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A Short Film on Consumer Rights | KNOW | 037 Entertainment

Awake. My life is just shitty as always. What kind of a guy without a drug or
alcohol problem looks this way? Only a writer. Brush? Nah… Sometimes we are on a collision course
and we just don’t know it. Whether it’s by accident or by desire, …there’s not a thing we can do about it. I, being broken up with my girlfriend, having
an incomplete book contract, …and tired of gazing at the walls of
my mortifying room, …had set out of my apartment. But I had forgotten my cell phone. Went back to get it. While I was coming out, a boy had fractured his
leg in a game last week, had blocked my way. Then I had gone outside to get a taxi. Now, the taxi driver had thought of stopping
by a cafe earlier, …to get a cup of coffee, …but had not as he couldn’t find a spot to
park his car. And if only one thing had happened differently, …if that taxi driver found a spot to park his car, …or that boy hadn’t broken his leg in the game, …or I had remembered my cell phone, …then, …I would’ve gotten into that taxi easily. But life being what it is, …a series of intersecting lives of incidents …out of anyone’s control, …I missed the taxi by three seconds. And the terrible fate of meeting by
ex brother-in-law befell on me. -Hey, Coop. -Hey. -Hey Coop, what’s it been like, seven years? -Oh my God. -Hey man, you all right? You look like you’re living
on the streets man. -Well…uh…I’ve been… …what am I..? I’ve been writing a lot. -Oh, you’re still trying to write? -Well… Yeah, matter of fact I’ve a book contract right now. -Really? That’s great. -What about you? Are you still dealing, Shawn? -Do I look like I’m still dealing? -No… you don’t… no. -Come on man, let’s get a drink. I wanna here
about this book. -So? -So… How’s Bonnie doing? -Not good. Bad. Really bad. Her husband walked out on her. Couple of kids. What do you even care man?
You were married like five minutes. Bonnie. She was just cute, funny and beautiful. Just perfect. -Look, I don’t wanna talk about her.
I wanna talk about you man. Your book. How’s it going? -Well, it’s uh… I’m… I’m… I’m behind. I’m behind on my book. And it’s pretty well poluting my days and nights,
if you really wanna know. -How much have you finished it? -Not one word. -Well, creative problems huh? -Hmm. -Well I suppose I can help you with that. Just this once. -Oh, oh, come on Shawn. You’re still dealing. -You don’t even know what it is man. It’s FDA approved. -What’s in it? -You know that your brain up there, …you can access only 10 percentage of it. With this, you can access all of it. -That’s just a myth. -Well, see for yourself man. -No Shawn, I’m not gonna take it. -Coop, you know me right? -Yeah, yeah, but… -Then you already know how deep I hate
being said no. -Well, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to leave you here Coop. But I really… really wanna do this again. -Call me. And that’s on the house. -Don’t be ungrateful. You know how much that costs?
750 bucks. Well, you’re welcome. I don’t think Bonnie would’ve wanted to
see me like this. In the end, …how much worse could it get? I was blind, but now I see. I knew what I needed to do, and how to do it. A lot of things happened since then. I wrote about 70,000 words in three days. Only 25 percent was left. But, …I also ran out of stuff. Had it really been FDA approved and… …safe. Or had I been given a choice or… …had my voice been heard. Or had I been educated about it. Or had I been given the right of… …representation. Or had I known about it. Then, …I wouldn’t have to. -Consumer Forum. How can I help you? -Hello? -State Police. Shawn Mathews, you gotta come to the station mate. It’s something over a case. -Police. Open the door.


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