A Travel back in Time (Alexander Hamilton Federalist Interview)
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A Travel back in Time (Alexander Hamilton Federalist Interview)

Mom: Nick did you do your homework? Nick: I’m on it! Nick: No no… Nick: Alright Nick: Pretend? Nick: I don’t pretend Nick: Lets do this… Nick: I missed you Nick: Now i need a disguise Nick: Mom! I’m Traveling to the late seventeen hundreds! Mom: Alright! Be back before dinner! Nick: It’s a time machine… I can be back when i wanna be! Nick: This feels like the late seventeen hundrends Nick: Excuse me Sir! Nick: Sir! Nick: Sir, can i ask you a question? Hamilton: What? Nick: Are you a Democratic-Republican or a Federalist? Hamilton: What kind of a question is that?! I’m Alexander Hamilton Nick: Oh, you must be a Federalist then Hamilton: Why yes I am! and, ah… who are you… Hamilton: Wearing those, fancy clothes… and that wierd accent of yours Nick: I’m from Doncaster england, I just came here. I just wanted to ask you a couple questions Nick: Can i interview you? Hamilton: Sure! Ah, would you like to come over for some tea today? Nick: That’d be great. Lets go. Hamilton: Would you like some tea? Nick: Ah yes… That would be wonderful Nick: This is fine tea Nick: Can i ask you a question? Nick: Who do you think should run the country? Hamilton: I personally think that the country should be run by the best people Hamilton: Not, a, mob-rule, Like the Democratic-Republicans feel is fit Nick: Oh, alright. Ah, what’s your take on France? Hamilton: See, Unlike the Democratic-Republicans Hamilton: I don’t like the French, I favor the British Nick: Okay, But how do you feel about the nation debt? Hamilton: See, Me and the rest of the Federalist party believe that the Hamilton: National Debt, isn’t a curse, It’s a blessing Hamilton: A blessing that binds us together Nick: What do you think the role of the government should be? Hamilton: Unlike the Democratic-Republicans who want the states Hamilton: to have the most power, I believe the central government Hamilton: should have the most power, The Federalists believe Hamilton: that the government should have the most power, and the Hamilton: reason is, so that we can get the job done Nick: Do you think America should have a national band? Hamilton: I think they should, ah, especially since we need to pay back Hamilton: our taxes, and our debt, that we really owe Nick: Do you feel, ah, the state banks could not do so? Hamilton: I don’t think the state banks could do so at all Nick: Well then, how do you fell the constitution should be interpreted? Hamilton: okay, we should be interrupting the constitution loosely Hamilton: if it doesn’t say that we “cant” do it, that we “can” do it Nick: I see that you love a strong government, but would you Nick: want a strong military as well? Hamilton: Yes, I think we should have a strong military Hamilton: I think we also need a strong navy, to protect our waters Nick: How do you feel the government should treat businesses? Hamilton: The government should help businesses Hamilton: So when they get richer, we get richer Mail Courier: It’s a letter for Hamilton Hamilton: By God… Hamilton: The Democratic-Republicans are at it again Hamilton: They are planning something big tonight Hamilton: Something horrible, and we need to stop them! Hamilton: Are you ready to help me? Nick: What would Cyr do?


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