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Abortion Legislation Committee | NZ Parliament

My name is Ruth Dyson. I’m the member of Parliament for Port Hills. Earlier this month, the Hon Andrew Little,
Minister of Justice, introduced legislation to Parliament, and Parliament established
a new and special select committee to consider this legislation. The bill is about reforming our abortion law. It’s about decriminalising abortion. It’s about moving abortion into the same regulatory
framework as other health services. It really modernises what is considerably
outdated legislation. Our committee consists of seven members of
Parliament. I am the chairperson. The Hon Amy Adams, MP for Selwyn, is the deputy
chair. And we have opened submissions on the bill. They will be open until Thursday the 19th
of September, and I invite you to have your say. If you are for or against this bill, if you
have a contribution to make, either personal or anecdotal, our committee would be really
interested in hearing from you. If you want some information about what that
involves, please contact the clerk of the select committee – they too will be very
happy to help you. I look forward to hearing your views. To start, head online to www.parliament.nz Open up the tab labelled ‘Get Involved’. From there, you’ll see a tab saying ‘Make
a submission’. This page brings up a list of all the current
bills and items of business that you can submit on. You can click on any of these to learn more
about it. The first step is to tell Parliament how you’re
submitting. We need to know if you’re submitting as an
individual or on behalf of an organisation. This is also where you tell us if you want
to make an oral submission to the committee, which means speaking to the committee in person
about your submission. On the next screen, you’ll be asked to enter
your contact details. Your name will be published on the Parliament
website, but the rest of your details will stay private. Step two: make your submission. You can upload your submission as a file,
or you can write it directly into the online form. What you say in your submission is up to you,
but remember that the content of your submission along with your name will be published on
the Parliament website, so you might want to leave out any sensitive information or
private contact details. Step three: check over what you’ve put into
the online submission form. If there’s anything you want to change, you
can use the ‘Edit’ buttons.’ Once you’ve confirmed you’ve read the privacy
statement, click or tap the ‘Submit’ button. When you see this confirmation screen, you’re
all done.


  • Deb Burton

    I don’t understand why the emphasis is not at the top of the cliff. Why do we have to murder our children? Why are women having sex without wanting children? This is where we are failing… Women need to feel they can get protection as easily as getting a pain killer – seeing as sex no longer seems to be associated with shame (another question!). There are also as many couples having trouble conceiving as children being aborted – this makes no sense either… Make abortion easier – if a couple want a child to love, any child – that should be 80% of the question answered… Come on people, killing our most vulnerable is just wicked!

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