Abortion bans in Alabama, other states are just the beginning
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Abortion bans in Alabama, other states are just the beginning

– [Narrator] The Supreme
Court made access to abortion a constitutional right
in 1973 with Roe v. Wade. Now, many states are introducing
anti-abortion legislation in hopes to overturn the ruling. We have the FAQs. Conservatives are pushing new
legislation banning abortions with different strategies
to bring down Roe v. Wade. One strategy is to produce laws
that quickly work their way through small courts to the Supreme Court. By doing so, some conservatives
hope President Trump’s Supreme Court appointees,
Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, could tip the vote in overturning
Roe v. Wade nationwide. A new Alabama law bans all abortions at any stage of pregnancy, unless a mother’s physical or
mental health is in jeopardy or if the fetus would not survive. “I apologize to the women of Alabama for this archaic law that we passed that will allow them to be raped and the fact that they would
have to carry that child through for nine months.” – [Narrator] Women receiving abortions would not face criminal charges but practitioners who perform
an abortion could be charged with a Class A felony
and get life in prison. Other states are taking
a different approach. Missouri’s Republican-led
Senate has passed a bill to ban abortions at
eight weeks of pregnancy. But, it must be approved
by the House and governor. Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio have passed “heartbeat laws,”
making abortion illegal once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which is usually around
six weeks of pregnancy, sometimes before a woman
even knows she is pregnant. Some reproductive rights groups argue that the heart is not fully formed at six weeks and label the heartbeat
bill as a misnomer. “We must protect life at all stages.” A 2018 PEW Research Center poll found that most Americans are somewhere
in the middle on abortion. Overall, 57 percent said
abortion should be legal in all or most cases, and
37 percent said it should be illegal in all or most cases. Absolutist views are in the minority. Just 25 percent said abortion
should be legal in all cases and 15 percent said that it
should be illegal in all cases. “I have one message for Governor Kim. We will see you, sir, in court.” “This bill is unconstitutional and violates the fundamental
constitutional rights of women in this country.” None of these new laws
have taken effect yet, and they are expected to
to be challenged in court.


  • Sharon Moore

    Make stricter laws for deadbeat fathers and rapists. Ban Viagra. Start castrating dirty ass men that hoe around and impregnate women. Increase funds in the welfare system. Make sure there are adequate foster care facilities and workers. Hmm I do hope this law is fair for everyone. It will not be, due to the fact that there are those that will still get abortions under false names, money will be passed and records will be destroyed. Got enough money. Some people will do anything.

  • Zoom Zooms

    If you allow one group of people’s born rights and personal freedoms to be stripped away by legal force, how long until Your own personal freedoms are stripped away?

    “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” – Martin Niemöller

    The exact words may not apply but the sentiment is very real and applicable. Use your voice to speak out about what’s right, not just for you and your own family but for all. See something, say something.

  • Bowen

    Alabama’s Governor is a women. Women don’t have the right to murder another human being.

    Democrats are pure evil

  • 미혜

    I understand both sides tbh.

    My mom kept working until 2 days before she gave birth so your life doesn’t stop. It’s just like 6 months of inconvenience compared to a whole life but at the same time, free will was given to us for a reason and I think taking that away is the wrong thing to do. Instead of banning abortion, they should be education people about ALL of the options they have like adoption, birth control, parenting advice and abortion.

    And I think everyone can agree that this should be taught in schools all around the country. As long as they’re not allowing it past like 20 weeks then it should be there as an option weather it’s right or wrong

  • Spooky Cooter

    I see a lot of people complaining but I don't see anyone moving to Alabama so they can vote in Alabama.

  • Purple Sam

    Alabama doesn't believe in mental health.
    At 6 weeks, the heartbeat is there just to move blood through the fetus tissue. The fetus has no brain function.
    Will they make exceptions for rape and incest? Statutory rape? Probably not. Women are losing their rights in Alabama, a piece of land that I no longer see as a state. It doesn't deserve that title, along with any state that bans abortion on similar grounds.

