• chimpakawanzelu

    throw in the towel already, cloudbootjar. you are contributing nothing to the dialogue… in fact, you're hurting it.

  • Venom Snake

    The Democrats lose with Impeachment regardless.
    Say he gets impeached, that doesn't mean he will be out, look at bill Clinton.
    Assuming he does get Impeached out, the Dems then have To deal with Mike Pence as president. Until 2024.
    Let's be real here for a moment, regardless of your politicial idealogy we all know Trump is going to get re-elected.

    All the while, the Democrats will completely focus and out all their attention, time and energy on him.
    Rather then towards the American people

  • High Laughter

    Trump wanting to investigate Biden for shady activities is a impeachable Offence because Biden is campaigning for president.. Yet its okay for Sen. & Congress who are campaigning for president to investigate Trump..

  • michael myers

    My name is Michael myers. I'm a democrat running for president. I know i have no chance of winning but I'll happily take your donations and buy myself a mansion while pretending to be a socialist.

  • Ivan Shivolski

    Complete waste of time. There are no democrat candidates. There is no impeachment. The house is going back to Republicans in 2020. This is what's real, its been calculated and it's been exicuted. This fake news is useless.

  • India Burke






  • American Truth

    Ignore the law, ignore the facts, Trump trolls
    Clutch your guns in fear and repeat your hypocritical racist ideologies

  • SuperVillain Politics

    Monkeys will fly out my butt before Amy is president or even a serious candidate. Thank God you got some filler time in Eh?

  • Edmund Singleton

    Each Sunday it’s proclaimed, “This is our weekly look at the stories behind the stories, on how the media really works, how news gets made”…

    I don’t expect to ever be invited to appear on anyone of the Sunday morning chat show, who among their staff have clean hands, that does not dye their hair.

    On CNN’s Reliable Sources and Fox News Media Buzz, as far as I can tell have never done an in depth story on the proliferation of hair dying among journalists and politicians that regularly appear on their networks, that would be too much like, “biting the hand that feeds them”, is not going to happen, ever.


    "I am disgusted by the conduct of Republican senators who pose as reputable people, but shamelessly hide under rocks instead of calling out the president's horrendous behavior as the gross misconduct that they know it to be," Don Ayer  
    – AMERICA DESERVES BETTER THAN tRump and his Republican enablers !!!

  • Bob Smith

    Hahahahaha she talks like there really is going to be an impeachment. What a lonny tunes. How do these people get elected?

  • Jasper Perrywinkle

    Folks ignore the lies of the dnc and vote RED like the majority of Americans.💯💕❤💞🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Bob Neil

    there is no moderate wave post debate. its sickening how the mainstream media continues to promote status quo democrats. shes at 5%. where is Liz' interview? sad. this is reason the term "fake news" was so acceptable to masses of people. people understand the media is run by huge corporations and while they dont lie like Trump would have us believe they manipulate and cherry pick to meet their corporate end.

  • Vincent Trujillo

    She doesn’t know what she’s talking about! She’s high don’t ya know! Her pipe dream is a reality she’s just hit it before this interview!

  • Denzo D

    The Democrat Party has morphed into a socialist party that is anti-capitalism, anti-Judeo-Christian American values, anti-Semitic, anti- law & order, and promotes open borders to let illegal immigrants, drug and human traffickers, criminal gangs and terrorists invade our country with impunity putting at risk the security of the American people. The socialist Democrats are now advocating for allowing illegal immigrants to vote, and for providing free health care to them at the expense of American taxpayers. They are also supporting late term abortions and infanticide. They are also trying to shred our Constitution, practically negating the 1st and 2nd amendments, by not allowing conservative views to be aired, and by promising to confiscate our firearms. The Democrat party has also formally opened an impeachment inquiry based on made-up transcript written by pathologically lying shifty Adam as basis for the impeachment proceeding in his "kangaroo court" that only happens in third world dictatorships. The Democrats are holding hostage our farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, other potential workers by not ratifying the USMCA trade agreement that will boost our economy further. The Democrat party has become the party of CORRUPTION, HATE, LIES, CONSPIRACY THEORIES, RACISM , RERSISTANCE TO PROGRESS, and DO NOTHING PARTY. They should now be TOTALLY REJECTED, as they, together with their MSM propagandists, have become the ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • Alan G.

    If you use terminology like, "You will be KICKED OFF of your insurance plan", then, naturally, it sounds horrible. But, if you say, "You will receive a GREAT PLAN, which COSTS LESS", it sounds wonderful. Both statements are TRUE*, and both statements will have the same result. But one gives us "warm fuzzies", while the other one makes our "blood run cold".

    As voters, we need to maintain awareness of all the "spin" that inevitably gets thrown around, particularly during election cycles. Right or wrong, it's, ultimately, up to us to be able to discern what the details actually are concerning ANY issue…and, certainly, one as important as healthcare. It might be helpful to bear in mind that, when Roosevelt came out with The New Deal, he didn't say, "Citizens are not going to be allowed to have no money" or that "Citizens will be KICKED OFF of poverty".

    P.S. — Besides, what's so great about your healthcare plan, which you are terrified of losing? They all pretty much look the same to me: There are several major companies to choose from. Once the choice is made, then that company offers 3 plans (or tiers: bronze, silver, and gold, basically). Take your pick.The more you pay for the given tier, the less you pay down the road. All of this, of course, becomes irrelevant when "Medicare for All" is fully put in place over four years.

