92% Of Americans Believe Our Basic Rights Are Under Attack
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92% Of Americans Believe Our Basic Rights Are Under Attack

According to a new poll, 92% of American citizens
believe that their rights, specifically most of the rights given to them in the bill of
rights of the United States constitution are under attack. Here’s the way it breaks down. 48% say the freedom of speech is under attack. 47% say the right to bear arms is under attack,
the right to equal justice. 41% say it’s under attack. Freedom of expression, 37% say it’s under
attack. Freedom of religion, 35% say that it’s under
attack and again, all this adds up to roughly 92% of the respondents in this new poll say
that at least one American right is under attack right now. Now I’m going to go ahead and clear the air
here because the right to bear arms in this country is not actually under attack. The only thing we’re advocating for is getting
assault weapons off the street, which was something this country had actually done for
a very long time. It’s just the Bush administration with his
Republican controlled house and Republican Senate decided to let the ban expire and that’s
when the assault weapons came flooding back. We had a ban on assault weapons without infringing
upon the second amendment rights of anybody in this country, so no. The second amendment rights really not under
attack, but the rest of the things on there, hundred percent absolutely. We have an administration here that actually
tried to Institute a Muslim ban. Not for all Muslims, just Muslims from certain
countries, but it was specifically targeting Muslims that is impinging on our freedom of
religion. We have a president who attacks the press
every single day calling them fake news, calling them commies, saying that they lie to us every
day, even though he’s the one who lies to us every day. That is an attack on the freedom of the press. He has openly suggested the government starting
their own media outlet to combat all that. That would be an attack on freedom of the
press. That would be a minister of propaganda type
position. The other one’s right to equal justice. We know that’s under attack. If you make less than a hundred thousand dollars
a year, maybe even less than $200,000 a year, the justice you face for committing a crime
is not the same thing that somebody making $1 million a year is going to face. If you’re black in this country, the justice
you face is not going to be what a white defendant would face, and studies have proven that over
and over. We have plenty of examples of judges in this
country who have repeatedly sentenced black defendants to far longer prison sentences
than they did white defendants. Even if they committed the exact same crime. There is no equal justice in this country. Our rights are under attack, but here’s the
saddest part. It’s not just the government, it’s not just
the system itself that’s attacking our rights. Now the governments let corporations get in
on it. Your right to privacy gone. If you’re on any social media outlet in this
country, if you buy things from Amazon, if you have a Yahoo email account, if you have
an Apple phone, if you have Google on your phone, you don’t have a right to privacy,
and I’m willing to bet every single person watching this falls into at least one of those
categories. Some of you might fit all of them, but those
companies are tracking your every move with their apps. They’re sending your data to other companies
who want to buy it, where you go, what you buy, what are your tastes, what kind of music
do you like? All of those things that are just little personal
nuggets about yourself are for sale right now. So it’s bad enough that we have the government
infringing upon every right they can get their hands on, but it’s even worse when we have
corporations working hand in hand with them to steal what little privacy we may have left.


  • b mel

    "A well regulated militia". It is almost like the right can not read. There is nothing "well" or "regulated" about our second amendment at this time. .
    Loop hole gun show sales, not "well regulated".
    Enormous round magazines, not "well regulated"
    No Federal background check, Most definitely not "well regulated".
    Yet these wanna be gun slingers whine that their rights are being infringed upon.
    Seriously Fuck Off.

  • merced121


  • Richard Russell

    What gave it away? Took them long enough since we have been under attack since 1963! Assault weapons again and what's next to have an Abram tank in every driveway and a nuclear missile in every garage?!? You really think voting for a corrupt politician is going to change anything? They are all corrupt except for a very few of them like AOC and Omar who are doing their best to counter the rest of them. The last real president of America that tried to help the poor by being tough on the rich got his brains blown out in Texas! The rich elite has been picking the Presidential nominees for us to vote for ever since! It's Crook A or Crook B at the election booths and we worry about it being rigged! LOL!

  • Soyborne. Born, made, and undone by the soy.

    Damn lol… Even many of the dumbest of Americans are smart enough to see we're getting fucked with… There is SOME hope lol.

  • Miles Morales

    Not to mention

    Family Law
    Is completely biased racist and sexist

    If your a father
    Your fucked you have zero rights to your children other than paying for everything

  • Bill Sanders

    The common law of the right to use deadly force to protect yourself from threat of physical harm is meaningless without the means to do so.

  • Joe Moe

    Don't forget, our rights as WORKERS under Capitalism are also under attack! That's not new with Trump, but he's certainly continued carrying the banner to create a permanent peasant class that fights for scraps. If you actually think this is the "greatest economy the world has ever seen", you are not paying attention to the correct information!

