• My Clever Nothing

    I'm a little confused. Why did r (hat) unit vector have to attach to the Universal Gravitation equation?

  • Scienzarte

    Piergiorgio Graglia – my small contribution in explaining and visualizing the law 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPcdVIfYrq0

  • Ashim Saha

    In this video following question has been addressed regarding spin based UFT I’m working on.

    1. Difference between Atom structure and planetary system in terms of Ashton distribution system
    2. Why Ashton concentration increases near a body
    3. How spin of one object influencing spin of objects around it due to spinning Ashton field
    4. Why few planets and natural satellites in solar system spin in clockwise direction while most of them in anti-clockwise direction
    5. How planets came into existence in solar system
    6. What is the relation between Ashton and photon and size differences
    7. What is the speed of Ashton and photon and how it is almost constant
    8. Why bigger atom decay higher energy at any given temperature
    9. Why high frequency light collide better than low energy light
    10. Why Ashton do not collide with each other almost in free space
    11. How celestial body came into existence
    12. Why orbits are elliptical for planetary system
    13. How planets and natural satellites are evolving
    14. Why black hole doesn’t emit light
    15. What is dead star
    16. How mass of a celestial object can be calculated mathematically
    17. Why some celestial objects have melted zone below surface of the body
    18. To burn what is required for a star
    19. Why Jupiter doesn’t burn
    20. Why each planet have its own periodic table



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