• Abigail Humes

    Mr. Chris Wallace, you are no knowledgeable attorney. It shows. Why would you argue against Mr. Dershowitz's firm knowledge?

  • Allan Joles

    Very unprofessional ! Stepped all over the answers, didn't let Dershowitz finish ideas. Very very disappointed in Chris Wallace..

  • ٍ

    I'm not joking when I say these rats, literally argued in-front of the Senate last week that "High Crimes" doesn't have to be a high crime, it can be whatever the Senate feels like and that the Senate's job is to prevent voters from voting for presidents that put America first. This is not an exaggeration, he literally spent hours talking about how the America first policy is wrong and the America tax payers must fully fund Ukrain with zero help from European countries. He said if American tax payers wont' pay for his wars, then he will overturn their votes and make them pay. This rat infestation in government is beyond disgusting.

  • SphericalKnotManifold SKM

    Clearly Chris Wallace who is not a lawyer has some talking points from some lawyers working for the Deep State (in essences a coup). The press has been hammering Alan Dershowitz like crazy ever since he has been on the Trump's legal team. Every single thing that Chris Wallace is saying here is trying do argument against Trump and clearly Chris Wallace is not fair reporter but instead bias foe out to further a coup anyway he can.

  • Steven R.

    Wallace is a worse LIAR and shill than Adam S. and He is an Excellent reason for people who call themselves Conservatives NOT to tune into or support Fox News. I hear the argument that FN is the best "we" have but that argument only holds up for people too Lazy to look to Other truly Independent news sources. Come on folks the Republic is going down the final tube on YOUR WATCH! wake Up!

  • Eric Allen

    Wallace just can't carry on a conversation without the guest agreeing with him. He's like a gnat flying around your face.

  • Richardsson 5axle

    Notice that no one ever cited the anti-Federalist papers.🤔 Federalist 65 has as much relevance as any of the related anti-Federalist Papers(or, Antifederalis Arguments); helpful to understand the debate at the time, but not the legally binding text of the Constitution.🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Logical Lion

    "Hi. My name is Chris Wallace. I'm not a lawyer, but I play one on TV. I'm such a good TV lawyer, I'll argue law with one of the best attorneys in the history of the United States."

  • Mike Speelman

    F*ck off to Russia Wallace, to the land of your communist great-parents!
    That false grin on your ugly face is repulsive🤮
    Besides that, your constantly interrupting is not only rude, but also very annoying. Your Russian family should have taught you some manors!

  • Charley Sloan

    Did Chris Wallace want an expert opinion, or did he just want someone to argue with? Does anyone care about Wallace's opinion concerning the Construction? His behavior seems highly disrespectful

  • nakedBison69

    I am a huge fan of Donald Trump who doesnt see anything wrong at all with Chris Wallace's questions here. He (Wallace) is doing his duty as a good reporter, asking really good questions. If our side is right, we should be able to withstand any challenges brought to us by our opposition

  • Ryan Downing

    It was retroactively decided that President Johnson did have the right to fire his department head of war or whoever it was. As a matter of fact, it was that ruling after the fact that basically put in a stone that the president can pick his foreign diplomats and cabinet and fire them at his leisure. Kind of unfair to bring up I Andrew Johnson without the complete story and context.

  • Knitwit

    I have to get this book! While my politics are diametrically opposed to his, I am beyond ecstatic that this brilliant Con Law attorney is on our side!

  • psykosonikwarrior

    "This works better if I steer the narrative, professor."

    That's what Chris Wallace was really thinking. What a lefty hack.

  • mirror talk

    Wallace is a reporter celebrity that's it…🤪
    Dershowitz is a scholar of law🤔
    Wallace you hate Trump…Get over it🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤠👌

  • Corey Cross

    Wallace, 'Let's imagine for one second the allegations are true.' #1. Why? #2. That's what the Dems and media are already doing! Imagining they're telling the truth! Wallace is an absolute tool!

  • Gina Huie

    If the Democrats are so confident that their case against the President is a shoeing, then by all means…roll the dice! Only, they held it for over a month after running it through the House without calling these KEY WITNESSES that they now claim they need! Chris Wallace, Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi can cry all they want to about evidence they COULD have HAD ! This impeachment is a joke! There may be things and people who these Democrats claim should be heard for years, BUT…THEY shouldn't have rushed this farce of, "HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS", through the house all while hiding in the basement refusing to let the President to have EQUAL representation!

  • Robin Thiessen

    Chris it is so rude to continuously interrupt the people you are interviewing will you please stop. Chris there were several people on that phone call and if you see when President Trump is talking he’s talking to someone else not love Parness when he addresses an issue it’s to someone else not love harness. You can’t even tell on that phone call if he even knew love Parness was on it

  • Mike Kelly

    No one is surprised at the hateful and callous criminality of the current president as revealed in the bombshell comments in John Bolton's book. All Americans know he is a braggard, a bully, a liar and a scumbag. It's just that some Americans prefer politicians of low moral character because it best coincides with their hateful view of their follow man and the world.

  • VaGrunt

    How are people not talking about this taking place a year before Bidden announced his bid for Potus? The entire impeachment case is built on Trump supposedly trying to get dirt on a political opponent, which Biden wasn't, when he was investigating corruption in Ukraine. This tape shows he wanted Yovanovitch out for holding up his investigation in Apr 2018.