  • william mason

    Guns should be completely off the streets, only left st home, or designated shooting/ hunting areas that way cops will have less reason to shoot. Also ban hand guns, nothing smaller then a riffle. Gun collectors would need a license, and make guns on allowed in public disabled.

  • Grant Willis

    It's not so much the government violating our rights, it's these super corporations. Funny when these Sci-Fi companies like Weyland or Skynet are nothing compared to Google, Apple, or Amazon.

  • LittleAl016

    This wouldn't be happening if the Overton Window was in the center, where it should be. We've let Reagan style policies dictate our way of thinking for far too long.

  • Covert White Rabbit

    Few salient point:
    1. All those gun toting asshats swearing they need an arsenal against the teeeeerannickal gubbmint didn't do SHIT to protect our rights.
    2. Nobody seems to give a shit about women losing reproductive rights, particularly NOT the "get the government out of my life" conservatives.
    3. Our 4th Amendment rights have been dead since September 12, 2012. They've been gone, they were REALLY important, and nobody notices that.
    4. Not one of those fucking idiots surveyed will do a goddamn thing about this: no demands for government/law enforcement accountability, no end to secrecy and over classification of government documents, overhaul of the entire voting system so that voting actually accomplishes something, demanding an end to gerrymandering and the electoral college, or supporting third parties. Nothing. Not one. Goddamn. Thing. So they can just STFU and keep doing their clicktivism for all that matters.

  • cne08

    The 8% of Americans who think their rights aren't under attack are Donald Trump supporters who are too stupid to know their basic rights are under attack.

  • Kevin Blanchard

    And how did that assault rifle ban work ? It did nothing. The problem is exactly what this vid is about loosing rights so keep the rights and you don't need a assault rifle ban because if things keep going like it is you will have to ban cars because you can kill more people with a car than with a assault rifle..

  • spiderlime

    the irony is that republicans still think that they represent "freedom" while the republican party gradually destroys their freedom….

  • Chuck Haugan

    Equal justice and 4th, 5th, amendment are all under attack by the for profit police and jail system. It's so clear and in our face. It's a war on the poor, who cannot defend themselves, by the police to extract tax money into their agencies…. A cop who makes 230K a year is criminal. America is over.

  • Marvin Gershowitz

    btw, The Concept of there being GOOD BILLIONAIRES is C R A Z Y.
    … who invented the concept of EXCEPTABLE LOSSES…. the 1%
    https://youtu.be/sAc1-D9H_z0 *song about rich folks in semi-punk form.
    https://youtu.be/_nMwwkGTf8g **a trip through the past back when Cowboys Ruled.

    https://youtu.be/w6l1RgNq8J0 ***Rich Folks out of control.

    Drafted – I've read this before!

    BILLIONAIRES are the ONLY things that should be 'IN THE ENDANGERED SPECIES.'

  • Dennis Young

    Oh, but the second IS under attack – by Drumpf and his accolytes!

    He spoke about confiscation first and worrying about due process later. (standard dictator tactic)

  • Marvin Gershowitz

    AND it was George W. Bush who made the HWY for the BILLIONAIRES to RULE from the TOP DOWN…. as in direct Leadership with a Paid Staff called CONGRESS and COURT that picks from Hand FULLS of CASH what is RIGHT and what is WRONG!
    https://youtu.be/sAc1-D9H_z0 *song about rich folks in semi-punk form.

    https://youtu.be/_nMwwkGTf8g **a trip through the past back when Cowboys Ruled.

    https://youtu.be/w6l1RgNq8J0 ***Rich Folks out of control.

    Drafted – I've read this before!

    BILLIONAIRES are the ONLY things that should be 'IN THE ENDANGERED SPECIES.'

  • Joe Moe

    Trump is talking about creating his own GOVERNMENT ENDORSED "official pro-Trump media"? WTF??? State controlled media? Isn't that what we criticize and condemn Russia and North Korea for? That's the shit we BOMB and INVADE other countries for! A propagnada office that works for Trump? Jesus Christ, welcome to the 4th Reich.

  • Power corrupts

    The lying orange puppet is consolidating power in white executive branch.
    The rule of law is what's under attack.
    And the truth. And the free press.
    He is doing everything required to establish a dictatorship.
    He will not stop.
    We must stop him.
    Accept nothing that comes from the white house.
    It's all lies and propaganda.
    Strike, protest, and resist.

  • r385671

    The only ones I would agree with are equality of justice and freedom of religion (or freedom of no religion). Justice favors those with money and those of a certain racial group. But that has been going on for decades.

  • Raistlin 34

    "Rights aren't rights if someone can take them away. They're privileges. That's all we've ever had in this country, is a bill of temporary privileges. And if you read the news even badly, you know that every year the list gets shorter and shorter.

    George Carlin

  • Mark Romine

    It's strange to me that many of those crying the loudest about a particular "right" being attacked are simultaneously complicit in attacking others' rights. The internal contradiction often seems to be unseen or wilfully ignored.

