America’s success depends on her virtue ft. Professor Robert George | #TruthStraightUp
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America’s success depends on her virtue ft. Professor Robert George | #TruthStraightUp

♪ George: People today talk a lot
about the faults and flaws of our founding fathers. They were
human beings. They had faults. They had flaws, some serious.
They were also men of extraordinary genius, and they
bequeathed to us a constitution that really, truly is and should be
the envy of the world. They understood something, though:
that constitution is actually, at the end of the day, not
a machine that will go of itself. Those constitutional structures
that protect our liberties, that prevent tyranny by
checking government power, the doctrine of federalism,
the separation of powers, judicial review, and so forth,
judicial review being something, of course, that wasn’t explicit
in the Constitution, but was held to be implied
in the Constitution, are important. They’re necessary. They help to preserve
republican government. The founders were right
to focus on them, but as they also understood,
all of that, the working of the Constitution, depends
on the virtue of the people. The constitutional structures
will mean nothing if our people are not virtuous. ♪


  • Wesley Wright

    The Godless society, built by the Public Universities and Schools is destroying America's virtues one Socailist at a time. God Save US again!!!

  • Geronimo Zarza

    00:22 "Truly is and should be the envy of the word…"
    The most important inspiration for all south american countries to fight for their autonomy againgst Spain an Portugal was the incident of the Boston Tea and the Founding Fathers. Damm even French Revolution was inspired by the Founding Fathers. Every person who deny that is a jerk who never actually read a real history book.

  • David Pimentel

    We must therefore define virtue explicitly. The problem that we face is the constant redefining of words like virtue to push agendas that strive to destroy our republic.

  • Lawrence Miller

    It seems many elected officials know the way to gain political power and disregard the limits on the government is to support illegal aliens. These people are not virtuous at the start. This support for illegal aliens is wrong.

  • Kevin Morrison

    Sad to say from what I am seeing there are a lot of young people today that are NOT virtuous! At least based on what they know, which those of us who are and are educated in the real world know what these people dont know is that they have been lied to in order to push a false narrative! In this case ignorance is NOT bliss!

  • big bear fuzzums

    America is only America for one reason and one reason only! That is the American public who have fought any and all comers to their knees and surrender and have poured more blood sweat and treasure than any other we answer to no one and don't have to bow to anyone or explain ourselves to anyone or owe anything to anyone … This our republic with a Constitution which we will defend has stood and will allways stand while every other " democracy" has been bought and sold their own ppl into socalist slavery and povrty time and again …so the next time you hear the word "democracy" kindly remind them we are a sovereign republic with a Constitution and not for sale now or ever unlike "democracy's"

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