Amish, Elephants, Bigfoot, & Haunted Confederate HQ
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Amish, Elephants, Bigfoot, & Haunted Confederate HQ

what’s going on good morning everybody
coming to you from Everett Pennsylvania going to start my morning off right with
a nice cold ice cream for breakfast yeah let me get my ice cream then I’ll show
you on the map where I’m at right now what does Jax think about my breakfast
choice yeah you like it too huh actually with the chocolate milkshake
one of my new favorites for breakfast actually this is more preferred over
popcorn actually lately mm-hmm I’m sure where I’m at in comparison to the entire
United States right now so here’s our map guys we started over here in San
Francisco I am right about here in Pennsylvania South West Pennsylvania
right there and we got to go yep and then we’re done the end is near that’s
kind of sad but we’re in have some fun today oh well I pulled off thinking it
was a penny it’s actually a quarter a big huge silver quarter that’s pretty
cool though oh and it’s another roadside giants of the Lincoln Highway here in
Pennsylvania again built by the students at the well they’ve been busy on the
Lincoln Highway thanks for the quark guys love it
actually here’s the other neat thing I want to point out you know some of the
restaurants and places that have closed since that look that I got from
2007 well this quarter was put here in 2009 so this wasn’t even included in
that Lincoln Highway book that I had back then so even though we are losing
some of the older stuff we are getting some interesting new art
added to Lincoln Highway so that’s good I think we’re in Amish country guys
roadside giant again of the Lincoln Highway in 1920 Selden one and a half
ton pickup that’s for hauling guys yeah I think we’re in Amish country we may
see some horses and buggies around here boy they sure get warm quick just
stopping here to get some supplies and then remembered that I forgot to show
you guys a change I made with strapping the motorcycle as I mentioned some of
those straps were coming off on the road I have four of them I’ve had four of
them and I would stop sometimes and randomly one would be loose either up
here or down here and as you can see yeah I have closed loop s’s all the way
around and a soft tail here so no longer hooking on the bar up here but strapping
and then hooking right there and these are a rhino motorcycle straps they’re
meant for that so I just feel that that’s gonna make it no matter what
happens like if you simulate some kind of movement and this this loosens it’s
not gonna come off anywhere because it’s it’s essentially locked in everywhere
and then doing this sense down in Georgia and they have not not once has
it come off there’s no way to come off really so feel a lot safer
I also angled my rear camera down it used to be more out and showing what’s
coming up to the RV but I already have that on the two sides pointing out and
behind me so this camera now is pointing straight down I can look on my phone
while I’m driving live and look and see what the motorcycle
does on the back okay quirky this little section of Lincoln
Highway is a little a little bit quieter a little bit off the beaten path a
little more remote nice little Creek back here with some orange tulips and we
are gonna see what’s going on here that mr. Ed’s guys yeah a little roadside
attraction I believe fact check out this old Ford
box truck with some artwork on it well we haven’t made it quite to the front
yet but mr. Ed’s elephant museum and candy and pour iam uh-huh
a giant smiling elephant their little coin mechanical elephant their snow
white toy soldiers and look a little elephant pond okay no fishing oh yeah
all kinds of candy big elephant up there yeah
horton hears a who e alright let’s check out this elephant museum hey Dumbo demo a lot of elephants guys at what point do you just say I have a
problem I have a problem collecting elephants it’s okay though I mean if you
got room to storm Wow never know what you’re gonna see on the nomadic phonetic
show the largest collection of elephants well I’ll at least give them credit they
have a massive magnet collection even some Gettysburg stuff these are kind of
bulky but it says mr. Ed’s on it I think I have to get one of these it’s really
lightweight too on my way out she asked me if I went to the back to see the
teapot Museum as well the trail just continues back here miss Pat’s teapot
Museum see how it’s kind of shaped like a teapot is there a handle over there
yeah okay okay and we have a bunch teapots there’s
Santa smoking a pipe okay interesting pretty much guarantee you don’t see
stuff like this just off the highway guys
helping so peanut then I’ll know if the elephant’s name peanut or if they’re
growing peanut or who’s that big toad you guys see him there I don’t think
that’s a fake no he’s moving that’s a real toad ok the Enchanted Forest it’s a
spongebob bird feeder very Oh guys guess what we
found here the elusive yep
Bigfoot guys we found Bigfoot actually anybody seen the Harry and the
