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Amanda Nguyen – Helping People Pen Their Civil Rights Into Existence with Rise | The Daily Show

Welcome to the show. Thank you. Oh, my God. This is a super-exciting time for me,
and for you a little bit, -but for me…
-Oh, thanks. because I have never chatted
to somebody who is nominated
for a Nobel Prize. -Oh, thanks.
-Congratulations. Thank you so much. That-that comes with it
a certain level of… of swag. I mean, do you just walk
around the world being like, -“Nobel, Nobel nominee, I’m…”?
-Yeah, I do. So it is, like, like, basically, the best people in our world,
essentially. It’s a “good people” award. Yes, it’s a “good people” award. -Yeah.
-And-and-and, uh, the company that you’re
gonna keep is really exciting. But, um, if you look
at your work, what are you most proud of? What do you look at and go, “Oh,
this is why I would like to win the Nobel Prize”? You know, one doesn’t try
to seek to win it, -Right. -So I’m very grateful
to my nominators, um, who were both Republican
and Democrats to get together. -Right.
-Um, but honestly, for me, it’s not the law that I wrote, it’s that I was able
to train other people to pen their own stories
into existence, and that’s what
I’m most proud of. Yeah, for those who-who
don’t know what you do, um, Rise is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fighting
for the rights of people, you know, and specifically
sexual assault survivors. -Yeah. -And this is… this is
a really personal issue to you, -because you yourself
are a survivor, -Yes. and you yourself has…
have fought against the system that has always been in favor,
it seems, of… of the perpetrators
as opposed to the victims. -That’s right.
-What did you feel
needed to change once you saw the system itself? Well, after my rape I discovered
that the criminal jus… justice system was
pretty broken. Um, rape kits were destroyed before the statute
of limitations, before they were tested, among a whole host
of other issues. Um, and I realized… I remember walking into my
local area rape crisis center, and the waiting room was filled,
and I didn’t realize -how pervasive this problem was.
-Right. And I realized, at that point,
I had a choice. I could accept the injustice
or rewrite the law. And one of these things is
a lot better than the other, so I rewrote it. But four-and-a-half years ago,
um, I founded Rise. And we– When we first
started out, people thought we were a joke. We wanted to pass
this law through Congress, we had no money, no connections. And then we did the impossible, we passed it unanimously
through Congress. It became the 21st bill in
modern U.S. history to do so. (cheering and applause) -Truly amazing.
-Thank you. But, Trevor,
the most remarkable part wasn’t that President Obama
signed it into law for 25 million people,
it was what happened afterwards. So we heard from over a million
people who reached out to say, “Hey, this is going on
in my own community, too. Can you help me pen my own
rights into existence?” And so, with that, we sought
to replicate our success. I created this theory
of organizing, it’s called Hope-a-nomics. Um, and we affectionately
call it School of Hope at Rise. But what we do, is we train
other people, uh, and I’m so proud to say
that over the past 22 months, we’ve passed 22 laws, all unanimously,
for 40 million people. This is… (cheering and applause) It’s almost unbelievable,
because… -because so many Americans have
gotten used to the idea -Yeah. -that Congress doesn’t
pass laws. -That’s right. -Congress is gridlocked,
Congress doesn’t move. -Mm-hmm. And yet, you have found a way
to speak to lawmakers and to get people involved, citizens involved
in changing the laws. Many would say, if you want
to change the law, you should run for office, -but you found a different way
to do it. -Yeah. How do you get these lawmakers
behind these ideas? -How do you get
bipartisan support? -Right. ‘Cause it seems like something
lawmakers themselves can’t do. Yes. You know, some people
looking at our track record may say, “Oh, well,
you passed it unanimously because sexual violence or rape
is an easy issue.” Um, and if so, then Kavanaugh
or Title IX, or even the Violence Against
Women Act Reauthorization -would be litigated differently,
-Right. but, honestly, you know, this is
a time of frustration, of waning faith
in our democracy, and there’s never been a more
vital moment in our history for everyday people
to understand that they hold the power. You know, um, I didn’t have
the political luxury -of a cathartic performance.
-Mm-hmm. And what I mean by that is that
I had to fight for my rights, and I had to compromise
and work with people that I didn’t agree with
in order to pass my rights -or else my justice would slip
through my fingers. -Right. Um, and, so,
after passing these 22 laws, uh, and having 22 prove points, we’re ready for our next step. Uh, and, so,
over the past couple of weeks, we just announced the launch
of a new phase of Rise, which is Rise Justice Labs. -That’s really interesting,
right? -Thank you. Because the Justice Labs,
if I understand correctly… -It’s basically an incubator.
-Yes. And what you’re doing
is you’re helping people to start their own
social justice movements. -Yes. -Helping people
to get laws passed. -That’s right. -You’re helping
people to change the world -that they live in.
-Right. And you actually just worked
with some kids who were part
of the Parkland protests and some of the people
who were part of that uprising saying, “Hey,
we need to do something -about how guns are managed
in America.” -That’s right. So, here’s how
the Justice Labs work. Our mission is to help everyday
people pass their first law, and we give them
the resources to do so. So, um, in cities
across America, when an entrepreneur
has a good idea, based on the merit
of their idea, they can apply for funding,
seed funding, mentorship. -Right. -Essentially,
they get the opportunity cost of their start-up covered, and that doesn’t exist
for civil rights until now. Um, so, we give activists
who apply and get accepted seed funding and then mentorship
and training and cover their opportunity cost to accelerate
their social movement. And the team we’re so proud
to work with first, um, is the survivors and the students
of the Parkland shooting. -Right. -Yeah. So,
they call themselves Zero USA -for zero gun deaths in America.
-Yes. Their founder, Robert Schentrup, testified in the Colorado state
House a couple weeks ago, um, and they actually… That bill he testified on
just became law, so they have helped write
their first law. (cheering and applause) I can see why you are nominated
for a Nobel Prize and I am not. -Congratulations on all
of your achievements. -(laughs) It truly is amazing work
that you’re doing. Congratulations on all
of your success and your story. -Thank you, Trevor.
-For more information and to apply to be a part
of Rise Justice Labs, go to Amanda Nguyen, everybody.


