ABA Autism Intervention Training  – Introduction
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ABA Autism Intervention Training – Introduction

welcome to our producers in total
cartons will return training who feel we have forty five the key topics are often
used in training their personal parents at the university brunswick we offer
training course with the three hundred fifty hours of training in both theory
and practical hands-on experience with chocolate boxes so this video series is only a small
portion of what a person needs to become ineffective therapist it does
provide of both parents and trainees with actual examples of well-trained
purpose work which are part of them and demonstrating the core principles of
behavior therapy has their plight of children with autism spectrum disorder
it’s important to seek professional guidance in your training and for those people who wish to become
their press we recommend that you consider certification to be here in the
certification board this video series is intended for people
who are just my he had to do applied behavior analysis working again when we first started offering uh…
intervention training at the university of new brunswick we felt very strongly
that students should have applied practical experience working with
children and we really want to be able to show that your tapes of therapy in
progress but we wanted to be able to break that
their feet down into its component skills so for me it’s a little bit like
going to the symphony so when you when you go to the second he wasn’t orchestra
you hear the whole orchestrated own here the component beyond his single
instruments and when you watch uh… therapy in progress you see the whole
therapy it’s hard to pick out the components skills a must have had a lot
of practice so that’s what we did we created video
tapes that show uh… the component skills of the therapy so that the easy
to understand that the easy to practice all of the interventions that we show of
the techniques that we still on the videos are uh… incorrectly based that means
that there’s very good research evidence to show that they can be effective when
they used by train to people the videos themselves are short round so
they’re designed to be used to be in the classroom along with the lecture but they should
have said they don’t take over the whole lecture comm we also want them to be freely
accessible so that people can access them on the internet and we hope that
people would you someone we hope that people will disperse the mighty ted the videos who made possible by bob
mcdonald has charities and would like to thank them for their donation they were
also made possible by peace out that art is an intervention services and of
course that the families and the children who donated their time who are wish you the best of success in
educating your children thank you very much

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