  • Arabella Michaelis

    "We must protect life in all stages."
    Says the person who wants the death penalty for women who have abortions, hypocrites.

  • Steel Castle

    Isn't Alabama the same state that almost elected an accused pedophile to represent it in DC?
    Damn….there are some really strange folks down there.

  • Another Conservative Commentator

    This one did a better job than most, but a lot of these new segments try to highlight the gender disparity in the legislatures. Which is a mistake. Sure there tend to be more pro-life elected officials who are men, but did you know that 47% of woman consider themselves pro-life? Compared to 49% of men. So to try to push the narrative that these are men trying to control women is just factually wrong.

  • Pathfinder red the Good Neocon

    All the whores are crying. You don't wanna get pregnant? Then stop being a whore

  • Bad Cattitude

    Abortion is murder

    There is nothing to talk about

    You either support murdering children, or you don't.

  • No Name

    Idek why women are still having sex with men at this point. Literally all we have to do is stop sleeping with them. No more abortions ever. But what's that? You like sex? May I suggest, then, that you sleep with women? The solution is really that simple. Stop having sex with men. Either these laws get reversed, or the 80% of straight women who can't orgasm during sex find out that they can but men are just weak af and an army of lesbians is born. No downside.


    What a shame. America, the world's most powerful nation , where some 45 % still believe in biblical creationist pseudoscience instead of evolution and scientific fact. Where extremists and lunatics can easily obtain military assault weapons and massacre the innocent on a regular basis, and now wish to enforce their ridiculous bronze age fundamentalist Christian beliefs on the rest of the population in states like Alabama.

  • Brian Sky

    thank the lord for making this possible no one has the right to take away an innocent life noone. Read your bible and it explains why abortion is wrong.

  • Mr. Nice Guy

    Over a million girls (between 9 and 19 years of age) and women (between 20 and 55 years of age) didn't ask for that shit! What the HELL is wrong with these conservative bastards!? SMDH

  • Anna Karki

    An important concept that the pro-lifers dont understand is bodily autonomy which is the right a person has to make decisions about their own body. If you were dying and the ONLY thing that could save you were by MY kidneys, I would have the right to refuse you. You would die but because its my part of body, I get to make that decision. The same applies to abortion. The foetus is dependent on the mother's body. It is not just of case of it needing care and financial support, it is actually using that mothers body. Note that this body of a women could be anyone, even rape victims, miscarriage victims, young pregnancy like 11yr olds who are children themselves and can barely take care of another child, just, any one. Bodily autonomy means that the mother has the right to decide how her body is used and if that doesn't include supporting the life of a foetus she doesn't want for 9 months for whatever reasons, situations and problems, that's her decision. Pro-lifers will always start an argument about when the foetus is alive, but this is irrelevant in this situation because the foetus's right is trumped by the mother's right to make decisions about her own body, just as your right to life was trumped by my right to keep my kidneys in the first place.

  • Lee Cobb

    Abortion is unconstitutional. Fools. It supports LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The founding fathers wouldn't mind executing abortionist if only the technology existed then. "Unconstitional to not allow abortion?" On what grounds? The grounds of happiness? If it makes you happy to go chop off the head of someone you don't like, does it make it legal or constitutional? Hell no. What of liberty? Should we be free to do anything, even if it's execution? No. What about self defense? The baby is a parasite right? Only in the minds of liberal idiots who lack the understanding of conception and value of human life and defining human life as conception. If someone threw a human of any age in your house, in a trap that would only open after 9 months, would you insure his/her survival (analogy for rape) or would you kill him/her, squash the cage, and throw it in a dumpster? It is, in my view, an apt analogy as to why we shouldn't allow abortion in the case of rape. In rape, the only moral difference is that the mother should no longer be forced to take care of the child, as it was rape, and the man should do all the work to pay for the efforts man/woman who is to be parent(s) of the children (adoption or not). Punishment is to be debated. An eye for an eye wouldn't work well for rapists as they would probably enjoy it. So punishment by part should be forced work to pay. I guess something like gulags for 5-18 years while still having to support child til 18. It's debatable, but what's not debatable is abortion. Even an incest person is a person. We must give no leeway and only allow abortion when it really is self defense, such as when the mother will die if not otherwise done

