Ambassador Nikki Haley and National Security Advisor John Bolton Hold a Press Conference
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Ambassador Nikki Haley and National Security Advisor John Bolton Hold a Press Conference

Secretary Pompeo: Good
morning, everyone. It’s an honor to be here
in New York for the 73rd United Nations General
Assembly, my first as Secretary of State. Kind of the Super
Bowl of diplomacy. Americans can be proud of
how our entire team is executing on
the field today. I’m thrilled to be here
with my friends Nikki and John, as well. Americans expect the
United States to assert bold leadership on the
world stage that reflects our values. And under President Trump,
we are certainly leading from the front. This was clear from just
the first meeting this morning, in which we
issued a call for Global Action for the World Drug
Problem, the scourge of drug trafficking,
narcotics production, and substance abuse is
intensifying on a global scale. Within the United States,
President Trump is leading a massive and effective
counterattack against it. It’s now time for every
country to follow our lead. Later today, the President
will hold bilateral meetings with President
Moon of South Korea, President Al-Sisi of
Egypt, and President Macron of France. Whether it’s security
issues, economic issues, human rights, or anything
else, the President is asking for countries to
exert their sovereignty to solve challenges and
listening to what America can do to help. This emphasis on
sovereignty was, of course, the theme of
President Trump’s speech to the General
Assembly last year. That theme will endure in
his speech tomorrow, along with a recap about how his
call for every nation to do its part has paid
dividends for the United States and the world
over this past year. For example, President
Trump’s leadership, combined with efforts of
countries to enforce the pressure campaign, has
deescalated tensions with North Korea and brought us
closer to our final goal: the final, fully verified
denuclearization of the DRPK, as agreed to by
Chairman Kim Jong Un. Last week’s summit between
President Moon and Chairman Kim yielded
another positive step forward, but the President
remains resolute: Now is the not the time
to ease pressure. And as you’ve heard too,
President Trump will address the threat of
nonproliferation at the Security Council, on
Wednesday, and the need for responsible nations to
stop the spread of weapons and technologies. Among the topics that
meeting will cover are North Korea,
Syria, and Iran. You can bet the President
will have well-deserved strong words for the
Iranian regime, which is among the worst of
violators of U.N. Security Council
resolutions, if not the absolute worst
in the world. He’ll call on every
country to join our pressure campaign in order
to thwart Iran’s global torrent of
destructive activity. Whether it’s Venezuela,
South Sudan, Syria, Burma, China, the estimated 2.5
million victim — excuse me, 25 million victims of
modern slavery around the world can also count
on America’s support. Today is shaping up
as a great first day. Lots more work to
come this week. President Trump and our
entire diplomatic corps look forward to the days with
our foreign counterparts as we work on achieving
shared victories for all. Ambassador Haley. Ambassador Haley:
Good morning. Happy UNGA. We got a great start today
with the President’s event on counter-narcotics. Really, to understand this
event is to understand the fact that it wasn’t just
a bunch of people getting into a room. Every country that
attended had to sign a Global Call to Action,
which basically said that they were going to
implement something within their own countries that
dealt with how they were going to deal with the
supply and demand of drugs, the international
cooperation they were going to do with other
countries to stop illicit drugs, and then also
treatment that can be done within their
own countries. And so, the idea that the
President was able to get 130 countries to sign on
means that we are now having a global drug
conversation that needed to be had for a long time. As we go through UNGA, you
are seeing over 140 heads of delegations that
are here at the United Nations. We certainly are looking
forward to the President’s
speech tomorrow. As you can tell, last year
we started UNGA and it was trying to figure
what the U.S. presence was going to be. This year, we’re
here with a bang. Not only is the President
doing his speech, he’s going to be doing a
Security Council meeting. Secretary Pompeo is also doing
a Security Council meeting. The Vice President
is doing an event on Venezuela. And so it’s all hands on
deck by the United States. He will be meeting with
the Secretary-General. It’s been an interesting
time knowing that, since the Secretary-General’s
meeting last year, we have pulled out of
the Paris Accord. We have pulled out of
the Global Compact. We have pulled out
of the Iran deal. And all of that is to say
that the United States is determined to obviously be
involved in multilateral organizations where we see
it, but not in the way that they’re mandated on
what the United States does or that infringes
on the American people. So, with that, he will be
hosting the reception, obviously tonight, with
the heads of delegations. And then tomorrow night,
