Ancient Aliens: Extraterrestrial Nuclear Intervention (Season 8) | History
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Ancient Aliens: Extraterrestrial Nuclear Intervention (Season 8) | History


  • madcap magician

    So if UFOs were spotted in the area prior to the earthquake is it also not plausible that they caused the quake to try and take out the plant.. I mean if these aliens are so advanced as to be able to break the speed of light and fly across the Galaxy in an hour or two what's to say they can't cause tectonic disturbances.. would be child's play compared to breaking the light barrier … As for helping stop a full blown melt down .. perhaps they were trying to undo what the workers did to stabilize and shut down the plant but they got there to late to interrupt the workers… Hmmm maybe just as plausible as aliens trying to help… 😒

  • Tav aiono

    we are their family and children, of course they are here vnd have been for 1000s of years. We have no idea because we are too busy worshiping stupid gods and money.

  • Debra Thomas

    Why or HOW is it that Nuclear Power Plants have been constructed in areas….earthquake, hurricane, typhoon, and known unstable regions? I as a human being never would have allowed this to ever become reality. Is this all back door policies, globalist agendas? I'm horrified by all of it. Shame on you!!! the elite globalists who want to dominate and destroy our mother earth and all who inhabit her.

  • Jolan Drovandi

    As stupid and unrealistic it may sound. But “UFO sighting” have been known to occur when big events or big crisis” are on. And there is a theory that they are watching us to make sure we are safe 🤷🏻‍♂️ idk 😐

  • marian smith

    Comforting to know. Sadly many employees died horrible deaths.
    I know people whose family worked at nuclear plants here in US, and have heard for years about Space Brothers coming in to help manage the nuclear projects we should not be working with.

  • William Mize

    1000 of years he doesn't know how to count eons of time friends we were learn how to make fire they were around before that

  • Mai Mariarti

    They live here too. If we nuke the planet, we'll ruin it for them too. Not to mention the thousands of years they have been collecting data.
    I'm not sure where the live, but I'll bet my life it on this planet.
    May be at the bottom of our oceans, maybe the North and south pole are hollow as people have reported. Maybe they live in underground caves, maybe maybe maybe. . .
    Only if we were told the truth once and for all, we wouldn't have to guess.
    I think these aliens are fully capable of destroying as many missiles, we can throw at each other.

  • Video Stuff

    These unconventional flying objects are not balloons, solar balloons, weather balloons, blimps, china lanterns, Kong Ming lanterns, satellites, iridium-flares, lens flares, tracer ammunition, flare rockets, signal rockets, drones, birds, insects, swamp gases, imaginings or computer generated imagery animations and nore equipment built by humans or aliens🛸👽👾, but the fallen angels🛸👿😈👹👺👻🤘
    "Scariest UFO Documentary Ever! – Conspiritus Remake by Xendrius – Proper / Full Version" /watch?v=uOx3Zdl4738
    "Allsehende Auge-Gefallene Engel/All-Seeing Eye-Fallen Angels" /watch?v=F9stSw5W51M

  • Xeno Bardock

    Extraterrestrials wouldn't care about nuclear disasters on earth since its not their planet. If there was intervention, it was from inner earth advanced civilizations who share the earth with us, where ufo's come from. They obviously wouldn't want radioactive materials reaching inner earth.

  • Trevor Graham Welch

    Where are the Photos ????? I Thought The Aliens caused the 🌊tsunami In the first place , Ancient Aliens Theorists Say …….. wait for it …………. YES

  • Adam Lenk

    What a total bs. There were no UFOs and the lights some people saw was just the air that got ionised by the radiation. Same thing that happened at chernobyl. Nothing Alien there

  • Free man

    Christianity and Islam
    2 biggest reasons UFO stopped interacting with humans

    Otherwise all ancient cultures are very scientifically driven
    For example Colambian Plane shaped birds..
    Humans working on this tech from last 100 years
    While aliens must be working on from 50,000 or 1,00,000 years
    As i myself saw an disc shaped UFO that made me believe on aliens 👽

  • Rln Aust

    They here to help us but we're to negative that's why we can't communicate with them but sooner human species will start close encounters with them

  • Jerry Blanton

    UFOs diverted nothing that radiation went all over the globe that summer I seen burnt spots on vegetation everywhere especially on tree leaves

  • Kunal Anand

    Those were not UFO History TV , those were surveillance drone or normal drone , it was a natural disaster so Japanese used there drones and surveillance drones or helicopter to monitor the area
    I used to like your show , when you were showing us the facts . But now you people are just showing this fake facts because you are not having good content any more.

