• Jason Pounders

    People are asking my we celebrates confederate day why not like asking the question why do we celebrate martin luther king day or black history month anytime white people try to celebrate anything white black people always have make a big deal out of it white people have no history.

  • Midge Barker

    Diversity of thought is ok as long as your not a Confederate seems to be the pecking order in today's culture. When the old Veterans were still alive, they were local heroes and they marched in parades. They held Reunions. They were Celebrated. Times have changed.

  • Alan Morris

    The news reporter needs to get his facts together before going on the air. Michael Donald was hanged in Mobile, AL in 1981 … not 1891. (at 1:22)

  • Redneck Gamers

    If Blacks were treated so badly how come every confederate reunion after the war they continued to come and were welcomed with open arms

  • Southern Gentleman

    The Confederacy was very diverse. African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Latinos, Irish, Scottish, Canadians, Jews, Asians, French Algerians, and Cubans fought for the confederacy.

    Like Stand Watie, Loretta Velasquez, Santos Benavides, Moses Ezekiel, Chon, and W.S Lewis

  • Charles Calvert

    The Confederate soldier was and always will be an American soldier! The Confederate flag is and always will be an American flag.
    If your part of the country left the union, legally, and was invaded illegally to collect taxes and ruined your family, culture, homes and utterly destroyed your future you, your family and region would be affected for generations.
    Well over 90% of southern men fought for their home, state and their country and the law, constitution. Not slaves!
    Northern states were more heavily invested financially in southern slaves, the complete illegal war was suppression of rights and economy of the south.
    God bless Dixie and the Confederacy, may her dead heroes always be remembered.

  • Charles Calvert

    Maryland has many amazing, beautiful Confederate memorial day ceremonies and parades. They honor all Confederate soldiers, the white, black, Hispanic, Jewish, Irish ect ect.
    The Confederacy was incredibly diverse!
    Make Dixie Great Again! Look it up y'all!

  • Andrew D. Harris

    I think we should celebrate Confederate Memorial Day because many of our ancestors died in the war, and they did have a just cause. Enoch LXXXV-XV, Genesis 9: 27, Jubilees 10: 27-32. It was their right, as was segregation, and it was ideologically for the best interest of the African Americans and especially the lineage of Japheth(the red bull of Enoch's dream). It's very rare you would see a person with red skin, and we can't blame that all on whites when it seems all of the native Americans were mixed with black. Coincidence? In the city I live in an African American kills another African American every week, and they've always filled the prisons, and I believe it's because they've lived in homes that Shem(Noah's white son's lineage) built. Ya'll can rebel against God and our nation all ya like, but there have been and always will be consequences.

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