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Amanda Nguyen, Civil Rights Activist and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee | MAKERS

People ask me well why is the system so
broken and the honest answer to that is that the law has a gender and that
gender isn’t female when I was a kid I loved space I wanted
to be an astronaut people would often joke that I’d run into things because I
was too busy looking up at the sky my parents were refugees from Vietnam
and so I grew up understanding quite viscerally the cost of freedom and what
that means and to never take that for granted you I have never fully understood the
definition of lonely as much as I did when I walked out of that hospital after
having my rape kit done and when I started researching my rights I found
that I was faced with these obstacles to pursue justice that route takes years on
average and what was very evident to me that I had to make a choice justice or
my career leyland it was like what do you want to be when
you grow up and I joked I want to be President astronaut I remember talking
to Leland about whether or not I would still be able to pursue my astronaut
dreams if I decided to fight for my own civil rights and Leland says to me space
is gonna be there the survivor Bill of Rights includes the
right for your rape kit to not be destroyed before the statute of
limitations the right to have a copy of your police report and the right to have
access to your own patient medical records when I first started it was
hours upon hours of me telling my personal story to politicians who did
not care I mean some people just straight-up told me that they had a
reelection to worry about I went home and I cried because it was so tough I remember standing on the balcony
overseeing the floor of the house when the votes were cast the speaker called
in a roll call vote to prove that our country could stand together on
something it was an incredible moment in some countries when a survivor
becomes pregnant as a result of her rape she is forced out of the education
system in some countries there’s a bribery fee to report your rape I mean
imagine a 14 year old right who has to do that that’s not feasible and that’s
not right we are but a blink of an eye in the
universe so what are we gonna do with our flicker on earth I’m gonna use mine
to fight for rights and go to space you


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