. We honor craftsmanship. We honor the skilled
tradespeople who turn rock and steel and iron and
cement into works of art and grace and beauty. There’s tremendous talent
there, believe me. The wrench and ratchet
are not only tools, but instruments that help
build cities out of deserts and send
ships across oceans. And the tools of craftsmen
and the masons are just as important as the tools of
the doctor and the dentist or the CEO, or even the
tools of politicians, believe it or not – and
their work is every bit as noble. They take pride in their
jobs, and we take pride in them. No longer will the
concerns of these hardworking Americans
go unanswered. By making government
answer to our citizens, we are removing the limits
on our future and setting free the dreams
of our people. As long as we do this,
optimism will continue to soar. Hope will continue
to spring. And this country we love
will grow stronger and stronger day by day. Thank you, God Bless you,
and God Bless America.


  • Tim B

    Are you people even paying attention to the world??? one of the reasons I voted for Trump is because he said he was going to let other countries fight their own battles.. then drops MOAB on Syria!! Wheres the guy i voted for? Im still pro-Trump but starting to worry about OUR future!

  • Jordan Bird

    I don't care what anyone says but I am pleased of all you've done President Trump! You really do represent the real desires of America! Just keep doing what you do! Put up the wall!

  • runman1271

    I have always wondered why democRATs (socialists now) are against jobs and putting Americans first.
    DemocRATs are for people who break the law and aganst people who obey the law.
    DemocRATs are against free speech and demand that they be the only ones heard.
    DemocRATs demand rights that are not found in the Constitution and aginst the rights in the Constitution.
    DemocRATs are very weird people.

  • Supe063

    Manufacturing left the US only because goods were cheaper made overseas. Trump knows this because his own developments used steel, furniture, flooring, even the gold paint he loves all came from other countries. Now, his nationalism will spike inflation and you all know how much you hate spending more. Here comes inflation!!

  • Tpollos

    Thank you President Trump for wading in them muddy waters to help Make America Great Again! We love you. May God Bless you and your White House Staff…keep them honest. May the light shine through to get out the "leakers".

  • Danny Do

    Who is going to pay for the wall? MEXICO. That does not mean US taxpayers pay for the wall, which is now what this scam artist is saying.

  • Gabriel Mezzari

    This guy is so incompetent, go ahead Trump voters and shit on me under this comment but for christ sake explain to me how you can call this egotistical man "your" president. Go ahead, I'm waiting.

  • Taxed Payer

    Working hard to stock the swamp with lobbyist and banking professionals who will come in handy in the future of his family businesses….

  • OneForTheDollyBirds

    Finally! A president in the US who is demonstrating a willingness to represent my culture. Considering that I am over fifty years of age, this situation is quite remarkable. In spite of my having been born, raised, and educated in the US (along with my parents, grandparents, and so on), I have always felt like a stranger in my own country. Only now am I beginning to feel like an American, like someone who actually belongs here–in spite of others' calling me "deplorable." Thank you, Mr. President; you are "definitely my president." And those hypocrites who say "love trumps hate"–but who think of me as deplorable and who hate me–are "not my fellow Americans."

  • Flints Molina

    Can't stand listening to the anti-Christ, rat nest looking wig I bet that (666) is under there somewhere, 🤔

  • Midnight Cometh

    For all of the impatient people out there: President Trump is working around the clock. It takes time. He's already accomplished a lot and he has gotten the ball rolling on other things. There's a process. He's working on it. If you want to help, encourage these Democrats to stop crying about losing the election and start working with him.

  • King Peppy

    Ha ha ha ha, look what I found out about Jared ha ha ha ha ha what a tool The Trumps are

    daddy, Charles Kushner, is a convicted felon. He founded Kushner
    Companies in 1985. In 2005, he was convicted of illegal campaign
    contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering, and served time in
    federal prison

    ha ha ha ha ha no wonder President Trump knows so much about rigged elections ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • John Anderson