he and the Vice President and the Secretary have
agreed to host our Security Council members, as well as their
foreign ministers. And you know, with
everything we’ve been able to get accomplished,
whether it’s the arms embargo with South Sudan,
whether it’s the idea that we were able to get three
sanctions packages passed in North Korea, that we’ve
got massive reform efforts that were done this past
year and peacekeeping mandates completely
rolled over. We would not be able to do that
without the Security Council, and so that
meeting is going to be very important. But we look forward
to a great week. Everyone is excited. The United States is
always very happy to host this. New Yorkers may not be,
but we’re going to make it a great UNGA. Thank you very much. Ambassador Bolton:
Well, thanks. I’m just delighted
to be here. Everybody have a copy? I’ve got mine. It’s a little worn,
but I still got it. I just wanted to take a
second and talk about one of the themes in the
President’s remarks tomorrow. And I have been around
long enough to know that I’m not going to step on
any of his lines, but he is going to talk and
elaborate on his views on sovereignty. And I just wanted to
explain that this is — why this is so important
for Americans, because many people consider
sovereignty a kind of abstract concept. It derives, obviously,
from the word “sovereign,” meaning the monarch. But it’s one of the
reasons I think America is exceptional, and that is
we understand sovereignty not to be vested in
the head of state; we understand it as the
Framers said in the Constitution itself:
“We the People.” We the people are
sovereign in America. So that infringements on
our sovereignty are not infringements on
abstractions or infringements on the
government, they’re an infringement on the
people themselves. We express our sovereignty
through the Constitution, through our
political process. It’s why that’s
so important. And it’s why we believe
— and of course, I’m speaking in secular
terms here — that the Constitution is the
highest authority that we recognize. So in a number of
different ways, the President is going to
address this issue. And again, it’s the
continuing theme of his — as Secretary Pompeo said,
it was a theme in his last address to the General
Assembly, it will be this year, and in a variety of
other contexts that you’ll see. Thank you. Ms. Walters: With that,
we’ll open it up to questions. Steve Holland. The Press: Mr. Secretary,
will you raise with the Russians what you’re
calling an “escalation” of sending these S-300
missiles to Syria? Secretary Pompeo: So,
there are many topics that we’ll talk about
with the Russians. I am very confident that
their latest decision to move the S-300 will
be amongst them. Ambassador Bolton has
had the most recent conversation when he met
with his counterpart now three weeks ago perhaps,
four weeks ago. As I said yesterday, we’re
trying to find every place we can where there is
common ground, where we can work with
the Russians. We’re finding lots of
places where they’re working against American
interest, and we will hold them accountable
for so doing. The Press: And will you
meet with Lavrov while you’re here? Secretary Pompeo: Yes. I’m sure Sergey and I will
have our time together. Ms. Walters: Matt
Lee from the AP. The Press: I really don’t
have anything to ask. I’m in the middle of
writing something here. (Laughter.) But I will, I guess. Ambassador Bolton, when
you talk about sovereignty and your threat
to prosecute the International Criminal
Court, do you expect the President will
repeat that threat? And exactly what is the
legal basis for saying that you will prosecute
ICC prosecutors or judges? Ambassador Bolton: Well,
as I said a moment ago, I’m not going to say
anything specific about what he’s going
to comment on. And the authorities that I
referred to in my speech to the Federalist Society
are largely drawn from the American Service-Members’
Protection Act of 2002. Ms. Walters: John
Roberts, Fox News. The Press: Two questions. The first one is not
exactly in your purview. But as you spent the
morning with the President, do you have
any idea what’s currently going on with the Deputy
Attorney General? Secretary Pompeo: We
don’t have any comment. You’ll have to talk to the
White House about that. The Press: Okay, then let
me ask my second question. North Korea. You’re having a lot of
talks with North Korea. You’re not seeing what you need
to in terms of denuclearization. How long do you leave
the door open before you decide this isn’t working? Secretary Pompeo: Yeah,
John, look, you have to remember this is a process
that will move forward. To set a date certain
would be foolish. But make no mistake about
it — the conversations that we’re having
are important. They’re putting the
opportunity to complete the denuclearization
in place. And we will continue at
every level to have those conversations. Some of them you will all
be aware of; some of them you won’t know
are taking place. There’s lots going on so
that we can get to the place where — in this
place, this week. Right? These are the U.N. Security Council
resolutions that demanded that North Korea give
up its nuclear weapons program and, even more broadly,
its nuclear capabilities. Those aren’t United States
demands; they are the United Nations demands. And we’re working to