  • andrias98

    Amazing works ! I truly love the idea of Rise Justice Labs which is being inspired by startup incubators. It’s brilliant !

  • David Jackson

    This entire conversation was way too and ambiguous for me I'm gonna need some names on what laws have been passed because laws have names for research purposes at least. How can make sure this is not a bunch of respectability politics.

  • Alexander Canella

    Why did Trevor Noah say he's never interviewed a Nobel Prize nominee. He's interviewed at least two already from the top of my head, Obama and Malala. Which sounds 1980s synth pop group.

  • er ch

    Other ethnic groups, especially Hispanics and blacks, should learn from Asian cultures that this is how you should live.

  • phillip st

    governing civil rights???….sounds like an oxymoron but i did have the right to remain silent that i seemed to sidestep …the government is just another group of people aligned against another group of people

  • blue4me43

    There are many AMAZING, BRAVE and NOBLE people in the WORLD who do amazing things. She is one of them, Young and smart. Thanks to all these Amazing Humans.

  • Don Taylor

    Omg what has America come to if We The People can just write laws and get them passed? And get away with it?! Everybody knows we're supposed to wait for politicians to decide when it's expedient to act and how much justice we can be allowed to have. What the hell is this "democracy" thing and what if it starts trending?!

  • An Nguyen

    Such strong person, we need more people like her, helping the people in my home country of Vietnam. Molesters, Rapist and Pedophiles has been plaguing the society for years. The people, who went through such trauma, are afraid to speak up due to stigma and lack of social service support. I am looking forward to one day we could do more for the victims of sexual assault.

    Those articles taken from a major news publisher from Vietnam, just for references.

