Americans Oppose US Intervention In Syria But…
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Americans Oppose US Intervention In Syria But…

in Syria we have very serious situation
a couple months ago the US confirm that Syria had in fact use chemical weapons
across the red line the President Obama output out there s something where we
would have to take action okay now I it appears that they
might have used chemical weapons again it’s not
confirmed and s2 who use a chemical weapons and
that happened very recently obviously last week so on now has this way the american
people in terms of a going into Syrian a valid answer is an
overwhelming no a should the united states intervene
in Syria’s Civil War sixty percent say no ash shockingly low 9 percent say yes while the show right now if Syrian President Bashar al-assad’s
forces used chemical weapons they attack %uh
civilians well then what do you say that 25
percent support US intervention and forty-six percent oppose it yeah use chemical weapons so what I’ll we still don’t want to go those are
incredibly low numbers now about Obama’s decision to send arms to
Syrian rebels ODU is sending arms not sending troops
and I do anything else is eyes like the Los we can do and by the way we have
remained on that yet well 27 percent supported 47 percent oppose they are against this
man and the american people do not want to
intervene look I’m split on it I’m very very spot on and I might lean you know it depends on the situation it
depends on if things are proven I might lean towards using airpower okay now but obviously I’m in the minority
here you got a good knowledge that I mean look at the next one how about doing anything more than what
President Obama’s already promised in terms of animation only 11 percent said Obama should do more than sending
arms to rebels and eighty-nine percent said Obama should
not help the rebels those are all the wall no murders okay so no matter what I think it’s
clear the American people said so obviously it is clear the american
people stand I’m sure their representatives you know other congressmen and senators
and certainly no media figures the center will
represent the will the american people right or instead this could happen over the weekend with almost all the
parts certainly I a red line for us suspend the use of
chemicals against people I bad as a car I we need obviously respond to that I think we can act I
think we should act I think we should act the humanitarian purposes and I think we should act
because it’s in our national interest act this has happened I think we will
respond in a surgical way and I hope the present and as soon as we get back to
Washington last for authorization from congress to do something at a very surgical and
proportional why the number one chief objective a is even not seem to pick sides here but to pick
the American side and that is to do everything we can to
secure and destroy these chemical weapons in this situation I believe our
objective is to make it prohibitive for any country to use chemical weapons
weapons of mass destruction do you think action is going to Kara
something that gets their attention that causes them they understand that we are
not going to put up with this kind of activity at well I certainly would do
cruise missile strikes I think you can do that I without boots on the ground without
having guy americans in harm’s way you can they
destroy I the runways aside runways you could
destroy his munitions and then you could destroy his fuel there are lots and lots of things we
could do we could even destroy the in a Syrian Air Force if we wanted to what we
do know therefore warships p.m. off the coast to Syria I missiles on are an option to try to
take out these chemical stockpiles and I think that’s an option
the president should be looking at my guess is they well have been talking
with them recently this week I think they will come back I think they will ask Congress for
authorization literally a year ago he said that if the
Syrian regime use chemical weapons deployed chemical
weapons that this would be a red line and ironically enough on the anniversary
of his remark they apparently use chemical weapons for apparently the
second time so the president is hemmed in fuzz own actions in his own words I
think it should be surgical it should be proportional it should be in response to what’s
happened with the chemicals the number one chief objective should be
to secure industries chemical weapons so a military option not be limited to
that point is something that he should be thinking
about very carefully a no fly zone will only benefit the rebel forces the minimum is likely to be a precision
attack on the units that are suspected and I
think congress needs to be involved but perhaps not
initially we I’m have allowed us to fester we’ve had
a wait-and-see policy and hoping for the best this is time for us to do this I hope
will do its own all boy decision has been made my
favorite was a group of congressmen in the middle who cite nah we need to be on the American side
well we have an agreement I do show you the
poll only nine percent of Americans want to intervene whether I think it’s a good idea burn
I’m the American side is clearly against intervention but these guys come
out as if all american people I just talking the other day where we’re definitely go look man the
powers that be and I don’t know what they are in this case is probably a
combination over obviously the military-industrial complex but other factors that go into this have
made a decision and AM unleash their dogs over the
weekend this was an onslaught you just saw some
of it right there we’re going we’re going to syria you
this is not an accident those are not coincide a coincidental
that’s a talking point the memos been handed out to the pundits
the commentators the media the politicians and it’s not like the
just hand everybody in the media are every
politician the same talking points but people there are certain email
chains et cetera that you know Fox News certainly in
favor call roll in favor whatever defense contractors
want to do those congressmen and senators you just saw obviously and sometimes they’re
literally on an email chain where they get notes saying okay this is
the decision that we’ve made and and no of course you some code
words we’ve decided that it is in the best
interest of the american people to be on the American side abusing our
weapons ago after Syria but look remember for whatever reason
that decision had not been made prior to this so there’d its eg it’s not a
black-and-white issue was a complicated issue there are other forces that did not want
to go into Syria we took so long going is here because
they have no oil because it while companies joined
the military industrial complex we go in immediately right so this is
more complicated but apparently they have reached a conclusion and the
conclusion is whether you like it or not we’re going to Syria


