A Family Intervention
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A Family Intervention

[Captions by Y Translator]
You need an intervention. Chad has a problem. And it’s only
because we love you. Today is your intervention day. It’s time for us
to have a little talk. I have cereal in my teeth. So I’m trying
not to disgust you. Chad… Chad has a problem. What? What? I said, Chad has a problem. You need an intervention. Chad, I only say this
because I love you. I’m your mother. I just woke up and… Come on. Let me help you
help yourself, Chad. This is gotten so
out of control. Today is your intervention day. Yeah, it’s happening. They just aren’t going to do it,
are they Eve? Yes only when they’re mad. Well, they’ve been
chirping all morning, and I’ve been trying to get
the camera and capture it, and every time
I turn the camera on, they stop it. They only do it
when they’re mad, and when you shake the cage. Well, I want them to sing. They’ve been si– Oh, there you go. They’ve been singing really
pretty when we leave them alone. That’s where the kids used to go
when they went to the dentist, but you two–
>>That’s the pediatric dentist, Chad. Walk up the stairs
of doom, kids. We’re going to the grown-up
dentist’s office. Chad’s gums, he says
are made of vibranium because he cannot floss them. He’s like, the gum,
the floss won’t fit through. He’s like, so I just
don’t floss them. I’m like, Chad! We are almost there. This is where we are today. Okay. What? It’s time for us
to have a little talk. And it’s only because we love
you very very much, but all of the other– Just (mumbles). All of the other
family members are a little embarrassed
or afraid to– Chad, we have to talk about your hair. Oh my gosh, is that–
are you actually serious? I thought you’re
actually serious. No, I am serious, Chad. Funny, I’m not cutting it. I don’t know
how to tell you this. You look like a grubby troll. No, I don’t actually. Like I like the length
on the top, but the sides? That actually looks really good.
>>You’re– He’s checking himself
out in the camera. You’re–
The back, you’re growing– Yeah, I know,
I’ll just trim the back, like just make it straight. But yeah, I like it. I know you want
to grow your hair long, but you still have to trim it
while you grow it. Yeah, I know. If you don’t– Look at that,
it looks really good. You get bedhead,
and in the morning, you look– You look like a disaster, and we’re going to let
the barber have a look at your hair and fix it. And trust me,
it’s gonna look good. Shari did a poll
on her Instagram, and she asked many of you what
you thought about Chad’s hair, if it was too long. 64% of you said, yes,
Chad needs to the trim it. I’m glad we could have
this talk, Chad. It’s almost your turn to go
get your teeth cleaned. Shari, you looked super cool
with those glasses on. It’s like you’re getting a tan. Chad kind of looks
like the Terminator when he’s at the dentist office. Spiky hair, cool glasses… Chad, I want you to say
these words exactly. I can’t smile though here. I am the terminator. I am the terminator. Gone to a legitimate barber, and the coolest place ever,
this motorcycle shop. So cool. What are you
nervous about, Russell? Him taking up all
of my time with my account. Russell’s nervous because Chad already
used up his computer time under his account. Russell’s nervous because Chad keeps threatening
to use Russell’s account. Just to see his reaction,
not actually gonna do it.>>Yeah, you are. I know it.
>>See, he just… Don’t worry about it. I’m not going to let Chad play
anymore on the computer because he already had his time. That has worried you all day. You ruined your entire day because you just been worried
about that one thing. I know. It’s taking out the fun
from being at the barber, because you’re so worried
about that one thing, and I’ve already told you you
don’t need to worry about it. Do you guys ever do that, where you just let
one thing that you worry about ruin your entire day? Then that thing you worried about never even
came to fruition. Little worrier over here. Oh, wait till you get a needle. I can’t watch. It’s making me sick. As I watch… I can’t watch. Come on, get out. You’ve been there forever. Not going to come out. It’s like stuck
under a flap of skin. You need a needle. Are you happy that Chad’s angry?>>No.
>>Why are you smiling at his discomfort? How long have you had
that rock in your hand? Two years. Aunt Ellie and Uncle Jared
came over with their dog, and it got out, and I went to chase it,
and I tripped and fell, and a rock got on my hand. I never took it out, and then the skin
grew over it. So this is Penny’s fault? Yes, Penny. If you had a needle,
you could get it out. You’re not going
to pinch it out though. I don’t think it’s rock anymore. I think it’s just like– Disintegrated into like– Yeah, I don’t know. Kevin wants a hot
tub treatment so bad, I think I’m going to get
it for him for like, maybe for Christmas? That’s what you should get
Dad for Christmas. Kevin, you can’t watch this. Have you guys decided what you’re going to get
your parents for Christmas? I’m still trying to decide
on what I should get my mom. I think I have my dad covered, but I don’t know
what I’m gonna get my mom. Do you guys have any ideas? What should I get
my mom for Christmas? This is seriously
the coolest Barbershop. Thank you. This is the best kept secret. [inaudible] a place like a week away. Like a block away and– Hop on up there my friend.>>Thank you so much.
>>No problem. Help yourself
to the fridge, comes with the– Thank you. I think we’re done
with Dollar Cuts from now on. I like this place, don’t you? You nervous? Okay. What is that stuff? Felt like cream
or something like that. It’s water and a little bit
of hair tonic. I’ve been getting a lot
of compliments on the tonic. They said it feels
like it’s soft. Yeah, it was creamy. Is that kind of how he
wears [inaudible] to that side. Yep. He’s starting to fix
his own hair, and we have
interesting days, maybe. Oh, yeah. It happens. You have to figure it out. Russel you should feel
like a new man. What other place can you go and get a Coke when you’re all
done with a haircut? Not too many. Oh my gosh.
I love it. That is so pretty. Look at the tree. Wait, I wanted to turn– Do you like his haircut? I do. He’s not gonna fly away now? No, it’s still– Aunt Linda,
do you like his haircut? Yeah. Yes. I saw you on TV. I love you too. I saw you on TV. You saw me on TV? You did? Yeah, in a movie. In a movie? What movie is this? It’s good to see you. What do you think
of this haircut? It was so fun. They did the hot towel on him,>>And shave my neck.
>>And they shaved his neck. That looks really good. ## shave that too. That’s look a lot– That looks a lot cleaner.
>>The ear looks so much nicer.>>Are you sad they cut the ear?
>>No.>>I’m not..
>>Turn around. See, and the neck is all a straight line. Yeah, looks really good. The hair on the sides
and the top can grow longer, but you don’t look
like a shaggy dog. I love the– Get your coat and gloves. You guys are going now. Right now? All right. What do you guys think? Do you like Chad’s haircut? Let me know. Tell him in the comments below
if you think it’s handsome.

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