‘All the mess is his fault!’ – John Bercow savaged on failure to be impartial on Brexit  – News 247
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‘All the mess is his fault!’ – John Bercow savaged on failure to be impartial on Brexit – News 247

 Former Deputy Speaker Natascha Engel while on the Today Programme argued that John Bercow allowing Parliament to have so much power had derailed the Brexit process She claimed that his inability to remain impartial through over the last few years has made delivering Brexit a difficult process for the Government Ms Engel added that Mr Bercow’s decision to be “procedurally creative” resulted in the UK falling into a “massive constitutional mess ” On the Today Programme, she said: “I think having given Parliament the powers that normally are the powers exclusively in the hands of Government is the reason we are in this difficult impasse now  “Parliament has lots of power but it doesn’t have any responsibility and it is not accountable to anybody  “Normally when the Government loses its majority and the Opposition can’t form a government, Parliament would dissolve and there would be a general election  “But that also isn’t possible because Parliament has stopped that from happening    “I think that all comes from that original decision be procedurally very creative  “To get out of this mess is actually something that becomes a very big priority and we see that by not being impartial  “That is the one thing that the Speaker’s role in the chair is supposed to be is impartiality  “By not being impartial it has actually managed to get us into this massive constitutional mess that we are in ” John Bercow has consistently come under fire for appearing to fail to be impartial as his time as Speaker during the Brexit issue  Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was quick to mock the House Speaker after he announced his resignation from his role in Parliament earlier this week   Mr Farage proclaimed it was “good riddance” to Mr Bercow as he reaffirmed his suspicion against the Speaker’s impartiality  Mr Farage argued that Mr Bercow hasn’t “even pretended to be neutral” as he and LBC political editor Theo Usherwood discussed the controversy regarding the “b******s to Brexit” sticker on his car  READ MORE: Cameron’s shock so many wanted Brexit as he admits misjudging anti-EU feeling [INSIGHT] Corbyn plot to hold Britain to ransom in vice-like grip of union baron friends [ANALYSIS] ‘Treated me like war criminal’ Farage launches astonishing attack on BBC’s Marr [VIDEO] Trending  Mr Farage said: “Bercow got up and made this address at half-past three and the tributes went on till 5 o clock  “Labour MPs all standing up and applauding him even though it is not Parliamentary to clap  “But there you are, you didn’t see many people on the Tory benches standing up and cheering but hey ho ” Mr Farage held in his laughter with a smirk as he reflected on the lack of congratulations from Tory MPs which he assumed was due to the controversies surrounding Brexit

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