An Introduction to First Steps, Early Intervention Services
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An Introduction to First Steps, Early Intervention Services

(upbeat music) – Children grow and
develop and change so much, especially when they’re really young. And sometimes we want to make sure that children are meeting all of
their developmental milestones. And meeting them at the right times. If you’re not sure what those
developmental milestones are, you can go to our website
at and look at not only what those
developmental milestones are but also when a child should
be reaching those milestones. Because sometimes some
children aren’t meeting them at the same age that their
peers would be meeting them. It’s okay to trust your
instincts and it’s okay to ask questions and talk
to someone about this. But the good news is if a child is delayed in meeting their developmental milestones there may be all sorts of
programs that can help. And one of those is Indiana’s
First Steps Program. If you’re not sure if
your child is meeting their developmental milestones, by all means talk with their doctor about this. But you can also call
the First Steps Program and they can evaluate your child to see if they are delayed and
to see if they may be able to provide some additional
services and therapies that might help your child
start meeting their milestones in a more appropriate way. So if you have a child
who may benefit from early intervention services
include cognitive delays, physical including fine
and gross motor delays, or hearing and vision
delays, communication delays, social delays or adaptive
skills, those may be areas that First Steps may be able to help with. A child may also be
eligible because they either have a diagnosed
disability or they may have a high probability of developmental delay due to chromosomal,
genetic, mitochondrial, or neurological disorders. Maybe they have sensory impairments, including vision or hearing loss. But it’s certainly not limited to just vision or hearing loss. Also if they have
congenital malformations, low birth weight, or even
severe toxic exposure. All of those things
can impact development. If you’re not sure if
your child is meeting their development milestones, by all means call your local First Steps agency. Ask for an evaluation. And if there is an issue
and your child does have some delays, First
Steps may be able to provide services to help
them overcome their delays or to help them start
meeting their milestones at a more appropriate rate. – [Narrator] For more information on this and other topics, visit
The Arc of Indiana at and the Indiana Family and Social Services
Administration at And please, don’t hesitate
to contact a family advocate at The Arc of Indiana
by calling 317-977-2375 or 800-382-9100. (upbeat music)

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