Advantages of Federalism, Part 4
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Advantages of Federalism, Part 4

Finally, it appears that it may be easier
to achieve some very broad national goals in a system that has relatively autonomous
state governments determining a large array of specific policies for themselves. For example, in response to the deep recession of 2008-2010, the national government, during both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, attempted to stimulate national economic growth by providing funding to states and local governments which had a vast array of plans and projects on hold due to a lack of their own resources. Programs such as road and highway construction projects and hiring more police officers infused new money into the economy – creating new jobs and stimulating sales. In other words, rather than the national government attempting to determine which specific programs ought to be funded, it simply provided new money
to promote what state and local governments already do, thus promoting the broad national goal of economic stimulus.

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