  • Lance Williams

    i know right. I sick that a third world nation has a war and then U.S has to take action. then make up some bullshit like they used chemical weapons. Hey why not fix our problems first.

  • Silkfox

    Chemical weapons were used though, but USA has no proof that Assad did it, and if he did, why would he use such primitive chemical weapons when his arsenal has more deadly chemicals, Mustard gas for one. I mean if you are going to piss off the world why not use Mustard Gas or blood agent? It smells like a turd.

  • [Placeholder] Films

    We oppose this because it's not our war. We've been fighting for the last 10 years. Why should we support a government that is hostile towards us? Why should we support a rebellion with several of the groups involved are hostile towards us? As you recall, groups like Al-Qaida and Hezbollah are involved. No more war.

  • Kanben Severn

    The rebels are mostly fundamentalists, jihadists and alnusra, backed, funded and trained by US, UK and allies. They used the chemicals.
    Years ago, powerful people in the US made a list of countries they needed to destabilize and invade so they can control the world. The two countries left now are Syria and Iran. There are many wars around the world. The media only tell you about the ones in the country to be invaded and destroyed next.
    Look up "Strategy of tension" and "The Shock Doctrine"

  • Abo Miranda

    These people want to intervene because they will benefit from the war.It's the same thing that happened in Iraq. U.S. senators said Saddam Hussein had WMD and invaded and killed him. What happen next? Iran has Nuclear Weapons? … USA and the NWO want to take control of the muslim world. They have Israel on their side along with jordan, saudi arabia, iraq, afghanistan, kuwait, lebannon, lybia, egypt, U.A.E. and others. Except Iran, syria and pakistan.

  • hyperboreean

    Nice non-sequitur.
    I answered this question: "… what has he (Obama) done that's an impeachable offense?"
    Tu quoque fallacies (aka, appeals to hypocrisy) aren't worth my time.

  • Max Markovics

    no, my point is not that Obama has not done illegal things, my point is that he is not the first or last US president to do so, i was wondering if you meant you have a problem with the PRESIDENT or OBAMA

  • External power

    Why take a discount when you can use an act of terrorism to take the oil for free. They got no bid contracts for the rebuilding and major kick backs from the weapons industry. The oil money didnt go to the citizens of the US. It went to the oil assholes like bush and cheney. They profited. Not the rest of us.

    Second bush killed way more people than sadam did and on top of that iraq is 10 times worse now than it has been ever.

  • orhun20

    "destroy runways, syrian air force, fuel stock piles etc" thants unlikely coz syria has purchased damn good surface to air, air to air missiles from russia so their air defence not 100% but can retaliate against incoming attack
    "missle chemicals stock piles, storages" by bombing there storages would leak more chemicals in to the thin air and with the help of wing it'll spread out and perhabs kill even more civilians,
    so conclusion; U.S dont know what the fuck to do :))

  • Ameer Davis

    If you ask me… it shouldn't be up to the Americans but the men and women that will be fight and pitting their lives on the line

  • Agus Dwiyanto Putera

    who can help, listen if this war happens in your community what you might not just be quiet .. maybe it happened
    but suppose you will act in the world … we need each other to eat
    humanely or not because the group differences in religion but humanity …
    Mr. President Obama continue the mission that all require a strong power ..
    God always keep people who have a heart like you, … you are able to prioritize the interest before personal interest along …
    love peace
    of the Indonesian nation

  • BrentV100

    I beg china and russia to use there military into finding out the real crooks in my corrupt country. find out who that 1% is and take all the money they stole from us and give it back to the people.