    Nothing out of his mouth can be believed… He is a russian
    operative and if impeached will register as a foreign agent within days,
    just like Flynn. The level of dishonesty surrounding dishonest donald is
    unbelievable, but since turd trump can't breath without lying, has to
    be expected.
    Here's a hypocrisy check for you supporters of trumps lair of liars:
    if any democrat (not just Clinton) were to conduct themselves in the
    same manner, would you be so quiet? History suggests you would be
    screaming at the top of your lungs.
    8 investigations into Benghazi for political gain when three CIA
    operatives and an Ambassador were killed after being on site for nearly a
    month and having full intelligence of the situation. What about our
    Serviceman killed in Yemen by sending him into a situation without any
    intelligence – you fucking hypocrites don't say a word.
    Without any evidence and after absolutely being debunked traitor
    trump accused President Obama and Susan Rice of felonies because trump
    traitors got caught talking to russia, and/or were russian operatives and
    you jackassesyell 'lock em up" even though turd trumps allegations are poven to be
    lies. With all evidence and admissions that it was a lie, Bush and his cabal
    of criminals caused the death and wounding of 48,000 US servicemen and
    you fucking hypocrites say nothing.
    Republicans have waved the red flag and beat the war drum for decades
    about russia, calling them our enemy, creating a picket fence of Armed
    Forces around them and excoriating them as one of the AXIS of EVIL. You
    fucking hypocrites don't say a God Damn thing about traitor trump
    working with russia to undermine our election in order to win office.
    Republicans were fine going to war to hunt fake WMDs and fight
    terrorism but elected a sponsor of international terrorism in scum
    trump- Trump tower Baku is concrete evidence that your presidential
    choice freely chose to do business with the most dishonest and corrupt
    man in the most corrupt country on the planet- and you fucking
    hypocrites say nothing.
    Dumbass donald starts on an immigration persecution that is worthy of
    the Nazi party, one that will make our food prices skyrocket because
    there won't be any labor to harvest the crops or cut the meat and you
    ignorant morons are too stupid to think that far ahead.
    Is there any line he hasn't already crossed or won't cross that will
    make you think he has gone too far? If not, you are a fucking
    hypocritical piece of shit that doesn't deserve the rights and freedoms
    you get from our constitution.

  • Shiney Shite

    Absolutely something to look forward to every week. Again I ask "who is filming this"? Please film from the front as he IS speaking TO US and this switching back and forth is not only distracting but a piss poor tactic. Love Trump.

  • Leonard Ball

    This is an administration for the corporate and rich. We are on the road to the days of the robber barons of the past. The government agencies he's gutting are designed to protect the American people and our environment.

  • Phil Donahue

    Don't surrender to the DEMS. Fund the wall OR shut down the Government. No other option. Add no new money to Obamacare. You will never get it if it's not now. Show your voters that you are serious.

  • Mimi Wilson

    The speech is great, but the weird camera angles are just…Just. That is not a ping against the President…just someone needs tell the camera people that it is weird.

  • Nick Taddia

    I didn't get any power…. who the fuck got power? what american citzen said know what…. lets get the guy we put in to office to avoid world war 3 and make peace with Russia to give america as a whole a chance to regroup and revitalize to start world war 3. I didn't get that vote.

  • Djurgården Bear

    This May be the same psysical DJT Who ran for POTUS. But listen to him now, he is under mkt ultra!!!! He has not flip floped intentionally. He has already fucked up and lost his Base.

  • USmade

    Thank you so much President Trump, especially all the Regulations you're getting rid of!
    God bless you and yours, and Lord, bless the people and our great nation. Amen.

  • Alondra Velazquez

    Mr.President, WHY wouldn't you improve relations with Russia like you promised to do during your campagn instead with the NATO (North Atlantic TERRORIST Organisation)???

    I just want to remind you that it was Russia who helpped President Lincoln to SAVE the Union when Zionists of Europe supported the Confederacy. France and Britain considered an outright attack on the United States to aid the confederacy, but WERE HELD AT BAY by RUSSIA!!! The Union WON the war thanks to Russia (Russian Tsar Alexander II), and Lincoln announced HIS INTENTION TO GO ON ISSUING GREENBACKS and that is why he was MURDERED by Zionists rothschilds and American Bankers!!!

    You invited kings and leaders of many countries, but Russia and Syria???
    WHY Mr.President??? They LOVE their countries and THEIR People!!! And People LOVE them!!!

  • Alondra Velazquez

    Mr. President, please keep YOUR promises!!!

    In OUR WH there are ENEMIES of THIS Country and of the People!!!

  • Benjamin Breeg

    I thank God for you Mr. President Trump, I felt forgotten since Bush Senior's New World Order Speech. Now OJT went out the window and Indians and many others displaced me from an IT career.

  • Darren Lewis

    unless of course it's anything involving the trump empire, then it'll be outsourced to the cheapest wherever they are in the world. The hypocrisy of the man is staggering.

  • Darren Lewis

    it's like listening to a four year old. he did do quite well following the teleprompter but ask him directly afterwards what he said and you'll just be met with his priceless clueless expression.

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