A Cry from the Heart of the universal Spirit of Love…- Love Droplets of God
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A Cry from the Heart of the universal Spirit of Love…- Love Droplets of God

A cry from the heart of the universal spirit
of love to all extra-celestial beings My blessing of love from the central life
source of the whole creation, the eternally pulsing heart of my heavenly spirit of love,
God in the I Am, flows in my word of love through the herald to the people and their
souls and to all beings in fallen areas who gladly open themselves to it. With my universal rays of love, I am now trying
to reach all extra-celestial beings so that they will resonate higher in their consciousness,
awaken spiritually, and follow the cry of my heart for their heavenly return. Truly, according to the former agreement in
the heavenly being between the heavenly and apostate beings to live in self-created extra-celestial
worlds limited in cosmic and temporal terms by their own ideas, the final cosmic eon of
their extra-celestial life has now come to an end. This means that I and the voluntary
celestial and more highly developed extra-terrestrial beings will, one-by-one, be initiating the
return of the fallen worlds and the beings that dwell therein. Therefore, I, the heavenly
spirit of love, call from my heart all the extra-celestial beings of different consciousness
in the fallen areas, whether ethereal, semi-material, or material, especially the people on different
continents and the many wandering, earth-bound souls before the imminent clearance of the
earth and speak to their hearts: “Please turn around now and make your way to your home
of light by once again following the just, free, and impersonal heavenly rules of life,
but also by increasingly incorporating the gentle, humble, and warm qualities of celestial
beings into the life you have already been living!” Now please follow the cry of my hear and return
to your home of light. I love you and no longer not want to see you sad and suffering due
to heavenly absence, but instead once again happy on a heavenly planet!

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