• Maeve

    The Roswell SCV Camp had nothing to do with organizing the flagging. If you ban a Confederate flag, there are MANY of us individuals who will show up. And depending on where you are and some details, you may get a large permanent Battle Flag erected in your community. We aren't about to allow haters and cowards dishonor our ancestors, and particularly not our ancestors who FOUNDED this parade. Remember the Milton (former county name of which Alpharetta was the county seat during the war) Guards' motto on their Battle Flag – VICTORY OR DEATH.

  • Southern Gentleman

    Don’t we have something called a 1st amendment? Which allows freedom of speech?

    Also I wish that people didn’t get upset about a flag, because flags that fly over countries represents the land and the people. Those states don’t have slavery anymore now do they? Northern states doesn’t have slavery anymore, so there is no reason to hate the American flag for having slavery for 86 years.

    It only represents Southern Pride.

  • Southern Gentleman

    I wish people knew how diverse the Confederacy was. African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, Irish, Native Americans, French Algerians, and Cubans fought for the Confederacy.

    Like Stand Watie, Loretta Velasquez, Santos Benavides, Moses Ezekiel, Marlboro Jones, and W.S Lewis

  • James Morrison

    The Confederate flag is about heritage not hate. Most people do not know a damn thing about vexillology of the symbols on it.

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