‘Alternative Law:’ Constitutional Scholar On The Dershowitz Defense Of Trump | All In | MSNBC
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‘Alternative Law:’ Constitutional Scholar On The Dershowitz Defense Of Trump | All In | MSNBC


  • Johnathan Miller

    LOL . Did this guy just say that the constitution doesn't give the only acceptable reasons for impeachment ? Well here it is . Article 2 section 4 . Section 4 " The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. "    This is great . CNNs own expert is making claims so outrageous . Come on people please just read the constitution for yourself .

  • Jack Boot

    He has no choice but to hire scum 'alternative facts' lawyers at this point, because no respectable intelligent lawyer would take the case in his defence.

  • El Pitirre

    Dershowitz job is to try to confuse. Not the senators, but the people watching the "trial" on main stream media. He'll be the clown from Harvard.

  • Deborah Doyle

    If it is true that Dershowitz is defending the constitution as he said, and that he is not part of the Trump team, then he should not BE on Trump's team but should be considered an expert witness. If the Senate wants to use his testimony, they should have to be required to allow witnesses and call him as an expert witness. He claims he is not there to represent Trump, so he should not be allow to speak until witnesses are called.

  • Richard Williams

    IF THE GLOVE DONT FIT YOU HAVE TO AQUIT. Sound familiar? If Trump is aquited he will be like O J Simpson running around free knowing that he got away with MURDER.

  • Steven Steele

    Alan Dershowitz Has no problem going on any program in debating anyone. Why Wil LMSNBC not allow him to defend himself against this guy? Because LMSNBC doesn't want to bake it just wants one thing and 1 thing only to demonize republicans

  • J J

    There is abuse of power.
    There are levels to abuse of power. How many people in the world can be charged for abuse of power as POTUS. Only one. If you or I are in a position to be charged with abuse of power very likely it isn't as POTUS and the common law would be used to give local law enforcement the power to bring charges. This kind of abuse of power is at a level far from the heights of the Oval Office. No ordinary person is in the position of holding up 400 million dollars of US assistance to another country. He abused the power of his office and showed no respect to the Constitution along with having no regard for the oath he took when he became POTUS. There doesn't need to be a crime by definition because as POTUS when you do a crime it might just be the very first time this crime was acted out. How many times can you say that a POTUS has been known to hold up aid as a bribe to benefit himself. One can't claim because it has never happened in the past a crime wasn't committed in examining this case. The argument of wether or not a crime was committed because no one has ever done it isn't a reason to say it isn't a crime. People are never in the level of high crimes category and as result are not likely to be charged for abuse of power to the extent that the POTUS is responsible for and that is what the impeachment is for. It takes over responsibility when a President shows abuse of power and doesn't stand by his oath and commits a high crime.

  • Valentine Brooks

    Allan Dershowitz is promulgating anarchy in the USA. His interpretation and understanding of the Constitution borders on lunacy.


    Tribe has gravitas but his argument is void. Felony bribery is NOT mentioned in the articles. In fact, the House ABANDONED that charge. Probably because they knew that couldn't prove it.

  • Jerome Garcia

    What's more shocking is pedophile Trump uses another pedophile attorney and we not talking Jeffery Epstein in none of this… Bananas

  • Henry Yap

    Who pays the lawyers defending Trump? US government or Trump himself? If Trump himself, then, if he "win" (viz a foregone conclusion) the case, does he get reimbursed by the US Government?

  • M T

    All this yelling and screaming about Donnie isn't doing anything but lining the pockets of the various media organizations and their hired sycophants.

  • ExIm Asia

    So (member of the ) Tribe is of the opinion that Dershowitz is whacko and Dershowitz is of the opinion that Tibe is whacko. I'll go with Dershowitz but in the end Senate will decide.

  • Debbie unknown

    The thing is, Dershowitz is arguing in front of a bunch of republicans. They will believe his argument because they want to whether right or wrong. If you remember this guy was among the team that got O.J. off. 🤯

  • John Kidd

    I have followed Tribe's and Dershowitz's arguments for 3 years. In my humble opinion, Tribe is the 'wacko' here and just proved it by the use of name calling and not legal arguments, always the default tactic of the left. They adhere to the old southern courtroom philosophy "Pound the facts, if you dont have facts, pound the character of your opponent, if you cant do either, pound the table". I think we are going to see a lot of character attacks and table pounding by Democrats in this impeachment but it wont impress the Senate and surely wont impress the voters.