  • ev3rybodysuck5

    Just let the balcans happen again, NATO or America. That took care of itself pretty well didn't it? Or is the death of 100,000 people and other 4 million becoming homeless a bad thing?

  • jlharr45

    The Chinese government doesn't like to talk about it and the U.S. government doesn't want to raise it. But decades ago, Beijing defaulted on debt owed to Americans, as well as investors and governments around the world. In one case, it was paid. In the rest it was not. More than 20,000 American investors own this debt. The U.S. government may also own Chinese war debt, unpaid since World War II.Think again! In reality, it is China that owes… and it owes America close to $1 trillion.

  • joroev

    But the rebels released the gas ,wtf is this guy even talking about. Canisters were found stockpiled at severeal compunds of the free syrian army , the one used by the US for the current proxy war there. This guy should get the story straight before talking

  • Mackle Palmeroy

    Why do you ass clowns care so much how they kill each other? Who fucking cares!
    We will all die of cancer in slow agony with insufficient medical care, the cumulative pain of which will far outweigh the pain of suffocating in a few seconds as your muscles lock down.

  • Mackle Palmeroy

    What a crock of shit dude! He believed some douche he saw on a screen and you believed a different one. Neither of you observed any solid evidence about what happened. None of us did and yet here we are deciding what went down.
    Stupid Much?

  • Marine5484

    If you think that it only last for a few seconds and you just muscles lock up and you suffocate you need to do your research on nerve agents.

  • Marine5484

    Now I will be the first to say that I'm glad we've stop beating the war drum over Syria and the option for the Assad regime to give up their chemical weapon stockpiles at this point…seems to be working. However you have to look at what would happen if we did nothing…like the majority of US citizens want….you can end up with a Rwanda the worst genocide in recorded history. Followed closely by Cambodia and what was the resounding theme? No international intervention. cont.

  • Marine5484

    The problem lies in that the UN is completely useless at this point due to their veto rules. European countries like to sit on their hands and debate, debate, and debate some more. Bosnia is a perfect example of this. My point is this. If you are tired of US intervention around the world then other countries need to step up to the plate and lead and I mean really lead not say your going to do something then back out.

  • califoniania

    Only if there's an investigation and they're proven to have been concealing evidence. If there's no proof then there's no crime. Remember, our justice system works under the principle of innocent until proven guilty. You can't impeach just because you THINK there's a cover up. There has to be evidence of it.

  • Kanben Severn

    Did you ever ask yourself why so many countries are against these wars? What is it billions of people around the world know that you don't? Find out and you will have your answer.

  • Missikech Kechqua

    The Untied States government leaders and military must cease being tools for BIG OIL and Israel. More and more funds are being cut from good domestic programs so as to be put into a war machine which serves the maliciously greedy interests of those who couldn't give a shit about world peace and the people as a whole.

  • Marine5484

    True but, the majority of the rebels are not AQS. Yes they are allowed to operate but that is only because the rebels hate Assad more then the terrorist groups. And that last comment makes no sense at all if a terrorist wants to shoot or blow something up in the US then they can buy the supplies here no need to smuggle them in.

  • TheMattd546

    wth. I hope your not an American. if so then who on earth would want other to bomb there home. sure. Assad used chemicals on his own people and its the usa's fault?

  • schutztruppe 1900

    The only American side is to destroy Al-Qaeda you fucked up politicians! Now is the time. Many in large groups called rebels in the northern part of Syria.

  • danny nasic




    How can most of you dumbasses make comments about how Americans are when you arent one yourself? Because you are brainwased by your own countries media and too dumb to look or ask for yourself. These ass clowns at TYT dont know shit because its more like 90% of us said no to Syria. We dont want anymore problems from the retards of the world. But dont worry, we will fix our country and once again you fucks will be begging for our help to pull you out from under the boot you idiots live under.

  • Kanben Severn

    You know what the irony is….? Many of the world's dictators came to power only with help from the US. They are kept there only by support, funding and backing from the US. If the US withdrew support from those dictators and from groups like alqaeda, those groups and dictators would not last till the end of the month. They would be wiped of the face of the planet by the entire populations who are SICK TO DEATH of them!

