Andrea Horwath: It’s time for universal Pharmacare
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Andrea Horwath: It’s time for universal Pharmacare

Seeing a Doctor just doesn’t mean much… if you need a prescription but you can’t afford to fill it. But in Ontario today, one in every four people… are not taking the medication they need because they can’t afford it. That’s millions of people who don’t fill their prescriptions. Who cut their pills in half to make the bottle last longer. And all too often end up in the hospital as a result. I believe that no one should have to empty their wallet to get the prescription they need. No one should have to rack up their credit cards to get the medicine they’re prescribed. And no one. No one should have to go without the prescriptions they need just because they can’t afford them. That’s why today, I am making a commitment. When we win in 2018… we are going to create Canada’s first universal Pharmacare plan right here in Ontario! Lower costs, less worry. better health. Let’s get this done!


  • Joyce Koppies

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  • Ret T

    I think the NDP should consider changes to the Estate Administration Tax recently made by the outgoing Liberal gov't. This taxing was previously called probate fees but clearly it is an estate tax and a burden on grieving families to say the least. How about eliminating this terrible reason to take money from the pockets of the dead. After all the dead have already paid their fair share of taxes in support of Ontario's systems. Time for the dead to be given a tax break.

  • Brad Smith

    I can't afford the prescription because the government steals half my money.
    Nobody should have to empty they're wallets?
    To who? The free market? But it's ok if you take three quarters of everything I work for then spend it recklessly? Fuck you. Socialist scum.
    You are disgusting. I want a government who stays out of my way not takes all my money and decides how to spend it and usually wastes half of it.

  • MrMistrEnigma

    Fringe party lunatics! Free dental care? Who’s paying for that? You accuse Ford of not having a plan but your plan is to destroy the province? Ontario welcomes all non-paying freeloaders under an NDP government!

  • Brett Thomas

    We continue to think as a western society that all the problems will be solved with someone else's money. When all the wealthy are gone then what.?? Labour groups only see one side of the equation.

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