Add to Zotero: Research articles, books, and legislation

Hello and welcome to this brief demo of adding items to Zotero. I’ll add articles from research databases, books from WorldCat and Amazon, and legislation from CanLII. Most research databases work in the same way with Zotero. Right now we’re looking at the first 10 results of the search I did on some EBSCO combined databases. I’m using Firefox with Zotero added. You can see the little Z in the top right, and next to it is a picture of a folder. I’m going to click that. Now we can see the 10 results displaying on my page. I can either select them a few at a time, or I can click Select All, OK. In the bottom right, it should tell me that I’m saving to my library. To check if the articles were added, I can click the Z, and you can see a Zotero pane has come up on the bottom. Another thing to notice is that of these 10 articles, four were full-text. For these full-text articles, Zotero pulled in the PDF. That’s why there’s the little blue dot on the right. If you click on any of the items, you can see in the right more complete information. You can click on different areas to edit or add information. If you’re going to be using Zotero on more than one computer, and that includes sharing items to groups, use this little green circular arrow. Click it, and that will sync, to make sure that all your items are available anywhere you access your Zotero account. I’m going to close this again for now, so it’s not visible. I’m going to demo in another database. This works the same way. I could click the folder and see a list, and select what to add; or I can click on an individual item. In this case there’s a link to full-text, so I’m going to click one of those, and and now that the PDF link is visible, that will make sure that Zotero brings the full text in when I add this item. Because there’s only one article on the page, I don’t see the folder, but I click this little icon here and I can see it added it to my Zotero library. To add a book to Zotero, search for it on a website like I found a book here that I want to add. In this case, because Zotero recognizes it’s a book, there’s a little book icon on the top right of Firefox. Click that and that’s also added to my library. Amazon works the same way: little book icon, and now it looks like that’s been saved to my library. Online legal information works the same way. It’s got a slightly different icon, but I click that. Let’s click Z again to look at the collection. Looking at the items we can see that articles are marked differently than books. With the legislation, you can see it’s a properly formatted Canadian legal citation, so that’s great. Those are the basics of adding articles, books, and legal information to a Zotero library. Thanks for watching!

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