  • Byron Anderson

    Christian male, white lawmakers banning abortions will come back to haunt them. Jesus should have been aborted, I saw his mama on YouTube twerking, virgin my ass, that freak was a straight "ho".

  • Jake Zook

    This is the best thing that has happened for a while it proves there's still some good people in this country

  • Alex Xiao

    if thats the case i think it should be a law that in any circumstances, for guys, to intercourse without a condom is a felony, unless you pre registerred through government agency and get the written approval by the woman you are ablout to have sex with.

  • Tim King

    Absolutely no responsibility;
    Spread their legs,gets pregnant then .CAN have government pay for her mistakes, sperm donors pay for her mistakes, or
    MURDER her mistakes !


    Black non-Hispanic women have the highest abortion ratio. Black women’s abortion ratio has reached 444 abortions per 1,000 live births, while non-Hispanic white women’s abortion ratio is 124 abortions per 1,000 live births.

  • Randy R

    They claim that they want to protect lives at any cost, yet turn around and do nothing about poverty ,wars, gun violence and nuclear weapons. Hey big brother get out of our bedrooms. Get a life

  • Dàibhidh Màc Uillèam

    Liberals are against the death penalty for murderers, but for the death penalty for babies. That is a testament to their total depravity. Anyone that works to advance their causes is going straight to Hell.

  • Philip Fontaine

    Check out,, Dr. Levatino destroys abortion in two minutes, by TPF Student Action, if you think you are in favor of abortion.

  • Mr. Heath

    What ever approach these brave states are taking, perhaps one day in America, women can have ‘4 Choices’. 1. Abstinence, 2. Raise the child, 3. Use birth control, 4 Place children up for adoption. We just want to remove killing babies from your “Choices”. It is not your BODY. It’s the babies body. Your body was designed to Protect it, not Mutilate it.

  • Sin Clair

    Imagine a child growing up knowing that it came into this world as a mistake. Because the mother was raped.
    Just because one person gets a spot light saying its ok doesn't mean everyone is okay with it.
    Because of this law there will be more suicides. Both mother and future child.
    At times I really think that they just want to compete in a numbers game with the china and india.
    If you really want to save lives stop gun violence, poverty and going to war over the stupidest shit. Give people a reason to live and actually bring children into this world.

  • J Blank

    The public opinion puts a fetus into the parent's responsibility though the parents are the ones who are troubled with in the first place.

  • Tallacus

    R V. W was a fraud with the Roe in the case changing her story and regreting her abortion til she passed away.

  • Rabinowitz Shekelstein

    Many states would rather throw in with inbred rape babies than third world shit skins living around them. Can’t blame them at all.

  • Big Bad

    Countless states have already broke Roe V Wade. Roe v Wade specifically states it's not lawful to have an abortion past 23 weeks and currently 16 states allow abortion in the 3rd trimester. Funny how the dems weren't mad when Governor Northman bragged about making a baby comfortable AFTER its born until the mother decides what to do with it.

  • The Impaler

    These Alabama people must enjoy paying taxes for free medical care, food stamps, and all of the other free shit that these non-productive life forms will get.
    They are also contributing to the rapes, robberies, and murders that these feral, savage beasts will grow up to commit.
    People with decent morals, values, and beliefs don't seek abortions, so that tells you how these welps will be raised.
    Let the fuckers kill themselves off so we don't have to.

