Administrator Bridenstine on Budget Amendment Supporting Humans on Moon in 2024
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Administrator Bridenstine on Budget Amendment Supporting Humans on Moon in 2024

As you know, the President has given our agency
the bold charge to land the next man and the first woman on the lunar South Pole by 2024. And now, President Trump has extended his
vote of confidence in our work with an amended budget request for fiscal year 2020 that includes
1.6 billion dollars in additional funding. This investment is a down payment on NASA’s
efforts and will allow us to move forward with design, development and exploration. Among other things, it will allow us to accelerate
our development of the Space Launch System and Orion. It will support the development of a Human
lunar landing system. And it will support precursor capabilities
on the lunar surface — including increased robotic exploration of the Moon’s polar regions. While there are many steps ahead in the budget
and appropriations process, all of us at NASA should be proud and excited by this unique opportunity. Our efforts will include new work at NASA
centers to provide the key technologies and scientific payloads needed for the Gateway
and lunar surface, adding to efforts that are already underway across our country. Additionally, we envision strong commercial
partnerships that will help increase innovation and reduce costs to the American taxpayer. I challenge you, the NASA family, to share
with your family and friends how for 60 years, investment in our agency has improved the
human condition through science, exploration and innovation. Exploring the Moon is the next step in our
agency’s story, and it will be to the benefit of all of us. We are at a moment of opportunity, together. Thank you for your dedication to our mission
and pressing in on the hard work that is moving us forward to the Moon and onto Mars. We are going.

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