  • sharon scherzer

    come on it did melt down, cover up by japanese government, deadly enough, the pacific ocean is dying and dead in some places…..can not believe this is the history chanel …….pretty far out and the contanimation will continue for over one hundred thousand years, etc… actually had chernobl 4 times over as you had three reactors and a fourth container of nuclear rods, one continued to bore into the earth etc…….can not imagine going to all the trouble to make this video over such a serious topic where the radioactivity in japan remains so high that to old the olympics there is a health hazaard.

  • Eric with three last names.

    whats worse is…during this last storm several containment bags full of tons of radioactive waste each fell into the flooded river and into the ocean..this happened just weeks ago and crickets…several death bags just spreading contamination everywhere… vacation the the pacific anyone…smoked oysters…some king crab..😋

  • NelsonClick

    OK. Fine. They were there. I believe you. What could they have done? Diminished nuclear reactions? How is that even possible?

  • Vanessa Furlough

    I have always believed in ET’s. How can we be so blind to think we are the only living creatures in the universe? And yes I believe in God but who is to say “we” are His only loved creatures?

  • myjmd0819

    people who say God does not exist because he is not seen who at the same time believe in aliens that are not also seen are plane stupid!



  • 1chickenpig

    They are here and they visiTed me at approx age 4 in NZ.
    Then they visited my youngest son in the UK around 3-4 years old.
    They left me with the power of vision and I've since gone ahead to share this in public. Small bits are on my Twitter vernonkelliott
    See for yourself

  • Berseker Beast

    David Wilcock knows nothing ,just uses his small imagination in permutation and combination to sound like he knows some stuff.

    The World can't change until people get their respective positions based on What they really know,not on how good they can imagine and make things up.

  • professeur essef

    UFOs are not driven AT ALL by extraterrestrials!

    In my opinion, aware of what was going to happen in Fukushima, thanks to their powers far beyond those of [known] humans living on Earth, sages, very distant descendants of Atlantean refugees, sent teams of people of their race , to pilot several UFOs, to help the Japanese, as they did, in the past for the Russians, to Chernobyl [where they had transmuted the dangerous uranium 235, into aluminum !!], …
    … UFOs being driven by a very peaceful race of intraterrestrials, cultivating the true love of neighbor (the other races of intraterrestrials are not necessarily at their level) …
    They all live hidden in the mountains and the subterraneans, in many parts of the world, and for some of them, it seems to me on one or several islands near the North Pole, and somewhere in Antarctica …..

    Suggested books (for those who are spiritually really prepared): The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria, by W. Scott-Elliot (2 books).

    And for the others: We Are Not the First & Atlantis: From Legend to Discovery, by Andrew Tomas (2 books)
    The Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, by Charles. H. Hapgood.

    To serve you. professor essef, in mathematics (active for less than a year, on youtube and Wikipedia, in astronomy & astrophysics).

  • Biyono Sugianto

    Probably true.. i had finish a sci-fi novel about e.t. life.. superheroes.. and somehow i felt like some'thing' watching on each letter i type.. my door sounding it self.. so strange.. so scary.. even one day im make a bet by saying "if you not granting me finish this novel, you can put a *something tomorrow morning in front of my door, and i'll abort making this novel..", well nothing shows up.. so i continue.. 🙅

  • Trump2020

    I wonder something. Wait until those born near there in 2011 and the fall out areas have children. I wonder if these people will have deformed babies down the line? Such as Chernobyl

  • Travis Wells

    I was in high school when this happened. I was 15 in March of 2011. Came to my Aerospace class and my teacher told the whole class what happened. And, shared the video on the digital projector through his laptop. Wow!!!!

  • John Salvage

    We are told "Scientific truths" based on nothing, that millions of normal people cannot prove.

    How do we really know that the universe is big or old? How do we know the pictures sent by satelites and unmanned craft, are not staged? We don't.

    Aliens and suchlike, could be manmade creatures, as could all the various craft. We only know what we are told.

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