  • Paul Gaittens

    I do not agree with removing guns from America I do agree that the needs to be better gun laws I agree that for the most part we have the best laws in place the biggest problem here is the people who have the guns without the paperwork the people who are not following the law when it comes to getting a gun how do you deal with those people because you can make as many laws as you want but until you deal with the real problem alive just something to keep the people back who follow the laws

  • Paul Gaittens

    Like here's a great example the raping who wants to be raped I don't I don't want to rape anyone either because it would suck to be raped on that note if that's how a normal person feels and there's a social law that says that you can't do anything with someone without their say-so then what does changing laws other than being allowed to abort a child that you didn't choose to have being allowed to go into the hospital and be treated for something that you didn't choose to have happen or the stuff where it comes to legally trying to get the person who raped you I understand 100% but I was also a victim when I was younger of a girl who was perfectly fine in a relationship with me but because she was too young and I was too young when things didn't go her way she would say that I did things she created problems for me and I had to end that relationship really soon but she left a fingering scar in my life these are the reasons why things are set up the way that they are I'm not saying that it's perfect but the law protects people on both sides what really needs to happen is people need to prepare themselves for things and we need to deal with the people who were a threat in the first place I do not feel like people who are violent should be allowed to be in public

  • Paul Gaittens

    All I'm trying to say is you have to fix the problems at the root rather than trying to solve what you think you can see because until you fix the real problem the root problem the real problem that's causing all the other problems you're only going to solve one problem to see a different problem

  • Paul Gaittens

    But I do have to say that I'm glad that somebody is stepping forward to change things that other people do not agree with and I'm not trying to take a stance against moving forward and making the world better I am 100% with the law and I do not side with anyone who has shot anyone or anyone who has raped anyone but I do think that young people are really quick to try to solve a problem that they see rather than trying to think through the issues and find the real problem like what is the real problem with school shootings what is the real problem with shootings at churches what is the real problem it's not guns guns are not the issue guns don't kill people people kill people so the issue here is not the guns the issue is the people who are racist or the people who do not care about other people or how about the shootings that are going on at schools why would children want to shoot other children how about the mean children who talk down on other people and treat people like crap why is it different now than it was 50 years ago? That's because back in the day that's just how it was people who used to the idea that some people are mean you would just avoid that person are you would involve your parents and the parents would deal with that child instead we're in a situation where people are afraid to ask for help for their issues children just feel like they have to do whatever they need to deal with the issue why do children feel like they need to be adults? Why can't kids just enjoy being kids? You get 20 years then you're an adult then you have to do everything for yourself life sucks at that point the problem isn't the children the problem isn't the guns the problem is the people who are raising people without telling them how to deal with their issues so go ahead and slap a Band-Aid on the issue and it's not going to fix it you're going to find later on when you pass all of these laws to change everything around that the people who are not going to follow the law are not going to follow the law the same people are going to show up at the schools with guns to shoot people the difference is instead of it being the parents gun who is legal it'll be a child who went to find a gun from a guy down on the street keep putting your kids in bad situations I live in an apartment complex my kids never leave my sight get there is 27 kids here that run around like they never had Parents who's letting their five-year-old run around with all of these adults perverts and child molesters why don't people care about their kids anymore that's the problem with Society people are only learning how to hate other people stop teaching your children hate if you would stop teaching kids bad things you would destroy the history of terrible things if a child was never raised to understand what racism is they would never have it let's move forward as a society and put our children first teach them the right way to treat other people and the right way to live show them that kind and caring and love and prosperity is what's important stop being selfish and putting yourself first and the world will get better

  • meFirst 1

    Oh please. Life is over as we know it. Doesn't mean a thing. Man made prize. Doesn't mean a fucking thing. #CLIMATE CHANGE

  • Jeremy Warrick

    The problem with such a politically correct society is you take away my right to say anything if you deem it politically incorrect

  • Julie Vu

    Yes! I've been waiting for this to be uploaded. Amanda is such an inspiration! The work that she's doing is just incredible

  • LukenZur

    This is truly an inspiration. Thank you Amanda and thank you for the HOPE you bring and the smile of a better future for us all!

  • Fatty Acid

    The way she speak and compose herself in this interview is amazing. Even if you know nothing about her work. You can totally tell how capable she is just from listening to her.

  • Max Doubt

    With people like Amanda, Social Justice Warriorism is a good thing. With fucktards like Dennis Prager whinging about people saying "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas," it's not.