  • Urmy Sunn Sunnrrff

    If Trump and Republicans have their way, the American People will have NO rights and the Constitution will be no more.

    Under Trump and Republicans, the Rich and powerful will be exempt from prosecution for the crimes against America and the average American.

    Evil only prevails when good people stay silent.

    Speak up! Fight for our democracy, fight for our Country.

    Impeach NOW! DUMP Trump!

    Retire Moscow Mitch!

  • Poosammiches

    Freedoms and rights are only for people who can afford them,..poor and middle class people toil with illusions created by them.

  • elijah mikle

    Everyone thinks basic rights are different.
    Hint, no one ever born has had any rights except the ones they take.
    Your parents rule you with a iron fist till tour 18. After that we look for others to lead us.
    It's kind of sad.

  • New Era Mysteries & Conspiracies

    Hey jack-a$$$$$$$ this is called the NEW WORLD ORDER takeover, mentioned by Bush Sr. blatantly as early as 1990, but you liberal clowns think we are all "crazy conspiracy theorists." F'U punk, now take this reality and go F' yourself with it !

  • Dark Fortress Pictures LLC

    Not to mention that Facebook is now censoring you if you make fun of Trump. I got suspended for three days because I used the term, “white trash” in a conversation. Note, it wasn’t directed at anyone! 😡😡😡

  • Ed Hoffman

    United states citizens rights have been under attack, long before President Trump was elected.. He is just pointing them out. Watch Virginia if you don't think 2nd Amend rights are being attacked. The main stream media is ran by 6 companies is and for the most part is Fake news. They have been proven over and over they don't report real news, they make it up. Check the polls– Not many Americans believe in the press anymore. The President can ban people from any country if he believes they are a threat to our country . Supreme Court ruled in his Favor. Innocent until proven Guilty– was the rule of law before the Muller investigation and the Fake impeachment hearings in the house.. If the government can do this to the President of the united states–What can the government do to normal law abiding citizen. Does not matter if you are republican, Democrat, conservative or liberal. there is a great awaking happening for sure. 92% of the people are starting to notice that there is a very powerful elite class calling all the shots that is trying to take our rights away,, The deep state !!! Enjoy the show …

  • Randi Young

    True, but remember that about a third of those people are Trumpers who think minority communities having equal rights is actually an infringement on THEIR rights.

  • Gonzalo Bernal

    They're all concerned about individual rights instead of the actual Bill of Rights? And less than half are concerned about Justice? Then f*** them. We already proved with Area 51 that we can kill you all. They're just setting up a f**** bias. And that is highly unconstitutional illegal and gives us a reason to kill you all if you become traitors. And most of these people are Trump people and actually are traitors. So they have no rights to speak of… they are liable. It's in the Constitution. I say we throw them into the f**** Pacific Ocean and see if they sink.

  • Gonzalo Bernal

    So let's round up all the liable Republicans under the Trump Banner as well as this extreme right-wing tea party Republican amalgam of monsters. Like rather quickly. They're traitors and sabotagers I need to be dealt with properly. So you thought it would be cool to betray the country? We've got answers for that

  • Andrew Garcia


  • Unel Mitchell

    The evil Racist Narcissistic republiKLANS and KLANsevaTARDS have slowly taken the voting rights from, African Americans. As a African American I feel republiKLANS and KLANsevaTARDS will finish with what they have started gutting the Voting Rights Act. I think the Civil Rights of African Americans will be the next thing that the evil Racist republiKLANS and KLANsevaTARDS will go after next. This country is quickly turning into Nazi Germany under the republiKLANS and KLANsevaTARDS and I'm extremely terrified…

  • 7swordMary

    Of course U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are under attack. More so now that PUTIN'S TRUMP ORG. FAKE POTUS is fighting his Global War On Democracy from within OUR Highest Office

  • ThreePalmsII

    47% of gun nuts think the 2nd amendment is under attack. It is. The innocents are tired of dying from gun murder. You are safe nowhere from gun nuts. They are at churches theaters schools grocery stores malls parking lots parades music venues bars. Gun nuts want to kill us. Tell them to piss off.

  • judd442009

    So Comrade Trump-ski is having his serial affairs with Communists Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un. His current wife and her clan are from a form Communist country (Yugoslavia). His previous wife Ivana was born in another Communist country (Czechoslovakia). Moscow Mitch, Rus-sky Rand Paul, and Leningrad Lindsey Graham have ties to Russian oligarchs.  What is there about Comrade Trump-ski and his affinity for these commie loving Slavs and Serbs? Is it the Russian Mafia?