  • dave doggett

    Chris Wallace thinks he can stump Alan Dershowitz on matters of Law? What an idiot, Alan has forgotten more than Chris will ever know!

  • Halmeoni Ruth

    The one that Abused their power was Obama!!! He tried to sell out America and help Iran to take o er the USA!!! HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!!!!

  • Marcus Aurelius

    got to love Chris Wallace … wakes up, opens his favorite cereal box, to find playing cards enclosed with historical quotes, quoting references of American historical figures. and then Wallace thinks, "I will have Dershowitz on the ropes with these quotes."

  • fuelbasti

    It's all about total keep the power. Even when they have to following this Oligarch. But he is a puppet and will be kicked under the bus if he will loose.

  • Kaiser so&so

    What about the fact Trump said he didnt know the guy and he clearly does, if Trump told you stupid mfkrs everything said against him is true you say he's lying too😁😄😄😄

  • Desmond Akkari

    Awwww, all you trumpers even defend someone who is caught lying LMAO. But you just keep acting like children and keep calling Chris Wallace names for catching this hypocrite. We love your snowflake tears.

  • Kyle Palmer

    People. We just need to turn this democrat off. Fox News should know better. I never watch this jerks show. TURN THE PRICK OFF

  • James Fortune

    I think President Trump didn't fire enough people. Also, if the Republican Party can't correct the off the rails political process, then neither party deserves to represent us. Plus, the whole impeachment is the best argument against red flag laws, where people are "guilty by accusation." Hopefully, President Trump will realize the potential abuse of red flag laws after all the false accusations he received.

  • Mike B

    Isn't it predictable how only certain people are called out for saying something different now than what they did 20 years ago? Most of those people have changed their views multiple times in 20 years. So convenient that they always choose certain parts of conversations and events instead of saying everything which would describe it clearly?

  • klyffjohnson

    I've heard Guiliani say it, and now Dershowitz is repeating it, and I'm beginning to become concerned. Saying President Trump didn't commit the crimes he's accused of is one thing, saying Abuse of Power and Obstruction aren't impeachable is another.

    Are we REALLY going to create that standard for future Presidents?

  • Maribel Tirado

    Chris, I came back to see you because of your guest. I now remember why I did it. You are part of the fake media, "but but but" Adios

  • Anthony Self

    Chris Wallace is a disgrace to our country and really needs to resign from this network. He destroys the credibility of Fox News day by day. He needs to be transferred to CNN ASAP. FOX it’s time to take action take this democrat puppet OFF THE AIR

  • Anthony Self

    Chris u interrupted him every single answer he gave you, you are a corrupt biased maniac let the real scholars speak when they are generous enough to come on ur biased awful show. Disgraceful

  • Albert M

    Chris Wallace is still offended by his tiff with Trump. He is not a journalist he is a TV personality…….he cannot by any stretch of the imagination be mistaken for a serious journalist.

  • Al KP

    How sad that foxnews doesn't trust its viewers to make their own conclusions and inoculates them from watching the first part and the democrats arguments. Trump and foxnews think of all trump supporters as idiots. very sad!

  • James Tubbs

    Chris Wallace is so irritating to watch. I agree when he is on his heels he interrupts. Seems like to me he is a lot softer with liberals. Dont they have some openings at CNN? Just looked him up and his party affiliation is Democrat. That explains everything.

  • ie

    Dershowitz said that abuse of power is a crime (during the 90s) now it's not. He's slippery but then he defended OJ, Van Bulow and Epstein

  • Thomas Cramer

    you jerk chris wallace… let your guest talk… and you have the gaul to tell him that he's wrong. You introduced him as emeritis. Chris should never be allowed to talk to anyone with a Doctorate again.

  • Keith Seymour

    All these politicians are in the same gang and your not in it. We as a community have to acknowledge it. They have driven a wedge between us that is going to be hard to fix. People despise one and the other over which party they stand with, We have to respect each other no matter our political views, We have always been able to do it before and we can do it now…. There war with each other is fake. They stand in the same ballrooms together sipping there fine wine and Champagne when the cameras are off while we are fighting each other in the streets. We are there ultimate proxy war.

  • Barbara H

    Trumps defense team only have one tool to use, discredit the evidence, but trump keeps sabotaging their game plan. They won't be around long.

  • Barbara H

    Some repub voters are like drug addicts, say or do anything to get your political fix. Getting your self esteem boost from political celebrities is odd behavior and should be worked on.

  • Allison Seaman

    Mike Wallace should really let Mr. Dershowitz answer the questions asked and WAIT TO CHALLENGE HIM when he has finished answering…Wallace is highly rude, badgering, and more obnoxious than usual!

  • Jim R

    Actually it looks like a little bit of treason (benefits Russia) little bit of bribery (benefits Trump) and a lot of abuse of power (coercing an ally at war to corrupt our elections by withholding AID illegally – broke 1974 Impoundment Act and AID was released ONLY after Trump got CAUGHT) – so yea – there's all that pesky stuff along with AUDIO recordings of Trump talking about removing Ambassador and now Bolton who was 'in the room' saying that Trump DID bind AID to announcements of Biden investigations – Republicans may lose Senate control in November if witnesses are NOT called.

  • Greg Daugherty

    Wallace is a cowboy spurring the bull as he tries to hold on. Spurred bull action is what keeps the advertisers happy.

  • Perfect form with attitude

    Notice how Chris Wallace has to put his Democrat spin on each question. Use to think Chris would go after both sides the same. I was wrong.

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