assist in implementing them and to help Chairman
Kim get to the right place to honor the promise that he made to President Trump in Singapore. The Press: Are you
optimistic that he will come through on this? Secretary Pompeo: Yes. Ms. Walters: Errol
Barnett, CBS. The Press: Secretary
Pompeo, just to follow up on that point, President
Trump said earlier today the second meeting will
take place quite soon. So, my specific question
to you is: What does North Korea need to do before
securing that meeting? Or has it already
achieved that privilege? Secretary Pompeo: I’m not
going to get into the details about it, but
the President said this morning they’ll
meet quite soon. I’m confident that
that will happen. I expect I’ll be traveling
to Pyongyang before too long, as well, to make the
final preparations for that second meeting
between the two leaders. The Press: Will that be
before the end of the year? What is “soon”? Secretary Pompeo: Yes. Lord willing, I’ll be traveling
before the end of the year. Ms. Walters:
Francesca Chambers. The Press: Thank
you, Lindsay. I’ll start with you,
Secretary Pompeo. North Korea says that it’s
looking for reciprocal actions from the United
States in order to enter into a nuclear deal. What at this point would
the United States be willing to give up to
North Korea since you guys have said that sanctions
are not on the table? And then, I have a second
question on a second topic, but you might want
to answer that first. Secretary Pompeo: So, I
have said repeatedly and I shall remain steadfast:
We’re not going to talk about the state of the
negotiation — it would be inappropriate for us to
do that — or our North Korean counterparts to talk about
particular deal points, things
we’re working on. But the fundamental
principles remain the same. We expect the full,
complete, verified denuclearization
of North Korea. And until such time as
that occurs, the economic sanctions — the sanctions
that have been put in place by the United
Nations Security Council — will remain in place. That’s the core
proposition that the President agreed to in
Singapore, and it’s the one we’re going to
continue to honor through the whole process. The Press: Okay, and
then the second topic. Canadian Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau is among the U.S. allies who is not
getting a private sit-down with the President this
week, it would seem. So what does that say
about the relationship between the United States
and Canada right now? And what does it say
about the possibility of securing a trade
deal with Canada? Ambassador Bolton: The
President’s schedule is very compressed this year
in New York, and so there were a lot of requests and
a lot of desires by the President to have
bilaterals that simply couldn’t be accommodated. He speaks with Prime
Minister Trudeau by phone all the time. And it’s always possible
here in New York that they would have time for a
pull-aside, as we call it. But there is full
and open, complete communication between
Prime Minister Trudeau and President Trump. That I can assure you. Ms. Walters: Emerald
Robinson, One America News. The Press: Thank
you, Lindsay. This is for either
Ambassador Haley or Secretary Pompeo. In an update on Pastor
Brunson, there’s rumors that he could be
released next month. Any comment on that? Is that true? And are there
conversations going on this week in regards to
him and Turkish sanctions? Secretary Pompeo: Yes, he
could be released this month. He should have been
released last month, and he should be released
today, in fact. We’ve talked to the Turks;
they know the expectation. Pastor Brunson
and the other U.S. persons that are being
held by Turkey all need to be released by Turkey. And they need to be done —
that needs to be done immediately. And I’m sure there will be
some conversations this week in furtherance
of that. But no make no mistake,
there will be nothing that we share with them here
that we haven’t shared with them already about
President Trump’s demands that these innocent people
— these people who have truly done nothing wrong
— not be detained wrongfully in Turkey. Ms. Walters: We can move
to the back of the room. The Press: Thank you. Thank you very much. Secretary Pompeo, my
name is Majeed Gly. I’m from Rudaw
Media Network. I have a question for you,
Ambassador Bolton, or Secretary Pompeo, to
answer questions about Iraq. Ambassador Haley last week
elaborated very well at the Security Council of
how Iran is practically taking over Iraq and
influencing what’s going on there. Iran now is appointing the
Speaker of the Parliament. They’re planning to appoint
the Prime Minister of Iraq. They’re taking
over the country. What is the U.S. planning
to do in order to counter Iranian influence? Do you have specific
plans with that regard? Thank you. Secretary Pompeo:
Thank you. You’re speaking about the Iraqi
government formation process? Yes, sorry, I wanted to make
sure I had the question right. This administration took
over at time when Qassem Soleimani and the
Ayatollah were running rampant through five
capitals in the Middle East. And we have engaged in
significant activity that has begun to counter
the Iranian threat. Today they remain the
world’s largest state sponsor of terror. It is our fervent effort
to make sure that that not remain the case. We’ve put a number of
restrictions in place. We will re-impose another set