  • WeDenyTheTruth

    Americans should remember Agent Orange before crying about Syria's chemical weapons. Let the US intervene and, as usual, get their overweight asses kicked

  • dzulsoviet

    Hey those US politicians instead of saying" the use of force should be surgical, it should be proportional," they should really be saying this honestly." The whole country of Syria should be destroyed, nuked and everybody should be dead, We want to kill you all. And we expect the Russians to retaliate."

  • Blackmor Blacke

    These American Ministers calling for intervention in my opinion are war warmongering fcuks. Trying to make it sound okay buy using words like 'surgical, proportional & humanitarian. What the fcuk is wrong with these people calling for bloodshed? Bloody murderers!!! I'm glad the sane Americans are saying NO! NO!! NO!!!

  • nodresiak

    Listen to all the Warhawks screech for war on T.V. John McCain is nuts. I don't think he has ever been against any war. He lost his mind in the Hanoi Hilton a long time ago. Any one of you reading this who actually believes the U.S. gives a shit about humanitarian causes just bury your head in the sand and keep drinking the Kool-aid. Hundreds of thousands have been killed in Africa through ethnic cleansing and we don't even blink.

  • CT 1313

    England isn't a superpower and Russia is no longer a superpower. China is the only rising superpower. U.S wants to trigger the war, Iran, Russia and China want prevent it.

  • Radio Free Syria

    I was there in August. My friends can't even afford bullets at times, let alone the capacity to launch chemical weapons – and why the hell would they gas the people they're trying their hardest to protect!

  • tony datiger

    well maybe if Assad was so bugged by these allegations you'd think he would allow foreign journalist to document the war in syria so idk if your smart enough to figure out the rest and it also goes both ways theres no concrete evidence the fsa used the chemical weapons either fucking moron

  • tony datiger

    ok first off England isn't a country at all and you could most definitely count all of Europe as one superpower (EU) secondly Russia more than china is becoming a huge hindrance in the Syrian war only because it is rapidly losing influence and assets all over the world including Syria. and Iran are Syria are pretty much it these days. Russia is flat out denying regime atrocities for self benefit is the rest of the developed world doing the same? im not sure but i know that Russian are evil

  • CT 1313

    "Ok first off" I never said England was a country and I didn't mention Europe did I? He said "England or Russia or *another* superpower. I have yet to see any regime atrocities, have you been to Syria lately? All I see is another U.S paid Al'Qaeda group killing off civilians and are failing to overthrow the Syrian Government. If you think the chemical weapons used on the Syrian people was commenced by Assads Army, you are terribly mistaken. "Russian are evil" look at the U.S.

  • tony datiger

    what i find the most funny is if that were true all asad would have to do is allow professional western journalist to document it. if your looking for regime brutality look no further than the box above they have done a pretty good job of filming whats going on and vice also did a piece on it and i suggest the same goes for you when were you last in Syria? and i mean hey it could be a false flag like 9/11 you never know i dont think so as for the whole europe thing i was trying to help clarify

  • Nick Paul

    It would not be the first time american government gave weapons to rebels. They have also gave chemical weapons to saddam hussein to launch at syria. so why would they not give them to the rebels. The american government has been trying to take over syria for years.

  • Nick Paul

    dude open your eyes. USA has been looking for a reason to go to war with syria. the government gave those chemical weapons to the rebels just so that they can say look there using chemical weapons we need to bomb them know. BTW im american and i hate our government for terrorizing other countries.

  • truthmouthpiece2

    the so called 'rebels' are paid and armed by the west through Qatar and via Sunni intermediaries, they're paid to invade and bring terror to Syria and provoke regime change to weaken Iran with destabilization of China and Russia as the endgame. Everybody with some geopolitical background knows that and everyone with a working brain suspects it, but The Young Turks apparently do not have either..

