Amendments to the puppy farm legislation
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Amendments to the puppy farm legislation

Did you know more than 60% of Victorians own
a pet? We love our furry and feathered friends, and
want to know they came from a good home or responsible breeder.
The Victorian Government has made changes to pet breeding laws that will enhance the
welfare of our cats and dogs. These changes follow conversations with stakeholders
and the public about how we can improve the pet breeding industry.
Pet shops can only sell puppies and kittens sourced from a registered pound, shelter or
voluntarily enrolled foster carer. A new pet exchange register will be in effect
from 1 July 2019 to help all Victorians trace where their new pets come from.
Anyone advertising to sell or give away a cat or dog in Victoria must be enrolled on
the register. Breeders with one to two fertile female cats
or dogs are defined as ‘microbreeders’ and do not have to register as a breeding
business with council. Breeders with three or more female cats or
dogs, that are not members of applicable organisations, must register as a breeding business with
council. Members of a dog or cat applicable organisation,
such as Dogs Victoria, with up to 10 fertile females are defined as ‘recreational breeders’
and are exempt from registering as a breeding business with council. These organisations
bind members with a strict code of ethics. No dog breeder will be able to have more than
10 fertile females with council approval alone. From the 10 April 2020, breeders with more than
10 fertile female dogs must seek approval from the Minister to operate and meet additional
requirements. Approved commercial dog breeders can own a maximum of 50 fertile female dogs. Further improvements include a clear definition of farm working dogs and a new animal sale permit system. A new scheme has been developed to allow bird sales in Victoria. The Government is committed to making life better for our beloved pets in Victoria and working with pet breeding organisations to ensure kittens and puppies sold in Victoria come from responsible breeders. For more information visit us online at

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