  • Dirty Burger

    Just because that chick on the thumbnail digged being raped, doesn't mean all women are cool with it, and/or want that bastard baby.

  • Darth Heisenberg

    These women shouldn't open their legs to begin with!!! Also rape is a different circumstance if you get raped find the rapist and execute him or better yet force him into hard labor for the rest of his life to support the baby!!! Either way taking away a life from someone who can't even speak for themselves is still murder!!

  • Blacky Chan

    Abortion is murder! However you try and justify it, deep down inside you know in your heart it's wrong and you will have to answer for it when the time comes.

  • friend

    There must be a lot of women being raped these days because everytime they talk about abortion they talk about rape.

  • eric vulgate

    alabama forces us to have many conversations-

    'is public school an appropriate place for religious displays?'

    'should a child molester be a congressperson?'

    'should we go back to the grand days of the KKK?'

    'is hookworm common in 1st world countries?'

    it mystifies me we didn't let these fuckers secede when we had the chance.

  • Gordon Adams

    Conservatives are against abortion and stand by while children are traumatized by lock down drills, metal detectors and mass murderers.


    in the battle of who goes to hell(multiple life sentences which are really applied) and who and how you get to heaven (pay the vatican in advance) theres a new theory. when you die, you are reborn back into your own family:) this is a well known fact that since you are connected by a tiny thread and a comfort place you can be born back again. what these bitches dont fukin understand that the reason your all being told to tally with this bill, like all faggot crips riddin for congress, is that the world question from pope to president to rich dude that sits in the park all day is: if you never knew your mother, lived among strangers, and died tragicly, will you be born back and to who, because no matter how much someone else loves you, you don't have the connecting life thread, and if you are able to build one through marriage, can you still be born into your actual mothers family. now they going to experiment different scenarios and in each one theres going to be a crip telling you how to act with the child and since their satelite linked to be observed at any time, theill be hard to shut up, but just kill them under a metal roof like any trailer park, but know when that dude is raping you in front of your parents, know that the president told him to do it for the sake of unferstanding death not life

  • Jamie Lee

    Goddamn Christians think they have the moral high ground.  Little do they know their god killed far more people in that flood they think happened.

  • Daniel Rayner

    All these feminists need to shut up with all the crying they constantly do about everything and get their arses back in the kitchen where they belong and do as the men say

  • lucyluna00

    Lmfao pedophiles and rapist and incest are having a field day with this….of course they would say no on abortion they want the babies for their sick pleasure

  • lucyluna00

    We must protect life but yet theyve sent off our citizens to go killed in other countries….yup that's logical… stupid humans

  • Valentina Richard

    Why do the legislators think it's OK to dictate to women what they can or can't do with their bodies? Maybe if they legislated and didn't try to be gynecologists we would get stuff done.

  • lucyluna00

    Save life? Lmfao, what about the people living now, children who go missing everyday….I dont see people picking up their time to go search missing kids who have been trafficked and or in need of a good education yet they let these people run a country where they cant even save the life that's living here now… some of these people talking about saving life? You big hypocrites!

  • Victor Ch

    Problems with under regulated insurance medical industry don't bother our representatives. how much lives can we save by implementing the system as all developed countries have?

  • xXHannahXx

    I'm a Christian and i personally think abortions aren't right, but I still think women should still have the right to make that choice.