    * Both statements would be true if "Medicare for All" is implemented.

  • extremely careless

    Here's what I know about Klobuchar. She announced she running for president outside in Minnesota in the middle of winter and said it's snowing….who knew? Wait! What?

  • Bernadette Gouveia

    I'm going to ask a favor from all of you Democrats that running for president..
    Please stop credecising its other
    In stage or of stage
    You doing exactly like trumpet did it on 2016.. Know !! special about Hallerie
    You all should be gratefully
    For her worning about Russia interference again.
    The lady that's running Golbarte
    Wath ever name she is
    She seem to be very naive about politics.That is why Putin is using her
    Just like he did it to trumpet
    You all should thank Hillerie
    For find out about it in time..She is a very Intellectual and smart woman
    And have very haily experience in political matter's.
    Please all of you listen to her and also learn from her.. For at country best interest
    Thank you …

  • Mikael Holmgren

    12000 lies (still counting), continous denial of scientific discoveries and facts, regularly disregarding USA:s security agencies rapports (for example rather believing Putin), attacking everything that doesn't bolster him as FAKE NEWS. The truth is that Trump wouldn't be president if it wasn't for how Russia meddled in the election 2016 with fake news, and Cambridge Analytica didn't spread fake news. If info wars and real fake media didn't pollute peoples mindes. Trump thrives and exists thanks to fake news and should be honest and thank fake media.

  • Revemupman

    Only Democrat close to sane is Tulsi Gabbard and that is saying alot cause her policy is crazy too. Just not as crazy as her party. Trump 2020 landslide. Put it in the bank.

  • Thomas Tamir

    F U Amy. If you have a Constitutional duty, take a look at Clinton, ahole. I can see why you are on CNN, spread more propaganda bull shit.ahole.

  • Chris C

    Impeachment inquiry required but don't forget to inquire about Pence. What's really behind Trump? Trump is a symptom of a much larger problem.

  • Bobby Bee

    What a coincidence the hoax impeachment would coincidence with elections just like the hoax collusion. You have a constitutional duty to follow the facts and if you did you would see everyone connected with Fusion GPS and the DNC dossier was involved in an attempted coup by pushing false information and abusing government power for political purposes. If you cared about traitors yo the constitution you'd bother to look into the lies you're pushing for your partisan agenda.

  • sKuffy magee

    How does a channel with 7 million subscribers have such low amounts of views on all their videos? I smell the bullshit. No one likes the CIA or their puppets

  • Alexandre Solutricine

    She looks like pre Halzeimer case when you see moving up and down is head. Hope She will have donors for the needing trepanation.

  • olobar5

    The Constitution was written hundreds of years ago and digging up dirt on a political rival would not have been meant for a political CORRUPT rival. When your own FBI & DOJ won't investigate the rival because the agencies were run by Democrats with biases – then you don't give up – you keep trying. Joe is on video with proof he abused the system. His kid made bank off of it. That's wrong.

  • houman foroughian

    I think that's a great use for Senator Klobachar to focus on her constitutional duty and stay for impeachment trial, let We The People, choose the best Authentic Progressive Candidate to fight for Us!

  • Ernest Paul

    Just from watching her face and upper body movements, as well as her speech, does she have a physical or mental impairment? No joke, I am actually curious as I have an adult autistic son that shares some of what I see to a degree.

  • MT Yerpokits

    There’s very little that is “constitutional” about the secretive almost-entirely-democrat closed door impeachment discussions taking place in the House. And Klobuchar can vote “yea” if a vote ever hits the senate, where republicans will vote to shut the impeachment down. Period.

  • David Aponte

    You have a constitutional duty to end your support of illegal wars and rid our government of sold out corporatist with their lobbyist minions, like yourself Kulca whatever.

  • TheTruth

    Hahaha this bitch doesn't have a chance on earth of getting elected president… Horrible politician but yet still one of the bettee candidates on the Democrat side

  • Drako-shi

    Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about an affair. Can you imagine how many times Trump would've been impeached if politicians respected their constitutional duty? Let that thought sink in.

  • bellamoon

    Amy: corporate healthcare sucks. The insurance industry and corporate run hospitals suck. Healthcare can't be capitalistic because they end up gouging people for ever-increasing quarterly profits. It's unsustainable and people don't have good healthcare now, even with insurance.

  • Jesse Martinez

    This is ALL cnn has for news. Some no rate politician who can only critcize and says she has a better way without explaining. Then blame Trump for the natiinal debt. What happened in massachusettes? They got rid of her only to slime up in Iowa or wherever she's at now.

  • Rick Cook

    Klobachar- you're nothing but a GD Bully. You make HRC look nice, something I thought was an impossibility. FAKE NEWS with FAKE AMERICANS. The immigrants at the border have more integrity than the lying Mutts on CNN. Trump is going to stick that Impeachment Rod right where the sun doesn't shine, and when he gets reelected next year; the Left is going to show the World just how sick & unstable they are.

  • Gawayne Campbell

    People need realize that the impeachment inquiry is the impeachment. I know the Senate makes the final decision but that's after a trial. There is NO WAY Donald Trump is participating in a trial. He doesn't even do debates so why would he sit down for a cross examination? Once the Dems send this to the Senate, expect Trump to resign like Nixon.

  • Adriano de Jesus

    Hey CNN where is her bump on the polls after that transcendent performance last debate ?

    You guys said she and Pete won right ?

    She looks like a pissed off watermelon with a wig.

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