of sanctions come this November. Our actions in and around
the Middle East have made clear we will not continue
to accept Iran’s bad behavior. In Iraq, we have been
working to achieve a government that is an
Iraqi national government. And we’re hoping that the
leaders — the people of Iraq have spoken. They had their
chance to vote. And now they’re in the process
of forming that government. And we are working
diligently to make sure that the Iraqi people,
the voice that they gave during their election, is
who ends up in leadership there. The Press: A follow-on. Kim Dozier from
the Daily Beast. Rudy Giuliani over the
weekend called for regime change in Iran. Does that follow with the
Trump administration’s desires of policy? Ambassador Bolton: As I’ve
said repeatedly, regime change in Iran is not the
administration’s policy. As Mike Pompeo just
said, we’ve imposed very stringent
sanctions on Iran. More are coming. And what we expect from
Iran is massive changes in their behavior. And until that happens,
we will continue to exert what the President has
called “maximum pressure.” That’s what we
intend to do. Ms. Walters:
Jim Acosta, CNN. The Press: Yes, Ambassador
Haley, you’re the lone person here that has been
with the administration since the beginning. In the story about Rod
Rosenstein on Friday, it was mentioned that he
had been involved in circulating discussions
about invoking the 25th Amendment to have the
President removed from office. Were you ever involved in
any of those discussions? Were you aware of any
of those discussions? And I did have a North Korea
follow-up for the Secretary. Ambassador Haley: I mean,
I said yesterday, on the Sunday shows, that,
literally, I have never once been in the White
House where that conversation has happened. I am not aware of any
Cabinet members that are even talking about that. It is completely
and totally absurd. No one is questioning
the President at all. If anything, we’re trying
to keep up the pace with him, in the fact that he’s
got a lot he wants to accomplish very quickly,
and we’re going to continue to support him in
the way that he does that. The Press: I
appreciate that. And, Secretary Pompeo, if
I may ask you a follow-up on North Korea. Before you went into the
summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, you did not
have an agreement really in place for complete
denuclearization. Why should you have
another summit with Kim Jong Un — a second summit
the President talked about this morning — if you
don’t have the details in place? It just seems, even to the
layman, that you sort of have the process
backwards; that you would want the details in place
before having a summit. And here you may do
it for a second time. Secretary Pompeo:
Two things. Fact check: I’ve been with
the administration since the beginning too. Not that that’s relevant. (Laughter.) But I’ll add, no
discussion with me about the 25th Amendment
anywhere either. The Press: Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. Yes, sir. Secretary Pompeo: So, you
can now report that there are two senior leaders
that have said that your statement — your
question was ludicrous. (Laughter.) Second point, with respect
to North Korea: Look, we went — The Press: Well, if it’s
so ludicrous — if I may ask, if it’s so ludicrous
— and I apologize for not remembering that you
were the CIA Director. Obviously, you were
the CIA Director. If it’s so ludicrous, why
did the Deputy Attorney General have discussions
about it behind the scenes? Secretary Pompeo: I find
the question ludicrous. I’ve been involved — I’ve
been at the center of this administration, along with
lots of other folks, from virtually day one. I think it was actually
day three or four. I’ve never heard anyone
talk about it, whisper about it, joke
about it in any way. I’ve been in a lot of
meetings with a lot of senior officials
from this government. Your question on North
Korea: Remember the history. We went at this the other
way for decades, and North Korea continued to build
its nuclear program. Right? We tried to do details. We tried to do
step-for-step. We tried to do
trade-for-trade. Each of those failed. We’re coming at this from
a different direction. We’re bringing the two
senior leaders, the individuals who can
actually make the decisions that will move
this process forward, bring them together so
we can continue to make progress towards what the
U.N. Security Council has demanded and what Chairman
Kim has promised he would do. That’s the effort. There remains
work to be done. There will be some time
before we get to complete denuclearization for sure. But we’ve been at this the
other way for an awfully long time and failed
and put America in the position it finds itself
today: At risk from North Korean nuclear weapons. The Press: And wouldn’t
it be ludicrous to have another meeting with Kim
Jong Un if you don’t have the details in place? Secretary Pompeo:
Absolutely not. If we can continue to
make progress and have conversations, I think
there’s enormous value in that. Ms. Walters: (Inaudible)
in the back. The Press: Yeah, hi. Secretary Pompeo,
in your terms about denuclearization, you left
out the word “irreversible.” Was that a mistake
or deliberate? Secretary Pompeo:
Complete mistake. Completely irreversible. Thank you. Thank you for
correcting me.