  • truthmouthpiece2

    If you want actual in depth analysis of the Syrian affair, I recommend you, among others, this video : /watch?v=oNet5aLKaWg
    or the shorter version: /watch?v=n1dMLN8wKf8
    you won't get that on TYT 😉

  • bolladeen

    Another Americans lies…They are saying the American people are against the war, but they still vote for the President who will take them to war. As usual, their words doesn't go with their act. They let their nation reserves to be spend on KILLING and INVADING other countries. They willingly send their children to do the KILLING or DIE trying. Don't be fooled by these DEVIL'S DONKEY…

  • tony datiger

    ya i already saw the vid but the same goes for the regime theres a video of men loading up a large cannon alot of them were wearing red barrettes which means there some kind of special forces and the left over canisters that were found in the most recent attack in Damascus did not match up with the weapon the fsa was video taped firing i wish i had i link i forgot which vid but you can find out more on truth loader right here on youtube watch for yourself

  • Blackmor Blacke

    Warmongering Americans are known to seize the opportunity to go to war where the opportunity arises and where they stand to benefit from the spoils of war. Im not saying all Americans are warmongers, nop. Getting involved in Syria is like getting into Iraq hoping to solve all their problems by getting rid of Hussein only to find out that the country is in a worse state than when the Americans and British found it, and that "many more" innocent lives have been wasted by them than Saddam ever did.

  • roflcopterkklol

    It is called war propaganda, the government controls the media.
    Journalism is by definition revealing information that people do not want to talk about.
    The only place i see that happening is wikileaks and Murica wants no part of them.

  • xekul

    there you go: "crossed the red line that president obama put out there as something where we would have to take action"… that's the ONLY reason why obama the great peace-maker and war-ender wanted to use force… b/c he drew a line in the sand and someone stepped over it, essentially calling his bluff. then he had the choice of looking like a weakling or looking like an idiot. the irony is he ended up looking like both. so worthless…

  • xekul

    Mr TYT face man wouldn't be "split on it" if this was Mitt Romney or GWB in the White House. Then he would be 110% against it. But his boy, Obama? Well, you gotta back his play, whether it's the wrong play or not.

  • Danny Ly

    I think the Americans are against it because what happens if Syrian sends chemical missile and attacks parts of America and people will be suffering from toxic chemicals and may even result in death.

  • NSAlixFEDass NSA

    How do you secure and destroy chemical weapons and wmd when you YOURSELF use them?  HAHHAHHAHAHAH I bet those iraqis are lovin' that depleted uranium… birth defects… still borns.. oh yeah… go USA!!!

  • kieran franey

    Why would the syrian gov use chemical weapons when they were doing well with conventional weapons if anything it hampers their effects. The writing is on the fucken wall the american government is behind it. False flag

  • Arab Katib

    Here in Dubai people are so shocked of America’s reluctance to aid Syrians.
    And it speaks VOLUMES about America AND Americans.
    Your image in the Middle East is like SHIT now, and nothing will change that, nor people will forget that, just like the Jews who can't forget the Holocaust.
    You can shove "Why do they hate us?" up your asses.

  • Kurd ÖZIL

    fucking usa is scard of russia and china to go to war in syria and kill bashar just like nato did to gadafi in libya

  • TheSm1thers

    We should have intervened in Syria as soon as we could. Now we have let IS fester and grow and it is posing a threat to the west. Not only that but tens of thousands of innocents are being massacred, enslaved and raped.

    Thanks Obama.

  • D Dog 2015

    They've lied so much about Iraq, that no one will believe them about chemical weapons, maybe even if they're right.

  • TheKeithvidz

    Barack went full in – for which I would've ATTACKED America back and Trump opposed. America used Depleted uranium in the region where US troops "serve" poisening them and locals alike.

  • limp stear

    American official statements regarding their foreign policy goals and justifications for their actions in Syria is funny. It went from "no boots on the ground" –> "couple of advisers" –> "couple thousand troops" –> "couple military bases" –> "we will leave once ISIS is defeated" –> "we ain't going nowhere" Now 10 more military bases and 10 thousands occupation army in syria. another overseas colony! Sad for syrian

  • branden burks

    Syria never used any chemical weapons. The United States and Israel (and “allies”) sent Al Queada into Syria and created ISIS there and THEY are the ones who used chemical weapons to stage a false flag.

  • branden burks

    The United States and Israel actually broke international law and dropped bombs with white phosphorus in Syria AND they gave Al Queada and ISIS, both “terrorist” groups primarily created by the United States and Israel, chemical weapons to stage false flag attacks. Assad has NEVER used chemical weapons and there NEVER was a civil war in Syria. The “terrorists” sent in by the United States and “allies” to destabilize the government there are making it seem like it to those who aren’t paying close attention. Soon enough it’ll be easy to see.

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