  • RIC shady

    Alternative law. The truth is not the truth. Alternative facts. Don't believe what you seeing and hearing…

  • John Kidd

    At least Trump has real lawyers, not partisan hacks and proven liars the Democrats chose. Pushing this impeachment is like pushing a plough after the mule dies, it will go nowhere and flogging the dead mule wont change that.

  • googl android

    There was one place and one place only to argue on what is impeachable, and there is only ONE authority the Constitution gives that power: the House of Representatives. These arguments are meaningless now that the House exercised that power.

  • Linda Blunt

    Trump wants to make good for the camera, well that’s all well and good , Trump has all of these high power lawyers. Good make a good movie for TV 🍿,He has Allen Derkowitz as a lawyer for what ? He has criminals like tides himself, he trying to find friends , with the lawless crowd , ask Epstein !!!💀💀💀

  • Oliver Dash

    Finkelstein exposed Dershowitz as a total fraud and political hack who uses his education to deceive as many people as he can when he gets a chance. Dershowitz may have a winning argument because the DOJ under Barr says the president is infallible.

  • Google User

    I didn't need to watch this video to understand how stupid Trump's defense was, but it's still nice to hear it from someone else.

  • Louis Burns

    Alan is the same man who wants to lower the age so he and his friends could sleep with underage kids. Alan and his friends are pedophiles. He crafts the Constitution to fit himself and his friends.

  • Nj Osborne

    “ Bizzaro Defense”,
    Had a prof that used it but I haven’t heard that in years.
    For those who follow DC Comics, Superman,
    Bizzaro is quite literally the mirror image of the caped Super-hero.
    You might say . “He’s edgy”😶
    So sorry, no emoji for a broken mirror.🗯
    Actually, Bizzaro is a lot like
    The Orange Cheato🎶

  • Michael Burgess

    Trump's legal team is not concerned with creating an actual defense. Their goal is to create plausible deniability for the Republican Senators to ignore the law and still be re-electable.

  • Jay Clark

    Tribe doesn't know where to start because he comes from an alternative universe. "Crime" and "misdemeanor" already had long-standing meanings in the English law tradition when the Constitution was drafted.

  • Walking Crow

    If we accept this defense, then we must vote for candidates swearing to sign Constitutional amendments that would fix this unenforceable system of checks and balances.  I'm sure Trump is making that his priority now, and he will be speaking at length about this existential threat to our democracy.  Unfortunately, Google, manufacturers of bathroom fixtures (especially toilets), the deep state, the whole Obama family, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, China (just all of China_), climate scientists, lizard men, globe earth conspiratards, Mexicans (including the ones from Honduras, El Salvador & Guatemala), atheists, former Trump advisors (not already in prison but just trying to promote their book), environmental extremists, the sneaky Swiss (not including chocolate makers), American union leaders (but not the workers), the alien overlord that currently occupies the mind of Ted Cruz, and the lame-stream media have conspired to keep us from seeing clips where Trump mentions this problem.  #8MoreYears  #Trump4PrimeMinister2024  #LongLiveTheKing  #VladimirPutinWins

  • Cynthia Kohler

    This has become so boring, I don't think the public is interested in the Impeachment hearing, more interested in the economy and of course we've heard nothing from MSNBC about the most important bills that were passed, the China deal and be USMCA agreement

  • Dora Cuadra

    Those lawyers are corrupted and defile the judiciary system with their presence appearing to be righteous and just to be in the judicial committee. They must be removed and being investigated more about their reputation and misconduct.

  • Stephanie Grow

    Dershowitz is drawing a line?? BS. He's going to argue effectively to throw the case out, on constitutional grounds, thereby REMOVING THE NEED to argue the case entirely. By arguing the invalidity of the case in its entirety, Dershowitz is giving Republicans the excuse NOT TO HEAR or consider evidence related to the case, including any and all witness testimony. Dershowitz actually could argue the validity of the charges, but the INVALIDITY OF THE PROCESS used.
    It will be the same tactic used by the GOP in the house. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and Senators will vote their conscience – that the articles are serious things, and a fair trial WITH EVIDENCE AND WITNESSES is needed to get to the truth.

