ALEC Trying to Undo The 17th Amendment!
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ALEC Trying to Undo The 17th Amendment!

his 17th amendment thing the American
Legislative Exchange Council Alec you know the mood coming over the
right-wing strategy since nineteen seventy something I read other pol memo more the founders
is Paul way rector I don’t want everybody to vote frankly
are are leveraging the election goes up as the voting populace goes down back I that I guys organization American
Legislative Exchange Council which rewrites and create state laws they got
this new one to basically undo the 17th amendment the
17th amendment came about because the a copper Baron in a montana literally state bet he used to
be that the state legislatures decided who was going to be
there senator with their guns at a Washington DC is that senator and this guy stood up at the at the door
to the senate her to the to the state Sen and said I have
apocryphal love and blogs in each envelope is a thousand dollar bill and anybody who votes for me I will hand
you the bill I will head to the envelope as you
walk out the door and you can actually find online deep a picture of the
original and looks pretty amazing and the he got elected surprise surprise and when he won 20 Washington DC the
Senators in DC we’re so horrified by this cuz the news had preceded him but they refused to see him so the 17th amendment came out have all
these progressive changes the came out of in part the crash 1796 97 which bled arguably the McKinley
administration mckinley was assassinated 1901 his vice president teddy roosevelt
it he took over teddy roosevelt a Republican was a
raging progressive and started pushing for this kinda stuff and
eventually we got the 17th amendment which said that the people in the state
vote for the Senators not the at the state politicians and and then you know that was followed by
as I recall the nineteen commemorating in 1820 which said that women could vote as well and
these were all this at this all came out at Progressive Era so why are conservatives trying to take the vote for the united
states senate away from the people in their states
Ivan scratch my head on the side a big debate you know on a TV show last night about
it and with a couple conservatives who are like
arts a states rights issue it’s not a states rights issue I mean if anything the people the Ninth
Amendment says that the people have all the power the tenth amendment says
anything that the people don’t have another and the revonda doesn’t has been taken
then goes to States I think people trump the state’s so there’s nothing unconstitutional by
the 17th minute so why are they trying to do well I try
to do it because you have state legislator or
legislatures like Michigan for example where a
majority of the people actually voted for democrats but Republicans control the house and
senate and Michigan’s alanis there are a number states like this where the state appears to be a red state but actually
the majority people voted democratic it’s the same thing with the US House
representatives million-and-a-half people more voted for
Democrats than Republicans last election and yet the Republicans control the
house and the reason why is because
gerrymandered they redistricted in 2010 they they redrew
the congressional districts so if they can now you so you’ve got states that are
really blue states the democratic states but they’re ledges it so if you have a
popular statewide election statewide people are gonna vote for a
Democratic senator but the house and senate that state a
republican mean like in michigan %um you got to be
70 she’s a democrat represents the whole state everybody in state votes for her a if the state legislature its there would be a Republican in the
United States and permission and that’s why they try to block 17 and the the now that’s the my new show why they’re trying to blow it appears
the real reason if republicans cannot win elections fair
and square the Wrigley game that’s what it comes down to back in
2000 jeb bush in Katherine Harris whose has
been committed suicide apparently yesterday in our condolences to their family is
apparently been sick which I don’t know the details of this but it raises the issue of whether the
death with dignity laws like in organ in and Washington State are something that we should be taking
nationwide where somebody who has and I again I don’t know his situation
but somebody who is dying in is in enormous pain should be able to simply
take in a drink drink a couple ounces a
orange flavored stuff that’s just a China overdose have been a part or
something like that and quietly go to sleep with dignity
rather than use scrounging around for Ghana blowing
their brains all over the living room er or whatever you know button in any case republicans if they
can’t win elections fair and square still there a good game so Kathryn Harrison
Jeb Bush back in 2000 knocked sixty to eighty thousand
african-americans of the voting rolls in Florida which got jeb which got to George W Bush
within 500 votes to it turns out when they
finally did the recount a year later the week after two weeks after 9/11 it
was reported the New York Times that al gore actually got the most votes in
Florida no matter how you figured if you look at the statewide count a little-known fact but there it is al
gore the only present in the United States
who was never present in the United States are but in any case they their
recollections what to Cancun I tried to do in in in Virginia and I haven’t heard latest on the AG’s
race maybe German for me during the break but you know didn’t it didn’t work for
the for the governor lieutenant governor I
don’t know what situations with reddy et je attorney general there the guy who wants
to force women to report their miscarriages to local police to bur so you know they try to rig the
elections they do it with voter suppression ones they do gerrymandering they do it with
cutting down on the number of places were people can vote in democratic districts
in expanding the number places where people can vote in republican districts and now they want to do it by changing
how the Senators picked up because they know they’re a dying party demographics are going to totally


  • Kristoff Bjorgman 87

    So much for always following the constitution to the letter.
    As the Teabags demand we do,
    (Where's their outrage at this attack on the US constitution?)

    So much damn hypocrisy!

  • Mark Miller

    Can you imagine the uproar if Dems did what the GOP has done in rigging elections. Right wingers defend the constitution only when it benefits them. This is the anti-American party who cares not about country but rather party. It may takeba few more decades but eventually they will be a totally defunct party surving only in small pockets.

  • Bruce May

    Conservatives are basically taking the worst of libertarianism and making it their own, libertarians dont realize that their personal liberty is just "bread and circus", the vast majority of them will be just as screwed in practical reality as everyone else, libertarian leaders know the truth, their voters rarely do.

  • Charles Stewart

    You are breathing life into the divide-&-conquer strategy of the powers that be, Mr Hartman. These issues are not left vs right, nor democrat vs republican. These issues find their Source in the Inability of "Reasonable Persons" to come-together & form "Consensus" as to how best to hold the more centralized-powers in WDC to an Organic Body-Politic form of "Accountability".  The original system for electing senators was Superior because it promoted that more de-centralization & organic form of "Accountability". 

  • Macabre215

    Well of course the 17th amendment isn't a constitutional issue; it is part of the constitution. How can an amendment have a constitutional issue?!

  • lBaerdeLouisYAna

    You people are idiots! Democrats say that they don't want a bought Senate.  Yet election after election the Senate candidate with the most amount of money make it  to office.  Why is this?  Senators with more money reach more people.  They get their money from special interest industries.  Why are they able to accomplish this!? Because they are voted in by the people.  If Senators were voted in by the States, the amounts of money in an election wouldn't matter.  Those Senators would have to answer to the states, who's legislatures are elected by the people, if they did not vote based on what the people wanted.  Legislatures know what these people stand for already being they work beside them, and Senators lying about what they'll do would not fly with the state legislatures.  You people are DISCONNECTED with your Senators because of the 17th Amendment.  They'll continue to get paid off and win elections, because the average joe like you and I don't know the ideology of someone just running or office.  Wake up idiots!

  • Charles Stewart

    Hartman; your here blowing all out of proportion a singular defect; & using that to subvert the more enlightened & more progressive & more conscionable process.

    You do this regularly.
    You seem to take perverse delight in promoting un-reasonable factionalism against those few meritorious ideas that those on the right-wing actually have to offer.

    You seem like a bought-&-paid-for coiintelpro political-hack.
    Yea; whadda ya think of that?

  • Starali Mistriel

    ALEC is the UNdoing of our country. As long as ALEC has a voice and power to influence, the quality of life for the average American will be diminished. Their influence on education has been detrimental for decades as we watch the slow death of public education.

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