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    Namun sejak Gerakan 54, orang Chinese mulai meninggalkan budayanya dan menerima budaya barat / Ilmu Pengetahuan dan meninggalkan tradisi Chinese.

    Misalkan Minyak Babi dianggap tinggi Kolesterol dan digantikan dengan Minyak Sayur dsb yang rendah Kolesterol.
    Akibatnya sekarang malah Penyakit Jantung menjadi Pembunuh nomor satu.

    Mengapa dahulu saat memakai Minyak Babi kita semua sehat?
    Waktu beli daging Babi malah minta lemak Babi, kalau diberi lemaknya sedikit kurang senang hati.

    Sekarang orang-orang memakan Daging Babi dan tidak memakan Minyak Babi, malahan banyak yang menderita sakit Jantung?
    Karena itu pasti ada yang tidak benar.

    Lalu saya meneliti manfaat Minyak Babi, menemukan bahwa Minyak Babi adalah barang yang berharga, dibutuhkan dalam pengobatan.

    Mula-mula, kondisi, Minyak Babi manis, sedikit dingin, tidak beracun.

    Manfaatnya yang terutama adalah:
    Menghilangkan Racun,
    bisa menghilangkan berbagai macam racun Ban Jiu, Yan Qing,Di Dan,Ting Zhang,Ye Ge,Liu Huang (Belerang), Zhu Gan.

    Sekarang bukankah kita takut pedagang menambahkan Liu Huang (Belerang) ke dalam makanan?
    Tidak perlu takut, makan Minyak Babi banyakan, bereslah.

    Manfaatnya yang kedua adalah :
    menyembuhkan lima penyakit Ikterus, Huang Dan, Gu Dan, Jiu Dan, Hei Dan, Lv Lao Dan, dan berapa bengkak-bengkah yang diakibatkan oleh penyakit Ikterus.
    Kelima penyakit Ikterus ini termasuk penyakit Kanker masa kini.

    Makanya Kanker dan Bengkak Air bisa disembuhkan oleh Minyak Babi, karena Minyak Babi dapat melancarkan Usus/Maag, buang air kecil, melancarkan darah, darah yang mengendap.