  • CRAZY Survivor Fanatic


  • DaughterZion Ros

    My Father in heaven, your kingdom come soon, because many earthly leaders are making human life miserable…..Lord Jesus Christ, king of kings, come soon to rule this earth with truth, righteousness, peace, so that those who are desperate for righteousness & and peace can enjoy peace and righteousness….See, there are many divorce cases, rape cases, and those who are in good sense can understand the stress, fear, worry, etc. those women are going through….These leaders/people cannot prevent rapes, divorces, and abuses/fights in families, but they are very smart in making such laws/rules that make a women/girls’ life miserable….See, when a raped girl/woman giving birth to a baby, that child is growing in a miserable, depressed situation, creating an child with unhealthy
    mind……When a child is born to a mother with abusive husband or divorced mother, just imagine the depressed mental situation of that mother with no one to help her.…..Many people in this world are killing/hurting others with good health in fights, wars, abuses, etc…& No one has any problem with fights and killings, and no one can prevent it.……See, now many leaders/people have problem in removing a small cell/tissue from womb in a woman/girl with family issues or mentally unstable situation…..A woman in raped case or with family issues who is not mentally ready to take care of a child should be given authority to decide on her life in doing abortion….People with good heart don’t want to see mentally & physically suffering children/people …..Only evil minded people want to see others suffering…Amen, Lord come soon, I am tried of seeing the evilness, unrighteousness, etc,, of this sinful earth…My Father in heaven, your promise of sin-free earth come soon, so your obedient ones can live in peace…

  • Brad Hampton

    The most dangerous place in the world for a baby is in the womb of a female Democratic. A woman has every right to do what ever she wants to do with her body except murder the unborn!

  • BornAgainChristainifonlymjwas Jesus is the way

    Abortion is murder. Also, since the left wants to talk about how racist Republicans are Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger Spoke to the Ku Klux Klan and Supported Eugenics. And the left are supporting a racist company that has most abortions facilities where most African Americans live. Margaret Sanger wanted all black babies to be killed. Well congratulations to the left, you have showed your true colors. Racist supporters who founded the Klu Klu Klan and Planned Parenthood. I am from Alabama and live in Alabama and think God that Abortions are illegal in my state. Also! I am a proud seventeen year old girl!!!

  • Numero Set

    In a capitalist society, where people are forced to compete against each other for resources, having children can be a multi-generational sentence into poverty, despair, and humiliation. This is why, if capitalism exists so must abortion.

  • Zaccary Rodriguez

    Abortion is not about telling women what to do with their body but it's about telling babies what to do with their body

  • belle mcellis

    Yeah they want More babies on the WELFARE ROLLS, but don't want to give FOOD STAMPS to the children here now. How many do Gooders going to BUY all those DIAPERS for kids of color. They can't FIND all the MISSING KIDS that's already born. Oh more BABIES for PEDOPHILES to prey on. They say it's murder, why don't they find these missing kids before they're MURDERED or Sold into child Pedophile Rings. What a bunch of HYPOCRITES.

  • freedom

    pro choice-if you do not agree with abortion than you have a choice, just as those who support abortion should have a choice. Never allow this choice to be taken from any woman. No one should ever feel they have a right to tell a women what to do with her OWN body. Men who coming up with these ridiculous laws are the same ones who would love to keep their wives barefoot and pregnant while many of them who may get their mistress pregnant would find away to have that mistress get an abortion

  • Jennifer Wayans

    ❌ Republican Men Trying To
    EnSlave Women Permanently
    🔴 Kay Ivey Must be Dumped
    Into An Insane Asylum
    till she passes away for
    Selling out Alabama Women

  • Rebecca Becca123b

    Matt.7. [1] Judge not, that ye be not judged. [2] For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. [3] And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? So if you judge on to others you are also braking a commandment. So what do that make you?

  • Ashley Tyler

    Do cops that shoot people go to hell?
    What about military?
    What about death penalty?
    Law enforcement/military didn’t get a special pass in any religion I know of.
    What killing do you justify?

  • know thyself

    Okay the comments on welfare well people with certain lifestyles need to think about that before they have unprotected sex. They also need to thinks about HIV, herpes, syphillis and even crabs. Disgusting lifestyles lead to consequences. I do believe that incidents such as rape and incest people should be allowed to abort due to it not being their choice.

  • V Soul

    This man think the rape baby a innocent must die because mother emotional state, its her son a individual human life innocent. Its nature law of life, if you wanna kill someone , kill the raper not the innocent baby.

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