AG Becerra Joins CA Legislative Women’s Caucus, Planned Parenthood in Opposing Title X Rollback
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AG Becerra Joins CA Legislative Women’s Caucus, Planned Parenthood in Opposing Title X Rollback

good afternoon thank you for joining us
here today Xavier Becerra attorney general for the great state of
California and I’m joined by a number of our leaders from the state and I’d like
to just quickly introduce them and I think I have a list of all the members
who are here if you may come in but I hope I have the whole list and then I
will introduce the three other individuals who will actually make
remarks all of the members who are here will be available to take questions when
we open it up for questions let me start off by introducing the members who are
here who are not going to making opening remarks senator Hanna Beth Jackson
Senator Holly Mitchell senator nancy skinner Assemblymember Laura Friedman
Assemblymember Eloise Reyes I did I miss anybody
Assemblymember Monique naman did I’m Assemblymember Wendy got real good okay
and then speaking and and in this order will be senator Connie Leiva
Assemblymember Sydney come lager dove Planned Parenthood CEO and president
crystal straight and then we’ll go to questions after the four of us make our
opening remarks so we’re standing here united and that’s important to say as
Californians we’re standing here United to protect women’s access to life-saving
health care as once again the Trump pence administration takes aim at
women’s access to birth control and safe and legal abortion care title 10
programs that the Trump administration is threatening our critical lifelines
for 1 million patients here in the state of California and to 4 million Americans
throughout our country these programs help women and families access cancer
screenings preventive care family planning services including birth
control and many other health care services but lately the Trump pence
administration has tried to make it harder not easier for a woman to access
the care that she needs this war on women continues with new attacks now on
the title ten programs that are so vital to so many families in our country and
attacks on the doctors who provide the care the new rules from the Trump pence
administration that have been released as of Tuesday impose a domestic gag rule
on women’s health care providers the rules bar providers from making
referrals for abortion providers are also banned from providing a woman the
full range of health care needs that that woman may have in one particular
stop a one particular health care facility and would make it very
difficult therefore for women to be able to get the services they need at the
time they’re available to get them make no mistake this is a systematic effort
by this administration to end access to birth control and safe legal abortion
but California is standing up to say we’re not turning back the clock
today the California Department of Justice sent a letter to the Trump
administration to urge them to withdraw this harmful rule and we also outlined
what’s at stake for so many California families under this rule our letter is
just the latest in California’s efforts to protect access to affordable care no
matter who you are just last week the California Department of Justice stood
with Planned Parenthood in opposition to the Trump pence administration’s new
rule for title ten providers that rule favors facilities that provide very
little very limited medical care and information to patients California led a
coalition of 20 attorneys general in filing an amicus brief in Sep
of a lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood and the National Family
Planning and reproductive reproductive health Association we jumped into this
fight because medical care is a matter between a woman and her doctor’ not
between politicians and bureaucrats we will not accept any decision from
Washington that prevents a woman from getting care at Planned Parenthood like
birth control and cancer screenings or which would in some parts of the country
leave women without access to a health care provider period in California we
will defend a woman’s right to health care anywhere it is threatened and our
record here in California speaks for itself
we stopped the Trump administration from rolling back rules that aim to deny
women birth control under the Affordable Care Act and we won’t stop fighting to
protect every woman’s right every American’s right to access quality
affordable health care with that let me now turn it over to one of the champions
in this fight senator Connie Leiva Thank You Attorney General lacera well
let me start by saying I cannot believe that it is 2018 that I am 51 years old
and we are still fighting this fight to make sure that women have access to care
but guess what fight we will sew just what we think that the Trump
administration can’t do much else to deny Californians their fundamental
rights to protections we see once again that we need to continue to fight and we
need to continue to resist recent attacks on women’s basic rights will
limit the ability of Californians to access critical health care services
such as STD testing and treatment birth control and even cancer screenings as
the vice chair of the Women’s Caucus and a staunch supporter of women’s rights
and health it is unconscionable to me that anyone want to rollback these
fundamental rights of women and their health care here in California title 10
programs serve a quarter of title ten patients nascent nationwide clearly the
the Trump administration’s actions will be felt most intensely here in
California in California women and families will therefore suffer the most
title at 10:00 helps to ensure that everyone regardless of where they live