  • Denise Fernandes

    Freedom of speech…gone…pansy left wingers might get their feelings hurt…2nd ammendment broken…Democrat run Virginia is going to have a gun grab..Law abiding citizens with AR15, etc…GOOD….The criminals have them, so how can you defend yourself against criminals if they out gun you??? Once the criminals know that you are unarmed…you are a sitting duck..Comparing USA to Nazi Germany is insulting to the victims of Nazi Germany…If a democrat is elected president, it probably will be illegal to bad mouth them. Wake up democrats, and especially democrat socialists…It is like you are begging to have your rights removed!!

  • senta ukrai

    Farren…Just to be fair the previously instituted assault weapons ban didn't make a significant statistical difference for the increase or reduction of violence. It defined an assault weapon primarily by its external components such as type of butt stock, grip, ability to mount additional components such as a bayonet. Therefore anyone who actual reads the previous ban would know that someone could still have something like an AR-15 or AK-47 variant as long as it had a fixed stock and no pistol grip.
    Please stop pushing the false narrative that the previous ban actually did anything one way or the other.
    We need comprehensive reform, not ineffective "platitudes."

  • Brad king

    That's what happens when Low IQs moan and groan – but the dipshits turn around and vote for the party that continues to gerrymander, fails to put bills up for a vote, corporations get to dictate the laws ….. the list goes on. So 92% might be saying that, but at least 40% of you Mona Lisa's will vote to try and keep Trump and the Republicunts in their seats so you can moan some more.

  • Empanadas Fritas

    Imagine if they went through a dictatorship or a war as those USA created in hundreds of countries?
    Congratulations americans, you're officially the worst and most coward people in the world.

  • Mardan P.

    After living as an American citizen in the US for nearly 40 years, I am left with the impression that many Americans think and argue as if they lived on an island, and that island is all there is.

  • A.D. T Sr.

    All facts from the fucCing right wing, who’s creating all theses mass shootings and bombs white trump supporters. We need assault weapons to defend ourselves from the racist white yahoos running around unchecked by law enforcement

  • Artie Ball

    As far as selling of information, I think creditors are the worst offenders. For example, the minute someone applies for a loan, the applicant will receive a barrage of spam calls soliciting loans as well as a barrage of of scammers emailing and calling them trying to hook them into a scam. This also includes people who can buy every piece of your back ground information which often results in scammers posing as law firms trying to scam people out of money with fake lawsuits and etc. Information sales without clear consent should simply be criminalized.

  • Mythus News

    My God! are you telling me that 8% of americans are totally oblivious to the obvious facts that our rights have been trampled on? Must be 8% of America is rich…

    It just goes to show, that no matter how obvious a fact is, there will always be those fools who will deny it.

    As for 2nd amendment rights… I respect most of what you say #ROF, but this is one subject that you are just plain wrong about.

    Show me where in the constitution it says that the 2nd amendment only applies to weapons that you personally approve of??? No?…. ok then. You are just trying to impose your particular notions on the rest of us. Denying us of our rights by trying to re-define what the protected right really means. I have the right to own fully automatic weapons, but that isn't even allowed. "Assault" weapons are only weapons that have a certain look to the exterior of the weapon body. Besides that, they function essentially like any non "assault" weapon.

    It's like the farce about silencers. Everybody watches movies and thinks the silencer than reduces a gun's sound to a "fffoomp" sound is what a real life silencer does. That is ONLY a filmography fiction for theatrical convenience. Silencers don't do that in real life, they only reduce the sound that the shooter hears by projecting more of the sound toward the target. In the same way, you watch movies and tv and assume that the military look of camouflage, helmets, and other tactical gear means that the person is somehow more deadly. You see an AR-15 on the movie screen, and it looks less benign than a .308 bolt action rifle, even though it is less accurate and less powerful than the .308.

    This is a socio-conditioning that has altered your perception of reality. You therefore believe the world to be a certain way, when in reality it's not what you believe. Democrats are good at using this socially engineered propaganda to lead the ignorant, or the otherwise weak and non-methodical, mind to believe what is convenient to their agenda: which is to ultimately de-arm the population altogether. A number of democrats have even gone as far as to say that at times. To voice their true intentions to ultimately take all guns.

  • Elijah A. Alexander, Jr.

    I see that the Constitution has not been implemented but https://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/The-Worlds-Ending-Scenario should put it in control of the nation for the first time since the founding of it.

  • The God Emperor

    IT TOOK THIS FUCKING LONG!? DID PEOPLE REALLY NOT PAY ATTENTION AT ALL SINCE BUSH? Fuck our stupid public. We deserve the shit we get when it takes THIS long just cause "ZOMG ORANGE MAN BAD" when the shit has been bad for us for long before him.

  • D* R*

    The diminution of Civil Rights, is the Core Mission of the RIGHT! While, the elevation of Their own petty Prejudices into Law, is their ultimate Goal….. FASCISM, it is!

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