A guide to universal vacuum tools
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A guide to universal vacuum tools

Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares and I’m going
to talk about universal vacuum tools. Now we always recommend that you get genuine replacement
spare parts for your vacuum but when that’s not possible universal parts can be an inexpensive
alternative. There are two types of universal tool, those with fixed diameter connections
like these tools and there are those with adjustable diameter connections like these
tools. What you’ve got to make sure that when buying your tool is that it will fix
your vacuum’s extension tube. Now extension tubes come in load of different sizes but
the most common sizes are 32mm like this tube and 35mm like these two tubes. Hence the fixed
diameter tools also come in these two diameters; 32mm and 35mm. Now you must make sure that
you get the right size tool for your tube because if you try to put a 32mm tool on a
35mm tool it won’t fit. And if you try to put a 35mm tool on a 32mm tube it’s too
big. Adjustable tools are a different proposition; they’ll fit a wide range of different sized
extension tubes. For instance these two tools will fit any tube with a diameter of between
30 and 37mm, which encompasses our two most common sized extension tubes. They are really
easy to use, you just loosen up that part there and then you put the tube in like that
and tighten it up, and you’re ready to go. Now to find out the size of your extension
tube is really easy, all you need to do is just get a tape measure and what you need
to do is measure the outermost diameter of the tube. This is a 32mm tube and this is
35mm across. Remember you’re measuring the outside of the tube. All these tools and many
more are available on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

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