and their background have access to basic health care make no mistake this
is a blatant attack on women the Trump administration seeks to create a
domestic gag rule in order to continue to undermine and Constitution our
constitutionally protected right under roe v wade if women can’t talk and get
the medical accurate information they need from their doctors about their
health care options where exactly are they supposed to get that information I
am pleased to stand here today with attorney general Becerra my fellow
Democratic women women’s caucus members Planned Parenthood nae rel and other
advocates to show that we will not back down Thank You Xavier for having our
back we appreciate it Californians deserve better than what
they’re getting California women deserve better than what they’re getting with
that I am pleased to introduce Assemblymember kam lager dove to make a
few remarks thank you and thank you all for being here today to tell the federal
administration that we will not stand back while they strip women of their
basic health care rights women and our right to make decisions about our bodies
our families and our health care are under attack
title 10 is the nation’s program for affordable birth control and
reproductive health care the program is available to help ensure that every
person regardless of where they live their income their background or whether
or not they are insured has access to basic preventive reproductive health
care such as birth control cancer screenings STD testing and treatment
this national program as was mentioned serves four million people each year and
California serves 25% of title ten patients nationwide this
administration’s decision is a dangerous departure for the successful title
program that provides affordable birth control for war more than 1 million
californians title 10 also provides access to free or low sexually
transmitted disease testing we want California to be number one but not in
STDs California has seen a 45 percent increase in STDs over the past five
years setting record highs in each of the last three this new rule would be
taking away affordable healthcare rights when we need it the most this
administration’s agenda is to stop medical providers from performing
abortions starting with Planned Parenthood and we know what happens when
abortions aren’t legal women die abortions don’t end we know that happens
because that was America just 40 years ago and it is still true in other
countries today my grandmother was a nurse she provided pre and post natal
care to poor women who needed help and that help was information access to
quality health care and getting information from a trusted source this
new rule is trying to take away that opportunity and we won’t stand for it we
will not allow women’s health care to be used as political Chum for red state
elections women are not bait as a board member of PP LA and as a womanist
I am proud to stand here today with Attorney General Xavier Becerra and my
colleagues from the Democratic Women’s Caucus to oppose this unfair punitive
and unconscionable ruling you can bet that we won’t stop and now let me bring
forward crystal straight president of PPAC thank you so much and it’s it’s been 500
days of constant attacks on on women and we’ve seen that and the Attorney General
mentioned the birth control mandate that was attempt to rollback but which it’s
attacks on our patients that are immigrants attacks on our patients in
the LGBT community attacks on our patients that demand environmental
justice and after 500 days of not thinking worse could come worse has come
and what we’ve seen in these rules that it’s very clear it is a gag rule it as
much as the sky is blue it is a gag on physicians and providers from making
sure that patients know what their options are it is very clear in these
rules it is just a basic attempt to end access to safe and legal abortions in
California for title 10 what we’re talking about is 1 million low-income
women that this is their only path for birth control for cancer screenings for
sexually transmitted disease testing this is their path to basic health care
and somehow that is threatening people in DC at the same time I come with very
dark dark news and thoughts and I’m surrounded though by some of the
strongest champions around the country and the reassurance that California will
not only survive and find a pathway out but as our Attorney General has said
many times will not be a spectator we will not only just protect the million
women here in California but we will make sure that we are standing up for
everyone around the country that is why today we are joining with our sisters
and brothers and whoever wants to come out in Boston in Kansas City in Dallas
in New York City in Chicago yesterday in DC just to make sure that Trump
administration knows we will not be distracted we will not let this fake
news cycle that he’s spinning distract any of us from what’s at stake and
what’s it say for women so thank you so much and I think on behalf of Planned
Parenthood and all of our patients in support
the fact that this many women are in the legislature coming forward and we have
such a strong Attorney General should reassure us while we need to continue to
fight that we have a lot of people that have our back so thank you so we’ll take
questions and I suspect someone will want comment in Spanish as well but
let’s and I would ask that as we take questions from the press
if you focus your questions on the subject matter of this particular press
conference if you have questions that relate to other matters we can handle
those after we handle any questions that are raised on this particular subject

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