Hendersons this looks like Harry from the movie that’s exactly what this one
looks like very happy very smiley not angry I think him injection really get
along so I did get my elephant from mr. Ed’s also got my official first pencil
but this is my first Pennsylvania magnet I think I can’t member ever get anyone
before when I was in the north west tip and although I haven’t been there I got
this one cuz I don’t know if I may be able to find one so I’ll show you this
one later ok the coffee cups that they sell include filling them up with your
choice of candy so tootsie rolls those little strawberry ones and some
caramel on the bottom as well I recently had my nomadic fanatic coffee cup
actually break on me I still have my don’t be a tater hater but my coffee cup
with my nomadic fanatic logo broke so that’s why I went with this one which
can you see the outline of pac-man with the blue it doesn’t say anything but I
think when you add hot water to this or coffee it comes to life and so I’m gonna
test it right now see what happens when I add coffee to this Cup cuz I spill it
on the ground too ok maybe it takes a minute oh is it do not on your side see how
it’s starting to light up oh that’s really cool man oh I love it that is my
favorite new coffee cup comes to life when you add hot water coffee I mean why
would I drink hot water well perhaps anger awesome you know a
point on the elephant museum though I guarantee you if it had not been for the
quirky collection of elephants I would not have stopped at just a candy store
come check out our Lincoln Highway candy store I wouldn’t have made that stop so
I say it all the time if businesses go out of their way to
provide quirky interesting unusual stuff and then also have magnets at the end of
the day it’s a great stop for anybody really good job here’s an old one guys
the haunted Cashtown Inn established in 1821 haunted if you’re traveling though
guys I would say just make Monday’s in Tuesday’s you’re I’m not doing anything
day because as you can see they’re not open on Sundays or Mondays here it’s
tempting to just park in their lot and sit here and wait till tomorrow but now
I got a I got to get on the road I was gonna do uh well you guys already know
what I’m doing in my next video Gettysburg probably probably but this
plaque the Civil War building July 1863 it is said that this building was
actually the Confederate headquarters here and that might be kind of why it’s
haunted as well something about one of these rocking chairs will move as if the
general still sitting out front but the idea of anything being haunted
is kind of neat okay here’s another plaque historic Cashtown in well this
says established 1797 which is much earlier than eighteen
twenty-one where it says the other one but sorry we’re closed the end will be
closed today check-in only I don’t have a reservation so okay wait just rying to
get my facts straight so it was established as the Cashtown Inn in 1797
and established the Civil War building in 1863 and now it’s back to a Cashtown
Inn which is cool I think it’s actually also a bed-and-breakfast as well
Cashtown Inn conference in the road oh yeah this is an important little
Confederate stop here as far as history goes and they’ve actually preserved it
really well let’s look over here take a look yeah nice too bad darn would have
been nice to stop in there and see what the inside museum looks like but army of
the Northern Virginia Stuart’s cavalry division in buttons brigade xviii
Virginia Calvary 62nd Virginia infantry honestly I probably could get away with
just parking here for the rest of the day and wait until tomorrow
but I just don’t want to get in trouble around here in these small towns I don’t
want to I don’t want to be use anything so gonna get over to my secure place to
a park for the night and I’m here just outside of Gettysburg now guys gonna
have to get tricky because I got into Gettysburg thought I could stay here and
I can’t this is an absolute first never seen anything like this one
Barbie parking limited to two hour maximum at night never seen that one
don’t really know if it’s enforced there are a few other RVs here but I feel like
I can’t really take that chance I’m a trickle charging the battery on here it
was down to 50% I think the alarm does you know it has some ghosts to draw
battery overnight so maybe just once a week I’ll just hook up the trickle
charger and charge it up get it ready but this I have to leave Gettysburg now
because I can’t stay here tonight it’s like 4:30 p.m. and I wanted to
Gettysburg tomorrow actually I wanted to spend two days all of the parks and RV parks and
everywhere are full so all to get creative but I’ll be back with you here
in a couple days you guys have a good day hug you later
come back


  • Daniel Lungren

    I noticed that you will be traveling in NJ. As you know there is little to no free camping. If you happen to be traveling in Sussex NJ, and need a place to stay for the night, my family and I would love to have you stay at our place. We are located in a beautiful farming community.