    Seperti buang air kecil tidak lancar, ilmu kedokteran saat ini memasangkan selang disaluran kencing.
    Ilmu kedokteran adalah Ilmu kedokteran,
    dokter Sin She China hanya menggunakan Setengah kilo Minyak Babi dan dua liter air, direbus hingga tiga kali meluap lalu diminumkan lancarnya buang air kecilnya.
    Kalian boleh minta perawat rumah sakit sebelum memasangkan selang coba dulu dengan cara pakai Minyak Babi.

    Penyakit radang perempuan, lendir putih bau busuk, gunakan Minyak Babi 60cc, Arak 100cc,
    direbus dan diminum.

    Untuk menyembuhkan racun Zhu Gan,
    misalnya ada beberapa ikan (lumba-lumba) atau ikan laut, racun Gan Zang nya tinggi sekali, salah makan bisa menyebabkan kematian.
    Jangan takut, minumlah satu liter minyak babi bisa sembuh.

    Orang tua yang suka batuk, gunakan Daging Babi, direbus, dipotong dan ditambahkan kecap dan cuka lalu dimakan sembuhlah.

    Perempuan yang habis bersalin suka keringatan,
    gunakan Minyak Babi, Jahe dan Madu masing-masing 200cc, Arak 100cc, direbus 10 luapan,
    setiap kali minum satu sendok.

    Resep dari Sun Si Miao:
    Minyak Babi ditambahkan Ginseng, setelah direbus, diminum tiap hari satu sendok, bisa menyembuhkan orang tua yg Alzheimer.

    Masih banyak lagi manfaat Minyak Babi, disini tak dapat satu-satu dipaparkan.
    Pokoknya Minyak Babi adalah barang yang baik, ajaran nenek moyang jangan dimusnahkan.


  • Pekka Heikkinen

    It*s just so great to listen these people, the politicians whom words you can trust. Trump administration is not only talking and promising, they are keeping their promises, and that is something we haven't seen in decades, if not in centuries !! And they work hard and get the things done faster than anybody could imagine.

    I'm not believer, but in this case I'm ready to say, God bless America and President Trump !!

  • Giovonna C.

    It's Great we have such positive comments for this video.
    However Twitter monitors all the tweets I hope you guys go to Twitter and try to make positive remarks regarding President Trump.
    You will find shadowbanning for conservatives. Either your tweets will get deleted and/or are never posted, or they get lost in the mix.

    Meanwhile liberturds tweets are placed before that of conservatives there is no chronological order or any order. Why is it the post are not placed in any type of order other than biased towards liberals?
    I have contacted Twitter support and they never get back to me regarding his question! I hope people reading this comment help and getting answers to this question it's being overlooked on purpose, I don't know who to contact.

    Furthermore Trump bashing tweets are always memes, pathetic and disgusting cartoons, in which they do not how to produce a positive and coherent paragraph.

    Zuckerturd, Twitter and Facebook all media platforms have a slanted bias against our Esteemed President and his staff of supporters we have to speak out against such biases regarding conservatives.

    I've been trying to contact Twitter support and they do not answer me. Most of my tweets are not posted, or a lost and at the end of the threads so they are not read thus it appears there are more persons against the current Administration which is not the case. They are trying to brainwash the supporters into thinking there are more people against President Trump. Which is not the case. Check out the timeline on the threads to the right of the tweets.

    Of course they cannot supply me with an answer if anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment, thanks. 👍

  • Calvin Dodd

    The USA is the most entertaining clown show ever in the history of the world.
    Just look at the exceptional clown talent they field here…

  • mjh5225

    I wish Secretary Pompeo had turned the question around on Jim Acosta at 18:00. Ask Jim, 'I don't know Jim you'll have to ask Rod Rosenstein. Will you do that Jim? How many interview requests has CNN issued to Rod Rosenstein about his involvement in suggesting the 25th amendment to coup the administration?"

