Amendment 10: State and Local Government Structure and Operation
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Amendment 10: State and Local Government Structure and Operation

[Music] welcome back before you cast your vote in this year’s election we are explaining the amendments you’re going to see on the ballot some of them are actually several questions in one and that really makes them confusing so right now local tens Letta Millbrook is tackling amendment ten which is about changing some rules of government and your power to put people in charge [Music] amendment 10 should be called amendment tens because it’s plural there’s a couple of different things it’s one of those amendments where you have to vote up or down for three different things the first two are pretty easy to understand the first part changes the dates of Florida’s legislative session the second part puts Florida’s Department of Veterans Affairs right into the Constitution it’s the third part that’s pretty controversial so what the third part does is kind of takes local power away from the counties in some respects and gives it over to state discretion what do I mean by that well particularly in Dade and Broward counties those are charter counties we get to make our own rules here some of the positions Sheriff Tax Collector clerk of court election supervisor property appraiser they are either elected or appointed by elected officials miami-dade and Broward County decides how to handle that at the moment but amendment 10 says all of these have to be elected positions and so it’s the state talking about how to handle it instead of miami-dade and Broward and other charter counties getting it to do their own way like they do right now again amendment 10 no matter how you feel about each one of these whether you agree with them all agree with some agree with none it doesn’t matter if you vote YES on amendment 10 you are agreeing to change the dates agreeing to put the Department of Veterans Affairs into the Constitution and agreeing that all of these positions and the counties must go to a vote and if you don’t want any of that to happen all you have to do is vote no amendment 10 she’s a good teacher isn’t she we like when Glenna does this and as with all constitutional amendment questions this one does need a 60% supermajority to pass so if you want to review this amendment more or any other that you’ll find on the ballot this year it’s a good idea to go to our website local


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