  • Garfield Farkle

    MSNBC has at least one colossally stupid producer. To stop this video when they do, just when Tribe is going good is moronic.

  • Edward Mercedes

    They are trying to waste time with this Idiotic defense. Let the circus begin. Trump has a couple of fossils representing, him. They might just turn to dust right before our eyes come tuesday after they laughed out of the senate floor. Dershowitz might pull out the constitution written in the year 1 BC, a really old, piece of animal hide with caveman symbols on it.

  • tj ti

    At no point did Lawrence engage with Alan’s argument during his rebuttal . His argument was that as a matter of constitutional law, the articles of impeachment do not detail an impeachable offense because “abuse of power “ is not an impeachable offense. Not that trump must engage in breaking the law in order to be impeached

  • Noel Ryan

    Give me serious Profesor Tribe over Celebrity Professor Dershowitz any day. Dershowitz has said he's impartial, a liberal Democrat, voted for Hilary, didn't vote for Trump, he's only there to defend the Constiitution not Trump. Question: Why does the Constitution need defending in an Impeachment Trial of POTUS45?

  • Jen Combs

    A call to all American lawyers. voice your legal opinions, not just in the classroom but in the public arena:  Does the U.S. Constitution Matter?  This is your democracy!

  • Charles Dexter Brewer

    If Allan is correct, then the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War and the war of 1812 should’ve never happened. How do answer the questions on a test if you’re in his class? Do you answer them in a Constitutionally inaccurate way to answer correctly and pass the exam/course??

  • Sharon Sanchez

    So Trump wasn't so much trying to create his own TV Network as he was his own Government with his own Alternative Laws and Alternative Facts.🤦

  • Vote to Count

    Alan Dershowitz’s defense of Trump in the Senate impeachment trial, according to Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe: “Alan is completely wacko on this.”

  • blueberries rasberries

    If professors of great universities in America could not defence the LAW of the land, then no one should travel to learn LAW in American universities. #crazylaw

  • Celeritas C

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t have to be true to work. All the republicans need is esteemed law professor to provide them with some excuse to acquit, there is no need for the excuse to be based in reality. Just watch them all (or at least most of them) hang their hats on it. It is done.

  • Sperup AD

    Poor little Alan, he dreams of an unchecked and limitless president able to set up a tyranny Putin style.
    Division of power and the system of checks and balances mean nothing to Alan.

  • Agathac Cheb

    They are saying what Kim Jong un and Putin are doing with their power is ok. That's exactly what the u.s. president is doing. Wonder if they would have said the same with the former presidents or will say the same with the the future presidents. It's appalling.

  • Honkytonkified

    Thank you for reeling me back from Trumplandia's Twilight Zone, (the TTZ). Just a whiff from his spacious back channel would have sucked me in, but for Dershowitz's over sized head obstructing a portal open so wide, I saw them all from lowly Christians of convenience to Mighty Grim Reapin' Moscow Mitch. Dairy farmer devotee, Devon Nunes, had em all suckling the utterly…I'm out of double entendre illustrations of Donald's alternative universal black hole.

  • Ed Dee

    According to GAO

    the Trump Administration violated the ICA when it withheld DOD’s USAI funds from obligation
    for policy reasons.

     This impoundment
    of budget authority was not a programmatic delay.


    Page 9 B-331564 OMB and State have failed, as of yet, to
    provide the information we need to fulfill our duties under the ICA regarding potential
    impoundments of FMF funds. We will continue to pursue this matter and will provide
    our decision to the Congress after we have received the necessary information.


    We consider a reluctance to provide a fulsome response to
    have constitutional significance. GAO’s role under the ICA—to provide
    information and legal analysis to Congress as it performs oversight of
    executive activity—is essential to ensuring respect for and allegiance to
    Congress’ constitutional power of the purse.


    All federal officials and employees take an oath to
    uphold and protect the Constitution and its core tenets, including the
    congressional power of the purse.

    We trust that State and OMB will provide the information

  • Matthew Lewis

    I think Dershowitz is on the Trump cool aid train all the way till the end station or till a derailment. Hopefully the latter..

  • margaret frost

    Dershowitz has come out from hiding a bit early after being accused of being one of Epsteins conspirators, it has not gone away bud.

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