  • Deepak

    loll… Americans expect the US to uphold leadership on the world stage…… and Trump's message is "we should all just do what's best for our own countries, and not interfere/be interfered with by other countries"

  • So Vu

    always standing behind PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP to help him in completing the revolution in USA Today.

  • Tubagus Izroil Maulana Herry Er

    Kesalahan wajib dikembalikan kepada yang salah & yang sudah benar kembalikan lagi kepada yang benar dimana saya sebagai big boss world live inauguration 2017 donald trump mike pence of the world inaugural president di kritera dan penilaian mayoritas islam apa JAS HUJAN Jusuf kalla Aviana malik Susi pudjiastuti Harry tanoesudibjo trump hotel United states setya novanto kedzaliman berlanjut dari dalam pesawat jet pribadi saya JELEK ASAP NUSS ? sebagai adik barack obama atas segala arah singkatan baiknya maupun buruk mwnggunakan huruf kapital/huruf besar :

    TS > Tiffany nichole toth P buruknya apa wajib menikahi Sandiaga salahudin uno lalu bekerja

    CM > Cindy sistyarani alias liyah rahmadani wajib menikahi Maulana solihin gadungan lalu bekerja

    AD > Ahmad mussonef alias izroil gadungan wajib menikahi Dian pelangi/liyah rahmadani lalu bekerja

    BS > Barliasmara pengadu domba itil ngewaduk wajib menikahi Sylvia genpati lalu bekerja

    Ayana jihye moon mualaf korea selatan kemenangan pilgub akhir dijawa barat wajib menikahi tersangka atas residential thredsould & pembajakan ite wahidin halim TGUPP BPIP TGUPF gadungannya atas saya siapa diareanya wahidin halim

    Anie rahmi original ya kejar daku kau kutangkap anchor building diawal berita satu news AMI apa ya ? IDRIS apa ya ? KIKI apa ya ? atas keberaniannya kejujurannya transparansinya apa adanya dengan lisan pernyataan ke saya barulah tersadar ya dari amnesia jikalau aku lah suaminya berarti anie rahmi lah nyonya bossnya atas nama siapa suaminya siapa yang menulis ini alex janangkih sinaga dimetrotv & media indonesia paralel voa american & NET tv/live voice confrence voice speaker kompas tv pada saat kampanye damai bersama hamdan alkafie ? ada apa Ade mulya penyiar dengan Nadia mulya artis di kantor komisi pemberantasan korupsi MD3

  • Sharon Hartman

    Thank You Ms Haley, Mr Bolton & Mr Pompeo for all your hard work in helping Our Beloved POTUS turn Our Great Nation around! GOD Bless You All Patriots_/l_

  • Ross Johnson

    Sounded like Jim Acosta's voice. Still at trying to bring down the United States. Jim's bias is very irresponsible even treasonous. The government in power is doing the right thing on so many fronts. The President and administration are our government and Jim's too. Don't fight against America.

  • Petra Hermans

    You never learned anything, at all, Mike Pompeo,
    allowing to stand Mrs. Ni(c)ki Halley to stand, for false documents.
    You talk too fast, lady! I do not appreciate my inspiration to be abused.

  • sh2master

    drug prohibition is 100% against the principles of our founding fathers, and does 100% harm and no good at all. I hate all such rhetoric, but I trust Trump. It hurts to hear those things said that I've heard both parties say for so long, but I trust Trump. I put my faith in him. If he lets me down, that's alright. Life goes on.

  • Sue Smith

    Ambassador Haley, my friend Juan Pierre Griffin, who was born at Fairchild Air Force Base and had a "N" typed on his birth certificate.
    It's bad enough that the United States and or America left him without a civilian and or military chain of command 25 years ago at Fort Ord, Ca. My question is will he be deported for the United States and or the United States of America like he was deported from Germany in 2010 for being a United States/ European Union citizen and because he's not a registered Republican voter.?

  • Sue Smith

    Ambassador Haley, how many black United States and or United States of America/ European Union citizens were deported from Germany in the summer of 2010 for being non-white in Germany like my friend Juan Pierre Griffin.?

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