A Day in the Life of a Legislative Drafter
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A Day in the Life of a Legislative Drafter

A little nervous. It’s Justice Canada and it sounds very official. But everybody has been so welcoming and supportive. My name is Diana Smyth and I participated in A Day in the Life of a legislative drafter. The team here is very dedicated. Very passionate about what they do. And they care about what they’re doing and how it will impact all Canadians. I think you obviously need to know the law, but I’ve also found that a good knowledge of history helps because you can look back on things that have precedence and bring them forward to help inform new laws. I think that just knowing where we all come from and what we’re doing together as a country, and so I think I’ve got a stronger sense of where I play my part. We did so much today that I’m still trying to filter it, but I think it was pretty special to be in the House of Commons and to be in the Senate and be able to go farther
than most people get to go. I think it’s been really kind of humbling to be part of today and really see how much people do to keep our country going, and even though it comes from our capital and it has a lot of sense of officialness, let’s say. It has been fantastic. I had — I don’t think I comprehended the amount of things that I’d be exposed to and the great people that I’d meet. I feel very much taken care of today, as well as very proud to serve alongside all these great people. So, it’s been a great day and I’m really, really happy
that I had the chance.

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