  • Margo Romero

    This is EXACTLY the person who DESERVES a Nobel Peace Prize!! Thank you Amanda for ALL you have done. #WeThePeople

  • Synzin Darkpaw

    It's good that she and her group are empowering people to help themselves. I hope they are able to avoid falling into the same trap so many other social justice groups have of allowing people to use the social justice platform to hurt others. I wish them the best of luck in walking that line.

  • Neil Barrett

    I do not think that the Nobel committee actually releases “nominations” so I think that’s not really something that can be claimed. Not to take anything from her achievement.

  • meh_so_what

    I've looked at her wikipedia page, and I see that she has gone through a lot and accomplished a lot. Truly deserving of a Nobel Prize ..and here I am just watching youtube videos.

  • Edis

    I've always been a liberal but the way the daily show have been pushing their agenda it seems to exaggerate . At 1:19 Trevor seems to be pushing for some idiotic politic stance. Please stand against this stupid behaviour. Be smart push your educated beliefs against the idiocracy. Stand smart and strong, think for yourself, don't be a (trump) follower be yourself, be smart. Keep your self skeptic to both and right direction. Think for yourselves! *signed: eastern European guy *

  • Hermione3 Müller

    where is the international branch of her work? as a nonamerican, i see a certain bias in nobel prize nominees towards americans, and a certain bias of those americans to care only for americans. i wish it were more international and i wish americans cared more about all humans not just americans.

  • shopperoo99

    Is she running for President? We need young people who will pave the way for all of us, not just those who are just in it for the money grab and die without having to live with the consequences of their politics & actions.

  • watchulla

    I just watched a BBC doc about a rape crisis in S Africa. They made that place look as raw as it really was. We need this done in the US also, shine a light on the problems we have here. No sugar coating it.

  • Gareth De Bruyn

    Social justice warrior! I never understood how the retarded right thinks that its an insult. Makes you wonder who side are they if they fight against people who fight for the little guy.

  • Aczxser

    Kavanaugh would be litigated differently! Good one! Some fine ideas, love the idea of more reliable kits, etc., but the social justice movement is cancer. Striving to change law is so silly, we don't need more regulation, dont need more bureaucracy, within reason of course.

  • Persiansweetcat1

    People who have suffered sexual assault or domestic abuse usually go two very different ways: either they stay a victim or they rise above it and help other victims, people who have suffered from the same injustice. We cannot judge those who stay a victim. Some are hurt very badly and cannot find the strength needed to get up again and fight for their rights BUT to those who can: BRAVO and Thank you!

  • David Kempton

    A wonderful story – she deserves this award. This is a major shift in regaining power without violence. Maybe it IS possible to retake control of America without another hot civil war.

  • Jeremiah C

    If her rapist sees what she's doing with herself, I can guarantee he feels like absolute shit about himself.

    And that, to me, is the most satisfying victory I can imagine.

  • Sues Anna

    I didn’t know her till now but I knew that we needed somebody like her. You are amazing! Sexual assault is the biggest issue of our time. It exists as long as humans did. Getting sexually assaulted changes your life forever. For most people in an extrem bad way, especially for kids. As a victim you are faced with so much more then just the assault, people around you treat you like a peace of shit and blame you, turn their back on you, the victim. Minimizing sexual assault and protecting those who are victimized is a big win for all of humanity.

  • Oliver Lieberman

    You let somebody nominated by a rebuplican on your show? The party of nazi that enslave children on your show? Are you Fucking serious? Your black why are you not talking constantly about the rights of black peoples being violated everyday by cops? Why are you not mentioning all the killings that cops get away with every week every time they shoot an unarmed blank person?

  • Ivan Esce

    The Haiti…. Nice name to hide behind. Like trump, your leader under Putin, said, you could be:

    a)a 400 guy pound guy in bed
    b) a scrawny skin head
    c) your run of the mill troll

    I vote c. But c does not exclude a and b. Be all that you can be hate…

  • Noseey Kitty308

    My goodness.
    This woman has such a beautiful soul.
    She's changing the laws and it's helping millions.
    So inspiring.

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