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  • Ken Wolfe

    Welcome to eastern PA. I figure you’re around Philadelphia’s Main Line area by now. Probably found the route through that area….line through Wayne PA, Villanova, PA…..and, well, the whole route is a little tight….busy…well, you know. I think the current Lincoln Hwy route is like the 3rd iteration since original. Get stuck behind an Amish buggy going through Lancaster County? I live on one of the old “northern” routes. In fact, I live a block from Old Lincoln Highway. Drive safely and thanks for the content!

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    I don't think tulips is right. Hmmm. Are those petunias? LOVE Jax at the beginning of the vid. Great stuff, Eric!

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    Since you are not far away, come up to Ontario, Canada. Go up to Sudbury to see The Big Nickel Mine. There is also a lot of other things to see in Ontario. Check it out.

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  • Weird World

    Nice vids, but i would hate to be held prisoner in my van or RV for 8 or more hours a day. People that travel constantly are trapped by having to watch the road. You can't read, watch TV, go for a walk or do anything else…but kep your eyes on the road ahead. RVers always say they are free, but they are not.

  • John Hummel-Newell

    Hey Eric Noticed you just changed your intro again. You should do a intro montage vid. Keep up the great work

  • Dee Terry

    You find the strangest things on your travels. The coolest things are always on your show. I loved the elephants and candy emporium. That was the neatest thing! Good luck with finding a place to park, it can sometimes be very hard even here in the west!

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  • XblkXlblXsk8r

    Being from the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania, I truly believe if they did find bigfoot, that's where he'd be…

  • s.lee

    Lots of Amish on Route 30 East of Lancaster. Lots of small towns there with horse and Buggies everywhere and Hitching Posts in front of stores. Go there every couple of years for several days and always enjoy it.

  • Paul Byrne

    Eric, Another great video. I had visited that cashtown inn years ago. I believe it is haunted and I am not into that sort of nonsense but believe me when I tell you shit was going on . The hairs on my neck are standing on edge now. You should have stayed and toured the place when they opened. You can check out a couple of the YouTube videos on this place. One weird Place. Oh and by the way, you and Jax are heading my way. I live about 45 minutes east of the double decker WalMart that you stopped in Albany NY. I live on the borders of New York,,Vermont and Massachusetts, On a mountain top. Ever out this way, give me a heads up.


    Hey Eric, near the end you read that sign and it said 2 hr parking at night…. well in actuality, after midnight becomes the am, meaning morning, Haha

  • Janclair Lance

    Hi Eric, I tried to email you. Is your email still [email protected]? I’m enjoying your Lincoln Highway tour! Love the quirky interesting visits.

    I wanted to send you a picture of the cat I’ve wanted for years. Similar to Jax, Phannie is a big girl of 15 lbs. she appears to have Tabby & Maine coon ancestry. I absolutely love her. I just got her 4-6 weeks ago.

    Loved the elephant collection. I don’t have any but have always admired elephants… amazing, intelligent,& sensitive animals. I do have teapots… only 4 but love having a “cuppa ”, as the British say. I love the imperfect pots that show they were loved & used.

    If you have an email … I would love to show you my beautiful cat..

    I’ve been enjoying watching over a year… keep on rolling!

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    Men, orange tulips? no, what we call ditch lilies,(some call daylilies) up here in Maine,
    I have them coming into bloom in my 200 ft ditch- grin

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    I have a cousin that collects elephants, aren't elephants a symbol of good luck in some counties? searched "Hindu way of thought, the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects."

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    #355 Gettysburg is holy ground for the 53,000 soldiers that lost their lives in battle. Every time I go back I learn something new about the Civil War. Thanks to Mr. Ted Turner to document the event in history with some great actors.

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    Wow this is funny I was in south San Francisco for 3 months till April 4 and now in west Virginia beckley you following me?

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    you were about 40 mins from me in westminster md.about 20 mins or so from gettys. there is a state campground called codorus state park in hanover pa i think its arround 10 bucks a night

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